Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – A Little Thing Mix

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Well, it’s Thursday. Life continues to be busy which I am considering a good thing, but it is sometimes hard to get done all the things I want to get done.  When I got my 32gb card for Christmas, I hastily loaded about 20gb of music from my computer onto the card. Being semi-technologically impaired, I wasn’t able to sync iTunes which I had been working for months on organizing and therefore I ended up using Windows Media Player.  Well, lo and behold, somehow a bunch of songs got duplicated and I still occasionally find one I have deleted.  

On the plus side, some really cool music that I hadn’t heard in a while or which never got added to my old card due to storage capacity limitations has come up and I’ve discovered or rediscovered some cool songs and bands.  

On the negative side, a bunch of recently added music got left off the initial load of the card.  Then we began preparing for a move and are now in the post-move recovery period, and as a result, I haven’t had a chance to mess around with the music on the card.  Basically, that means, my memory card which I use for my Morning Shuffles is missing some great music including some recent stuff that I really want to get into the mix.  But all in good time.

Have you bought the Sandy Hook single yet?  Proceeds go toward the community through a couple of great agencies.  


Jump. Then Shuffle…

1.  Song: The Wicked Messenger (Bob Dylan Cover) Artist: The Black Keys  Album: I’m Not There (Music from the Motion Picture) (2007) – (I dig Dylan, I dig covers of songs, I dig weird ass movies which mess around with conventions; therefore, I love I’m Not There.  Here we have The Black Keys doing a song off of John Wesley Harding. The original song was recorded in Columbia’s Studio A in Nashville, The Black Keys would later move to Nashville; I consider this local music)

2. Song: No Intention  Artist: Dirty Projectors  Album: Bitte Orca (2009) – (Indie Rock band from Brooklyn, we grabbed this from a Domino Records sampler)
3.  Song: El Condor Pasa (If I Could)  Artist: Simon and Garfunkel  Album: Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970) – (Fun facts: This is actually a cover of Andean folk song written in 1913 and contrary to what I’ve always thought, El Condor Pasa does not mean “If I Could” in any language)

4. Song: Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan Cover) Artist: Karen O and the Million Dollar Bashers  Album: I’m Not There (Music from the Motion Picture) (2007) – (Another cool cover from the I’m Not There soundtrack. Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs backed by the all-star house band for the album. The Million Dollar Bashers included members of Sonic Youth, Television, Wilco and others)

5.  Song: Boeing 737  Artist: The Low Anthem  Album: Smart Flesh (2011) – (Indie Rock from Rhode Island)

6. Song: It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Artist: Kitty Wells Album: 7″ Single (1952) – (A pretty daring song for 1952. An answer to Hank Thompson’s “The Wild Side of Life”.  R.I.P. Kitty Wells)

7. Song: Basement Royalty  Artist: Broadway Calls  Album: Good Views, Bad News (2009) – The first of two Oregon bands in our shuffle today.  Good late period Punk Rock)

8. Song: Fang  Artist: ERAAS Album: ERAAS (2012) – (from the Self-titled debut by Brooklyn based art rock band)

9.  Song: Sinkin’ Down  Artist: Scott H. Biram Album: Somethings Wrong/Lost Forever (2009) – (from a Bloodshot Records compilation, calls himself the ‘Dirty Old One Man Band. Austin based singer-songwriter is awesome.  Another case where I  feel late to the game, but I’m gonna make up for lost time.)
10.  Song: Monster Love  Artist: The Lovely Savages  Album: YES (an awesome rock ‘n’ roll band from Southern Oregon.  I’m pretty sure this one came our way via Popa Tunes.  This is not included on the Amazon Widget.  Check out the band’s site for more info.)



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Are you Sure? Mix

Greetings from Thursday! The month is almost half over. Look for a Band of the Month poll to roll out within the next day or so.  In the meantime, I know I’ve been slacking off on the Featured Artist posts – so I hope to have one this afternoon.

This morning, we have an eclectic mix of music. And here we go…

Slowcore band Codeine broke up in 1994 after three releases.  The New York band recently announced a reunion gig at the I’ll Be Your Mirror festival in London, and the band’s catalog is getting the reissue treatment with some bonus material.  A download of one of those bonus tracks is out. The song, Median is from a Peel Session, and according to the information I’ve seen, it will appear on the reissue of the band’s first EP Barely Real. Stereogum can hook you up with a download of Median.

When you are named after the late and great Townes Van Zandt and are the son of the great Steve Earle and decide to get into music, you have some pretty big shoes to fill and some huge expectations to fulfill. Fortunately, Justin Townes Earle rises to the occasion and in the process makes you forget everything but his music. 
Maria is a track on Justin’s most recent album, Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now.
Black on Blues is a forthcoming (July 17) Black Keys tribute album.  The album will feature everyone from Cajun artist Doug Kershaw, Tab Benoit, Albert Lee, and Pat Travers.  First up though and out for your preview is a pretty straight-on cover of the first Single from the Black Key’s latest album, El Camino.  Lonely Boy is covered here by head Stooge, Iggy Pop and ex-Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker.
And next, we have track from the new album by Nashville Rock Supergroup – The Bluefields which is on the band’s first album – Pure. Our track today is called Nobody Loves You.

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