Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Gonna Use My Fingers Mix

I am late and I don’t have much time, so I will just leave you with a long mix of music and very little in the way of narration,,,,  enjoy

“Van Helsing Boom Box” (Man Man Cover) by The Blind Owl Band

Friends from Upstate New York covering the amazing Man Man from Philly.

“Where I Belong” by Ben Arthur (Ft. Bobby St. Ours)

I am amazed by the range of music on this album.  A previous track we played featured Aesop Rock. This one has Bobby St. Ours with an Appalachian sound. 

“The Night Comes” by Joe Nolan

Another cool song from my friend Joe.  Catch him January 25 at Bobby’s Idle Hour for the next East Side Invasion.

“Tattooed Love Boys” by The Pretenders


“Leave It Til Tomorrow” by The Plastic Pals

The Plastic Pals from Sweden make great Rock and Roll.

“Unclothed” by The Danbury Lie

A new release from The Danbury Lie is always a cause for celebration.  If he was from the south, this song would be called “Nekkid” 🙂

“Under the Influence of Meat Puppets” by fIREHOSE

I’ve spend many ours under the influence of Meat Puppets…

“Real Cool Time” by The Stooges


“Precious” by The Pretenders

You are so Precious…

“Raindrops” by IAMEVE

Cool Indie/SythPop from… well the bio says they are from The Fifth Dimension. I dig it.

“Feeling the Elephant” by Bill Lloyd

The title track from the classic Bill Lloyd solo record.  Nashville rock par excellence.

“Honky Tonk Women” by The Rolling Stones

For all the gin soaked bar room queens in Memphis…

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“Careless” by The Replacements

I could Care less…

“No Joke” by Boxed In

Electronic music from London.  

“It’s Hard to Make Love to an American” by Ike Reilly

This song was (apparently) featured on Sons of Anarchy.  It’s a good one.

“Brass in Pocket” by The Pretenders

A classic from my MTV influenced youth.  Music Television that is…

“Don’t Turn Me Away” by Young America

My friends in Young America have a new single and new album coming soon.  This is an older song I grabbed when I first met them.  Get on board now with this awesome band.

“Blunderbuss” (Jack White cover) by Rosie Flores

I was fortunate enough to see Rosie Flores last Friday.  She is a legend.  No video for this one, so I found another cover which she played last week.

“Scenery Going By” by Reverend Horton Heat

I also so the Rev on the same bill…  Wild show and great music… Pow!


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Ugly Moon Mix

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Greetings.  After an extended Holiday weekend, Ear to the Ground is back with another slam, bang mix of music. During the recess, I’ve been busy adding songs to our rotating playlist from which the Morning Pre-Shuffle and Shuffle are drawn.
Today, we have a pretty decent mixture of old and new music which covers a variety of musical styles and genres.  Hope you enjoy it.  The Pre-shuffle kicks off right after the JUMP


“I’m Wide Awake” by Jeffrey James (Nashville based soulful singer – was on Season 3 of The Voice)

“Vulture in My Sky” by The Jake Levinson Band (from Austin – music video directed by our good friend Raindogg!)

“Lonesome Street” by The Blind Owl Band (Our second peak into the forthcoming album from this awesome New York band. The Train I Ride is Made of Wood and Steel is due out in two days. If you live anywhere in NY and NJ, be sure to catch The Blind Owl Band on their album release tour.  Saturday’s show in Saratoga Springs features our friends The Lucky Jukebox Brigade!)

“Raymond Carver” by The Great American Novel (We continue to mentally prepare ourselves for the highly anticipated new album by this New York band)

“My Iron Lung” (live) by Radiohead (more 1995 goodness via Paste Magazine and Noisetrade)

“Turn Me On Dead Man” by Bill Lloyd (Lloyd has been a fixture on the Nashville music scene for a long, long time.  I first became familiar with him when he was rocking out with his band The December Boys.  Since then, he has released a string of albums which are as close to pure pop heaven and one can hope to reach, he was 1/2 of the Country music duo Foster and Lloyd, and more recently he curates a rotating band called The Long Players who recreate classic albums.  His Facebook posts provide an excellent history of great music. This song is from his 1999 album Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.  His latest album is Boy King of Tokyo)


“Silence” by Beijing from Night (2013)

 Our new friend’s from Connecticut Beijing jump back into the Shuffle with another track from their rocking new album Night.  

“American Music” by Violent Femmes from Why Do Birds Sing? (1991)

From the Fifth Studio album. American Music may be the band’s second best known song.  Violent Femmes have reunited in 2013 and played Coachella and Milwaukee’s Summerfest. 

“Long Days of Longing” by James the Giant from James the Giant (2013)

This powerful debut by the San Francisco singer/songwriter who goes by the moniker James the Giant is still about two weeks from its official release.  The first single, Two Weeks on the Ocean (which we featured within the last week or so) is out and had a premier at USA Today!

“Creep” (live) by Radiohead from PASTE.COM Presents: Radiohead Live at Tramps June 1, 1995 (2013)

“Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You’re so fucking special
I wish I was special”


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Missing Out On it… Mix

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 We are back with our shuffle.  First of all I’m running behind on the Band of the Month poll, but I expect to have that up and running either today and tomorrow.

We have a fun little shuffle – so let’s have fun!

 Yucca Rose is a jazz vocalist from Jakarta, Indonesia. Today we have the beautiful Sentimental Mood which we grabbed from her ReverbNation Page.

Yucca Rose is also an artist and here is a video featuring some of her art.

Featured Artist – Vulture Kult are up next with the title track from their album, Don’t Let Rock N’ Roll Ruin Your Life.
 Here is a live performance from Vulture Kult
Nashville’s own,Bill Lloyd has a diverse and storied history.  He heads up the popular band The Long Players who recreate classic albums with a rotating all-star cast of characters which occasionally includes musicians who played on the original album.  He was 1/2 of the popular Country music duo Foster and Lloyd and he has recorded and released a series of totally awesome solo records over the past 25 + years.  His latest album is called Boy King of Tokyo, and we have the title track from that album in the shuffle today.


New Jersey band The Everymen are from New Jersey and they just released a stunning 52 song compilation which is available from Bandcamp with all proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Here’s the details on  that record., Everymen is from Lake Worth, Florida.  They are a crustabilly, punk, folk band, and it is this Everymen who have a song (Waking Up Hurts from their album Beautiful Curse ) in today’s shuffle:



Americana Music Fest – Part IV – Thursday Night

So, I talked about struggling my way from the front of the stage of the Delta Spirit show at Live on the Green, and unfortunately not being about to stay around to see Jakob Dylan and his band The Wallflowers close out that evening, but I had my Americana wristband and a full schedule planned. 

The Basement was my first stop for a performance by the always wonderful Angel Snow.  We first wrote about Angel way back toward the beginning of this little music blog experiment.  She is a Nashville singer-songwriter with a heavenly voice, and a gift for writing really great songs.  She wrote a couple of songs that Alison Krauss recorded on her Paper Airplanes record.  Angel’s songwriting partner and frequent collaborator is Viktor Krauss – Alison’s brother.  Viktor was not at this show, as he was across town playing at with the great Jerry Douglas. This information would prove to be foreshadowing in a way.  The hard lesson learned is that one cannot be everywhere at once during the Americana Fest.  But more on that later.  Angel has a new album due out in early October with a return engagement at The Basement with Marc Scibilia and Matraca Berg for the CD release show.  She did a few songs off the new album and some our favorites like Coals and Water and Fortune Teller.  Even though Mr. Krauss was not present, her  band sounded great and her voice was as amazing live as it is on record.

I left The Basement with the intent to head to The Station Inn to catch Mary Gauthier and to see Richard Thompson.  My lesson learned is that if you are wanting to see Richard Thompson at The Station Inn – unless you have better connections than I do, you better show up early.  So, yeah, I reached The Station Inn to find a line outside and the likelihood of enough people leaving before Richard Thompson played not so good.  So, I punted and decided to head over to The Rutledge lest I be shut out from the Big Star tribute show.  

Now, grant it I was bummed about missing Richard Thompson and Mary Gauthier, but you know what, the real lesson learned from the evening was, when it comes to the Americana Fest, you just have to pick your venues and stick it out, and know that though you may miss some amazing shows, you are also going to see and hear some equally but different amazing music.

