Band of the Week: Year 2, Month 3, Week 4: The Weekend Forecast

Way way back in May 2011 (the first month of this blogs existence), we did a brief notice about a band called The Weekend Forecast.  At the time, they were a brand new band, and just a few snippets of songs had been released via YouTube clips. We promised to keep our Ear to the Ground and to report back on the band.  

We had called that post “Rumblings” – meaning you put your ear to the ground, and sometimes you’ll hear a distant sound of something approaching, and though you may not be sure exactly what that something may be, you keep listening.  It can take patience, and something that sound may end up being something of little significance, but, I’ve found, sometimes it is well worth the wait.

And so… we flash forward to February 2012, and The Weekend Forecast have put out an album and video.  And now that they are Band of the Week on Ear to the Ground, the sky’s the limit.

First up, is the video for the first song on the album, “Sun, Doubt & Scenic Routes”.  The song is I’m Done and the video is a play on the Intro to the television series, Dexter.

 And yes, since you asked (blogging can be a lonely business, so sometimes we have to imagine our readers asking questions), that is Benji Schwimmer, season 2 winner of So You Think You Can Dance?.  

The album is out and available right here, right now: