Monday Morning Music Shuffle – I Don’t Know What Mix

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It is Monday, and we have a pretty good rocking shuffle to get your blood pumping…

First up we have Sonny and the Sunsets with Teen Age Thugs  from their sophomore album Hit After Hit.  Trivia – Jackson Browne’s son plays bass for Sonny and the Sunsets.

Next we have a track from the 2008 album Centerline by Jason & the Scorchers guitarist Warner E. Hodges. Gimme, Gimme scorches just fine thank you…
A Video of Warner and Dan Baird performing as Home Made Sin
Next up, Atlanta-based band Biters with Breakin Your Heart Again from their All Chewed Up EP.  This band has a great classic rock sound, but in a good way… if you know what I mean… or even if you don’t.

From SXSW 2012

Finally – we offer up another fine track from the German band Rooftop Runners – Streets off the We Are Here EP which dropped in April.  Rooftop Runners play an exciting and original brand of energetic dark pop.
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Jackson Browne -- Late for the Sky: Piano/Vocal/Chords Jackson Browne — Late for the Sky: Piano/Vocal/Chords
Jacksonas third release features era-defining songs like “Fountain of Sorrow.” This album-matching folio features professional arrangements for Piano/Vocal/Chords. Titles: Late for the Sky * Fountain of Sorrow * Farther On * The Late Show * The Road and the Sky * For a Dancer * Walking Slow * Before the Deluge.


Jason & The Scorchers Jason & The Scorchers
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