The theme for the evening at The Rutledge – a decent sized club on 4th Avenue, which unless I’m mistaken is where one of Nashville’s first modern era Coffee Houses, Blue Sky Court was located – was Memphis music.  Around 11:00, the Bo-Keys took the stage.  They were introduced as a modern take on the classic Memphis sound.  Lead by bassist Scott Bomar, The Bo-Keys opened with a couple of really boss instrumental songs which sounded amazing.  Then, they brought up their featured vocalist Percy Wiggins, who dressed to the nines had the look of a legendary soul singer, and that is exactly what he is.  This was truly classic Memphis Soul-stew sound with a face forward and anchored solidly in the present time.  

The band includes the sole surviving member of The Bar-Kays who were killed in the crash that took the life of  the great Otis Redding, the drummer was part of the Hi Rhythm Section which played on many of the classic Stax recordings.  Other members of the band included guys who had played with Al Green, Rufus Thomas and Bobby “Blue” Bland.  I have to say, I’m not an expert when it comes to this part of the Memphis sound, though, like you I’ve definitely heard it, but I do know great music when I hear it, and The Bo-Keys make great music.  

For me, the highlight of the night – heck, of the festival, of my life as a music fan, was the closing set of the night.  I had been talking about the All-Star tribute to the music of Big Star ever since I heard about it.  All I knew going in was that the show was going to feature Chris Stamey of The Dbs, Mike Mills of R.E.M. and original Big Star member Jody Stephens plus…  Hell even without the … that was good enough for me, and the mind reeled as to who the … could be…

As it turned out, the … did not disappoint:  Gary Louris (The Jayhawks), Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs), John Davis (Superdrag), Ken Coomer (Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Clockhammer), Bill Lloyd (Foster and Lloyd, solo), Byron House (Band of Joy etc., etc., etc.), Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) and several young North Carolina-based musicians including Skylar Gudask and Brett Harris and I’m probably missing some amazing people… 

So, what I can tell you is that a Big Star tribute with that cast would have been amazing no matter what.  Even if it had been sloppy and hastily thrown together, it would have been legendary.  But… honestly, the reason this show was so amazing to me, was not the stellar band and guests, it was the music.  Big Star, I honestly don’t know how to adequately write about how important a band they were.  How much of the music I grew up listening to and enjoying owes a huge debt to this Memphis band.  The late Alex Chilton, Chris Bell and Andy Hummel along with Jody Stephens to me, redefined what this music  (progressive, avant-garde, alternative, whatever) could be.  

So this show and what made it so amazing for me.  This band which at times included a full string section (which sounded amazing) brought the songs to life in a way I never could have anticipated.  I can’t even begin to give you a blow by blow, song by song account, but here are some highlights:

Mike Mills vocals on September Gurls

Bill Lloyd on In the Street

Skylar Gudask on Thirteen
The whole crowd on Thank You, Friends
and so much more…
great moments like Luther Dickinson whose father, the late Jim Dickinson produced Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers album talking about hearing some of the songs in a rough version when he was just a kid.

So, yeah, I was completely blown away, and all sense left me which I think is what Big Star’s music is supposed to do.  I left the club exhilarated and exhausted and flying on a musical high…. and this was just my first night of the Americana Music Festival….



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Wednesday Morning Music – Crossroads Mix

Day 2 without music for my morning walk… thought I would enjoy the sounds of the city – cars splashing through puddles left by a hard morning shower, a car horn as a bus makes a right turn just as the light turns green in the other direction and show tunes coming from the traffic light control box on the corner.
Opened up FB and my sources had some good selections this a.m.:

Chris Frantz offered up this appropriately funky start for the morning with the classic One Nation Under a Groove by Funkadelic.

(click this pic to purchase and download the compilation young soul rebles feat. Mica Parks, War, The O’Jays, Sylvester, Parliament and the aforementioned Funkadelic track.)
Next up Will Kimbrough (Will & the Bushmen etc.) offers up his lick of the day which happens to be a Funky Banjo solo in E.  Kimbrough, besides being the Will in the Mobile, Alabama based Bushmen, has been in great bands like Bisquits and Daddy (with Tommy Womack of Government Cheese fame).  Most recently, he has been playing with Emmylou Harris.
(click on the album cover to purchase and download Gawk the classic album by Will and the Bushmen featuring one of my all-time favorite songs Neil)
Finally – Bill Lloyd (Foster and Lloyd) offers up this treat from Slim Gaillard – Cement Mixer

(click on the album cover to purchase and download the album Cement Mixer by Slim Gaillard)