Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Just for One Day Mix

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We move on… 

Last night was Week 2 of the Darrin Bradbury Residency at The Basement East. It also happened to be Stop 2 of my Birthday Week excursions. A great night of music spent with some amazing friends…

Tim Easton opened the night with a cover of David Bowie’s “Five Years” which was really good. He followed with a set of old and new songs some of which featured Megan Palmer on fiddle.

Zach Schmidt backed by Adam Kurtz on pedal steel were next.  Zach’s song and voice get to me every time.

Darrin Bradbury closed the night with a spirited set that included a new arrangement of his classic song, “Swordfish”.  He brought out guest Margo Price and Adam Kurtz again for a couple of songs before closing the night with an amazing cover of “Ziggy Stardust”. 

Tonight: There are two stops on my Birthday tour. First, I will be at The Basement for an industry showcase featuring Sara Syms.  From there, I am going to move over to The 5 Spot for $2 Tuesdays – Derek Hoke’s weekly extravaganza.  This week’s lineup includes Ashleigh Flynn and Jon Langford. Langford is best known as a member of the bands The Mekons and The Waco Brothers.

On to the shuffle…

“Broken Lungs” by A Color Engine

It seems like this album has been hanging around the playlist for some time.  It is from a defunct band that featured Don Ryan (who first introduced me to Big Wilson River – Darrin Bradbury’s old band) – He was also an early E2TG favorite. A Color Engine also featured Eric Burchfield formerly of the band Elephant Goes West which was an E2TG featured band a few year ago.  This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. From the album Voyage Underwater, 56 Knots.

“Fashion” by Paul Zografi

Another tune from Bright.  Zografi has a new release called Brevity Lane which I will begin featuring soon.

“(What’s so Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding” by Tomas Doncker Band

Tomas Doncker Band with a cover of a song written by Nick Lowe and made famous by Elvis Costello. Doncker makes the song his own here.  From an album of covers by The True Groove All-Stars.

“Far From Any Road” by The Handsome Family

From the 2003 sixth studio album by Albuquerque based Americana duo, The Handsome Family. This song was used as the Main Title Theme for the first season of the HBO show True Detective.

“Vetvi” by Theodor Bastard

The title track from the latest album by this Russian metal band.

“Change for a Thing” (prod. *hitmayng) by Rich Robbins

Another awesome track from Nimbus by recent college graduate Rich Robbins.

“Sad Deep Inside” by Black Vincent

Another track from Teardrop Deluxe an album produced by Nashville based super producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins (they produced the recent Pony Boy album Blue Gold).

“Sweet Jane” by Mott the Hoople

I added this song to the playlist a few weeks back.  This is a cover of a Velvet Underground song from the Mott the Hoople album, All the Young Dudes which was produced by David Bowie.

“War on Wilcox” by Brian Wright and The Waco Tragedies

We close out this Tuesday shuffle with another song from Bluebird by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies.

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Man Can Be Mix

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It was great to see three great local artist with their awesome bands last night at The Basement (Classic not New).  Andrew Leahey, Mac Leaphart, and Sara Syms. Fun night!

Jumping right into the shuffle…

Disclaimer:  No rabid weasels were harmed in the compiling of this shuffle…

“STSisGOLD” by Sugar Tongue Slim

Another track from the World Café Sessions mega-download. I don’t know much about Sugar Tongue Slim, but I dig this, and I am impressed by the diversity of music that World Café puts out into the world…. almost as diverse at #E2TG…

“Carousel” by Circus Propaganda

Speaking of diversity… Carousel was the very first song by Circus Propaganda.  As I understand it, Circus Propaganda are no longer active as a group, but I believe all of the members are making music in various other combinations – most of which we have or will feature on Ear to the Ground. From Botany.

“Kissing in the Dark” by Eight O’Five Jive

Nashville’s favorite swingers… wait… let me rephrase.  Nashville’s favorite Swing/Jump Blues/etc. band – Eight O’Five Jive are up next with a public service announcement in the form of a cover of a Memphis Minnie classic. From Too Many Men.

“Lonely Town, Lonely Street” by Bill Withers

Sometimes… sometimes… you just got to hear some Bill Withers…  The lead track from Withers’ second album, Still Bill – which was the album that included “Lean on Me”. 

“Play a Train Song” by Todd Snider

From the classic album, East Nashville Skyline (which was co-produced by Will Kimbrough by the way) comes this song, which I got to hear Todd Snider sing last week at The 5 Spot.  I tend to thing Todd Snider is a very big part of why East Nashville music is what it is…

“Anna” by Will Butler

This is the second track and one of two singles from Policy the solo debut album by Will Butler who is in some band called Arcade Fire. 

“Her Love” by Black Vincent

Another awesome song from the Black Vincent album, Teardrop Deluxe which was recorded here in Nashville with the production team behind Diamond Rugs, T. Hardy Morris  and Deer Tick (Justin Collins and Adam Landry).

“Tell Her You Belong To Me” by Beth Hart

From Better Than Home – the latest album by L.A. Based songwriter and powerhouse vocalist Beth Hart.

“Spirit” by The Waterboys

Taking us out we have The Waterboys from their album This is the Sea. “What Spirit is man can be…”


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Upon My Liars Chair Mix

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I hope you have had a chance to check out the Ear to the Ground Events Page (link above).  I made some updates last night around 9:00p.m. Central Time.  I will try to make updates throughout the week, but I’m not able to constantly update.  If you have an upcoming event, either invite me on Facebook or send me the information.

We have a short but sweet shuffle today… 5 of the 6 songs have a Nashville connection (6 of 6 if you get really loose and creative in making connections)… read on….

“Turning” by Paul Zografi

Paul Zografi is a Nashville based songwriter.  I met him at a Tim Carroll show a couple of months back and got hold of his latest album, Bright which was released back in October 2014.  It is an excellent record, and I am glad a song finally popped up in my shuffle.  You will be hearing more.  Turning is the last song on the album even if it is the first we have featured.

“Hurt” (nine inch nails cover) by Samuel Claiborne and the True Groove All-Stars

From my friends at True Groove Records… the only song in the shuffle without a direct Nashville connection unless you count the Johnny Cash cover of this song.  Samuel Clairborne’s version of the Nine Inch Nails classic mixes a generous but understated industrial sound with an intense and low-key vocal delivery.  There were moments that to me it sounded somewhat like if Leonard Cohen experimented with Industrial music with the best possible results.  This is from an amazing album called Recovered which features many of my favorite True Groove artists covering classic songs from a variety of genres.  More to come from this record.

“Ocean” by Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson is based in Nashville now.  This song goes back to his 2012 album Wolftown.  I grabbed it from a Noisetrade sampler that came out ahead of the release of his latest album Risk of Loss which remains one of my favorite albums of the year.

“Friends With Motorcycles” by Black Vincent

Black Vincent’s album Teardrop Deluxe was recorded in Nashville, and it, too, is one of my favorites of the year so far. In the video playlist, we have an earlier version of the song featuring Black Vincent bandleader Coley Kennedy. 

“Is It You?” by Drew Kohl

Nashville (by way of Athens, GA) songwriter Drew Kohl celebrated a birthday on Sunday.  This is a song from his EP Sweetheart which I reviewed earlier this year, and it features one of Kohl’s trademark sustained notes that makes me short of breath just to hear. His songs have such an ease to them – easy listening in the best sense of that oft maligned term.

“Walking on the Levee” by Kevin Gordon

We close out the day with another Nashville songwriter and bit of a sneak peak (sort of) into his forthcoming new album Long Time Gone which is scheduled for release in September… I will have much more to say about this new album in the weeks leading up to its release, but (spoiler alert) it is going to be a good one!  I have had the good fortune to see Gordon play several shows here in Nashville over the last couple of months, and he blows me out of the water every single time.  Obviously, since the song is unreleased, the video I’ve added to the playlist is not this song, but it is a much older Kevin Gordon “Levee” song.


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom Mix

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As I stumble, unwillingly and unwittingly into another work week, I am grateful for a pretty sweet music shuffle to get things rolling…  In this shuffle are some classics, some obscure stuff, and some pretty new stuff.  It is all worth your attention.

“I’m in Love With a Girl” by Big Star

“I never travel far, without a little Big Star….”  Never a bad way to start a week, the legendary Memphis band from their 2nd album Radio City. Power Pop at it’s absolute finest.

“Atlantic City” by Ben Arthur

Another track from Call and Response… Ben Arthur swings for the fences and answers the Bruce Springsteen song from Nebraska.

“When We Was Young” by Black Vincent

This has become one of my favorite albums of the year so far, and I really dig this track.

“Gum in Your Hair” by A Color Engine

A lost classic? Perhaps.  As the long wait for the new Don Ryan album continues, we dive back into this release from his old band with Eric Burchfield of Elephant Goes West.

“Suboceana” by Tom Tom Club

“Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom!”  We complete our revisit to the classic 1988 album by the band lead by the rhythm section from Talking Heads.

“Vigilantes” by The Vigilance Committee

Progressive concept album.  This track really reminds me a lot of the Accomplices EP series from Gypsy West. And that is a very good thing.

“Tiene Cabeza de Palo” by Dale Watson

Another from Dale Watson’s new album, Call Me Insane, and a reminder why Google Translate is your friend.

