Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Grainy Black and White Mix

Here we go…   More rain last night, and a drizzly morning, but I managed to stay dry on the walk up the hill.  July 10th.

Well, got tons of music added last night, and I’m ready to bring you a brand new shuffle:

I just go ahead and give a hat tip to David from Popatunes. I know most of today’s shuffle came directly or indirectly from him.

First up is Kohrn Sirup Sundae by a band called The Imperial Rooster from their 2011 album Decent People. The Imperial Rooster (Espanola, NM) play a particular brand of whacked out rooks music that I just love. You have to check them out.

Next up, we have Brooklyn band, Bear Hands with a song called Part I: What I Learned from a new EP called Songs from Utopia Volume 1.  The new EP can be had via the band’s website. 

Here is a link to last year’s EP High Society
Next, we revisit the self-titled album from Atlanta-based Alt-Country outfit, National Grain.  Today, we have a classic country sounding number called City Lights.

And here’s National Grain off-shoot The Flint Hill Specials with a Superchunk cover.

And Finally, we have New Jersey band, The Ugly Club with the first song from their forthcoming album You Belong to the Minutes.  The song is called David Foster Wallace, David Foster Wallace is the late mad genius author of Infinite Jest and the short story collection The Girl With the Curious Hair.

Here is the band’s previous EP Visions of Tall Girl