E2TG Presents: The 2nd Annual Band of the Year Readers Poll

The time is upon us time to vote for the 2nd Annual Band of the Year at Ear to the Ground.  It’s been a great year for music and for meeting new friends.  The main purpose of this poll is to give you another chance to experience some of our favorites for the year.

We will be presenting more information on each of our nominees. In the meantime, look them up and make an informed vote.

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And the Winner is….. Ear to the Ground – Band of the Year


Bloody hell! The Mobbs won it!  (Mobbs Website) (Mobbs Facebook) (Mobbs Twitter)

Well, they jumped out to an early lead and then kind of faded into the pack.  They made a small move toward the top and then this UK-based Rock bands fans lived up the band’s name and truly mobbed the poll. Leaving The Mobbs as the the first ever Ear to the Ground – Band of the Year.  Congratulations Mobbs! You deserve it.

Here is the official video for Jolly Good:

They just released a new album called It’s the Mobbs…

Click on the album cover to get it! Do it!

Ear to the Ground Presents – Band of the Year – Runner-Up

Ubiquity Machine (website) has been a long-time supporter of Ear to the Ground, and the feeling is mutual. If you have been a fan of alternative music over the past couple of decades, you can’t help but fall in love with Ubiquity Machine. Here is a track called A Week Away For Slim…

https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F9296150 Week Away (For Slim) by Ubiquity Machine

UM are hard at work on a new EP which should see the light of day early in 2012??? I hope.

The band lead for several days in the middle of polling and up until Tuesday, I thought they were going to pull it out. Nevertheless, I am happy for their strong showing and I urge you to check them out:



Ear to the Ground Presents – Band of the Year – 3rd Position

And then there were three….
Don Ryan (website) completely blew me away when I first listened to his track This Town and then the whole damn Tangle Town album. Here’s what I said, “Don Ryan is the real deal…This is a brand new take on old music, and this young man owns it. Don Ryan’s music blew me away.” –Ear To The Ground – that is taken from his Facebook page.

Here is the amazing video for This Town:

Don also rallied late and for a few hours it looked as if he may take second place. He’s got a bright future and you owe it to yourself to get in on the ground floor – here are the links: FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, BANDCAMP

Ear to the Ground Presents – Band of the Year – 4th Position

Inner City Elegance (website) – play rock music and are Canadian/Brazilian. They are currently working on new material and recently released a video for a song called Swearing Like a Sailor which we have presented twice here. Here’s a video for another favorite track of ours called Never Let You Down.

Inner City Elegance rallied at the end of the voting period and almost pulled out a 3rd place finish. Go and check them out.


Ear to the Ground Presents – Band of the Year – 5th Position

(Go support Taco Land and enrich your music library by picking up Heart of Texas at Amazon)

Heart of Texas is the latest release by Texas-based (did you guess that?) Taco Land (website).

Taco Land lead early on in the polling, and held on to finish at number 5. All the necessary links are provided so you have no choice but to check Taco Land out….


Ear to the Ground Presents: Band of the Year (Readers Poll Results) – Top 10

At long last, it is time to reveal the Band of the Year voting results.  

I want to thank everyone who voted.  I hope you will visit often.  We had almost 2,000 votes. Which totally blew me away. 

We shall begin with positions 6-10 in alphabetical order:

Clepto (website) – In spite of my screwing up their name on the Poll, Saudi-born punk rockers Clepto rallied to reach the top 10.  If you are in to hard punk rock with a Middle Eastern tinge, please check out Clepto.

Elika (website) – New York based indie band Elika offers cool electronica with a slight shoegazey feel to it. I have no idea what I just typed.  Elika makes good music.  Check them out today!

Lost Romance (website) – New Jersey based alt-rockers Lost Romance play big music.  One of my favorite tracks “Top of the World” has a brilliant, expansive sound.  Their music deserves to fill arenas. Check them out. 

Those Mockingbirds (website) – another New Jersey based alt-rock band.  Not just another New Jersey based alt-rock band.  Those Mockingbirds possess strong songwriting and the musical chops to carry it off. Visit their website, pick up their new EP and prepare to become a fan.

WorldService Project (website) – I’ll admit, when WorldService Project first began following me on Twitter, I thought they were a non-profit providing volunteer opportunities to third world countries. Okay I have an active imagination.  Turns out they are a London-based Punk-Jazz band. I like jazz and I like punk, and I really like World Service Project.  Give them a listen.

Now to the Top 5….