Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Chauldron Mix

Man, we are just having stellar weather here in Nashville (even if it is way too hot for the season).  Save the date: April 21st is Record Store Day.  Visit your local brick and mortar record emporium.  Here in Nashville, Grimey’s always puts on a great show.  Even if you aren’t a vinyl junkie – ready for this years cream of the crop RSD releases, you should still get your butt to support real world stores. You know, I love the convenience of download sites like Amazon or iTunes, but it’s hard to throw a bash on either of those sites like they do at record stores across the country on Record Store Day.

Here we go with a wild and crazy list:

1.  Black Hippy – is kind of a hip-hop supergroup of sorts. They’ve put our a number of singles on various solo projects of the band members, and they are prepping their first album.  The collective recently appeared at South by Southwest.  Zip That Chop That was posted just before SXSW over at Stereogum – here

Here is another track, Rolling Stone, from Black Hippy member,  Schoolboy Q’s solo album.

And finally a video of today’s track:

My daughter wore this song out when she was little. Perspective #1 – it’s a catchy, innocuous pop song – just sit back and remind yourself of the early 2000s.  Bye Bye Bye – N*Sync
Perspective #2 – Ear to the Ground, N*Sync, really!?  Perspective #3 – Justin Timberlake is a talented guy, Peter Case once posted  an unironic (I think) defense of N*Sync on Facebook (or else his account had been hacked…

Delta Spirit have been appearing quite frequently.  Today we have a mellower side of the band with My Dream from 2010’s The Waits Room EP.

And finally, Ryan Adams is tearing it up with his latest release Ashes & Fire ($5 from Amazon – as of 3/30/2012) using the link below.  Today’s song is Chains of Love:
Links of Interest:
Schoolboy Q Schoolboy Q
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