“Walter Reed” by Ben Arthur

Our second Ben Arthur song of the shuffle – this one is an “answer” to the Michael Penn song, “Walter Reed” which is on his album Mr. Hollywood Jr, 1947.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Refuse to Be Your Jodi Mix

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I find myself rushed again… so, let’s get to this:

1.  Jonquil Child by Tiffany Huggins Grant which we have been featuring songs off of for a few weeks has been released.  Check it out HERE. I recommend it highly.

2. There is a great FREE SHOW in downtown Nashville today on 5th between Demonbreun and Korean Veterans.  It is the CD Release show for the companion album to the Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  Lots of cool folks including some of the players from the original classic recordings.  Did I mention it is free?  Details: HERE. Gates at 5:00, Music starts at 6:00

3.  Later on tonight, Two Cow Garage are playing at the Hi Watt with Heathen Sons and Benchmarks.  Benchmarks is the new moniker for Todd Farrell and the Dirty Birds.  Should be a great show.

Shuffle: (It’s a good one)….

“Tangled in Your Web” by Richard Barone

From the classic Cool Blue Halo.  One of the best live albums ever.

“Flower Flower” by The Vespers

The Vespers were the first band to play the second day of the Safety Harbor Songfest earlier this year.  It was a relatively early set and people were arriving throughout, but they still managed to capture and hold the attention of everybody present.  It was a great set, and it solidified by appreciation of this Nashville band. This is a track from their 2012 album, The Fourth Wall.

“A Whole Within” by The Colored Parade

Another great Nashville band, The Colored Parade are a favorite of mind.  From the album, And the Walls of the City Will Shake…

“Triangle” by Bad Bad Not Good

BadBadNotGood are an innovative Jazz group from Toronto.  This is from one of those World Café Sessions that I have been featuring.  My first listen… I want to hear more…

“Somebody Loves You” by Austin Lucas

One of the highlights of last week for me was Austin Lucas’ triumphant return to Nashville at The 5 Spot.  He stood and delivered a breath-taking set that ended with the crowded gathered around the stage for an unplugged number.  This track is the title track from Lucas’ 2009 album, and it shows off the emotionally powerful nature of his songwriting.

“Olah” by Matt Phillips and the Philharmonic

Olah is a heartbreaking song about resisting a forbidden love, and it delivered in Matt Phillips signature peppy upbeat style… the juxtaposition might seem strange, but Phillips makes it work here.

“One on One” by Miles Davis

From Miles Davis’ 1972 album On the Corner… the jazz master experiments with rhythm and makes some truly innovative music.  It was widely panned at the time of its release, but it has found critical favor in later years and proven to be a highly influential album.  The album features Dave Liebman who I had the good fortune of seeing live earlier this year.  

“Bangkok” by Alex Chilton

A 1978 single from the the High Priest of alternative music.  If I’m not mistaken (quick research so I could be) Chris Stamey (Dbs) and Richard Lloyd (Television) were part of Chilton’s band at the time of this single.

“Smilin’ Jim is Down Again” by Black Vincent

We close the day, with another awesome song from the album Teardrop Deluxe by the Michigan band lead by Coley Kennedy (The Buddies, Welcome to Ashley). The album was recorded in Nashville by one of the cities hottest production teams. 


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Pain in the Butt Mix

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Let’s jump right into the shuffle… some music for a  rainy Thursday morning here in Nashville….

“Hole in My Head” by Human Radio

So… I lived in Memphis for a couple of years back in the last days of the 1980s.  I had been really into the Nashville independent music scene, and to be honest (for a lot of reasons which are more about me), I never really caught up with some cool stuff that was happening in Memphis. But, I remember seeing signs on utility poles all over downtown and midtown for Human Radio.  My first thought was that this must be some sort of hip-hop artist – like a human beatbox or something, but again that was probably just me.  Anyway, at some point, I did finally catch up with Human Radio, and their self-titled album is one of my favorites.  Through a set of circumstances, the original line-up of Human Radio found themselves all living in Nashville recently (the band had relocated here shortly before parting ways).  They began playing some shows (I had the good fortune to finally see them live just a month or so ago), and now they are making plans to record and release some new music.  You can help.  Click HERE and see what you can do to make this happen.

“Lonely and Blue” by Black Vincent

Black Vincent of Michigan (fronted by Coley Kennedy) recorded their album here in Nashville with the production team responsible for the recent Diamond Rugs release (also releases from Deer Tick, Middle Brother, Sallie Ford, and T. Hardy Morris).  This opening track immediately brought to mind Roy Orbison – the best possible ways.  Coley Kennedy sings here with a classic sounding croon and is backed by some highly original and yet classic sounding Rock and Roll heartbreak music.

“Too Many Men” by Eight O’Five Jive

One of Nashville’s swingingest (did I make that word up?) bands, is up next with the title track from their current album.  There are all kinds of problems in the world, and Eight O’Five Jive makes this one sound like a whole lot of fun.

“Sunday Papers” by Joe Jackson

From Look Sharp!  “They wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true…”

“Boy Got it Bad” by KaiL Baxley

L.A. bases singer-songwriter KaiL Baxley has a new album called A Light That Never Dies.  This song goes back to his 2013 album Heatstroke/The Wind and the War.

“Wild” by Royal Teeth

Another track from the World Café Session mega-download.  Royal Teeth are based in Louisiana, and the create a fun brand of Indie-Pop…

“PreGame” by Grumsling

From the EP A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea… Grumsling are from San Francisco, and they are absolutely fun.  They combine innovative music with a full-frontal multi-media attack.. plus they have their own avatar/mascot who looks kind of evil but in a really fun kind of way.  Cute evil… maybe.

“Fuck On” by Christopher Aaron Slade

What can you say?  Christopher Aaron Slade approached me with some of his music which he described as AC/DC meets Blondie meets Scissor Sisters (or something like that).  I was intrigued enough to listen, and so far I have liked what I have heard.  Basically a lot of power chords set to a danceable beat with just enough New Wave funkiness to keep things interesting.  *By the way, I decided not to censor the song title so, if you are offended… well…  I don’t know…

“Gwan” by The Suffers

And we close out the day and the work week (I’m off tomorrow) with some Soul music from Houston Texas – another from the World Café Sessions.


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Artistic Freedom Mix

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Monday after a productive weekend of writing…  look for some of that productivity to be posted soon and some later than soon…

“Changing of the Guard” by Jesse Terry

After posting a song from Jesse Terry for a Noisetrade sampler, I figured out we have several mutual friends on Facebook, and I got hold of a new album – also available on Noisetrade called The Calm and The Storm.  This song is from that album. 

“Millionaire’s Dream” by John Wesley Harding

I will go with calling this a deep cut from Why We Fight? In this sense, the term means that as much I love this album and can immediately identify almost all of the songs on the album when they begin to play, I had to give this one a thorough listen.  I like it, and I’m not really sure why it didn’t stick in my brain the way others songs from the album did.

“I Wanna Lose Control” by Deathray

This song is from the soundtrack of the animated movie, Open Season.  That soundtrack featured several songs by Replacements’ front man Paul Westerberg.  For some reason, my music player identified this song as being by Paul Westerberg.  Interestingly enough, if this had been a Paul Westerberg song, I would have viewed it as a disturbing point in his career, but realizing it was not Westerberg but a California New Wave/Pop band that existed from 1998-2007 made all the difference, and I kind of dig the song in a light and airy kind of way.

“All Mod Cons” by The Jam

The title track from one of my favorite albums of all time by one of my favorite bands of all time.  Man those Brits had something going on in the latter part of the 1970s.

“Truth or Consequence” by Susan James

Susan James’ new album Sea Glass is due out in just over a week.  On the record, James has shed much of the Americana vide of her last album, Driving Toward the Sun (2013) which was excellent in it’s own right.  Here, the California singer-songwriter embraces her roots and makes a classic California Pop record for the current day. 

“Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” by Kishi Bashi

This was part of the World Café 100 song download I recently posted about.  Kishi Bashi is the recording project of  Kaoru Ishibashi (Jupiter One, Of Montreal, Regina Spektor).  This song is from the 2014 album Lighght and was performed on The Late Show with David Letterman.

“Someday” by Steve Earle

 A great song from Steve Earle’s classic Guitar Town album.  Ear to the Ground favorite Lindsay Ellyn performed a cover of this song at her recent EP Release show.

“Stacy Main” by Black Vincent

Black Vincent is a new project from Coley Kennedy (Welcome to Ashley, The Buddies).  The album was recorded in Nashville by producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins.  I dig this song quite a bit, and I look forward to digging into the rest of the album. 

“You’re Not Alone” by Tiffany Huggins Grant

Another song from Jonquil Child, the forthcoming (July 7) album by Nashville singer-songwriter Tiffany Huggins Grant.  The album was produced by and features Ear to the Ground favorite Mark Robinson among other Nashville heavyweights. For me the stand out feature of this album are the stunning vocals by Tiffany Huggins Grant. 

“She Knows What To Do” by Stacy Mitchhart

We shall close out of first shuffle of the week with another Nashville stand out.  We have been featuring songs from Stacy Mitchhart’s Live My Life album, and we just have one track left after this one.  This is real live, uncompromising Blues music.  Mitchhart can be found just about any night down in Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville laying it down at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar.


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