Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Heart Space Mix

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There is a buzz of activity in the Ear to the Ground offices, but I wanted to take the time to try to help spread the word about a couple of things:

A pair of great Nashville musicians/songwriters have recently suffered some pretty serious injuries which could keep them out of commission for an extended period.  For anyone, this would be bad, but for a professional musician this can be devastating.  In both cases, friends and fans are joining forces to help. 

Allen Thompson of the Allen Thompson Band suffered a serious injury to his vertebrae.  You can help out and find out more by clicking here.

Singer-songwriter Tommy Womack (Daddy, Government Cheese) was seriously injured in an automobile accident late last week.  You can help him by clicking here.

In better news, Darrin Bradbury just dropped his latest EP, The Story of Bob.  I’ll have more on this later, but check it out here.

Finally, I have been busy on the No Depression front with several live reviews, an album review – and much more on the horizon.  I don’t cross post everything, so if you want to keep up with adventures over there.  Here is the link to my Contributions at

Now to the shuffle of the day:

Several long songs (including an 8 minute instrumental) means there are only 7 songs in the shuffle today…

“Rapunzel” by Ben Arthur

Another track from the forthcoming Call and Response album of answer songs.

“Ghost Writer” by Storm Chronicles

Another from the debut album by The Storm Chronicles, Looking Backward.  Alternative/Progressive rock songs. 

“Spirit in the Still” by The Poorhouse Says

Our second listen – from the forthcoming As Patterns Go album – due out June 27.  Dig this song a bunch. Check it out.

“As Forever Became Never Again” by Bobby Bare Jr.’s Young Criminals’ Starvation League

From the 2014 album, Undefeated.

“Three Cord Bond” by Propaganda

L.A. Hip Hop artist Propaganda with a track from his 2014 album Crimson Cord. A powerful call from mutual understanding.

“Heart Space” by Whale Fall

Eight minutes plus of cinematic, progressive instrumental goodness from the L.A. band.

“Tell Me What You Want From Me” by Good Old War

A track from the forthcoming album, Broken into Better Shape (due June 29) from the Philly based Indie Acoustic Pop band.


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Daddy Sang Bass Mix

Took a drive across the river last night, to a little dive bar in East Nashville called Fran’s Eastside. Saw E2TG favorite Darrin Bradbury and the amazing Tim Carroll.  Fun night with great music, meeting cool people, and even the Music City Roots bus was there… and why not?  I have some pictures, but my phone is being stingy and won’t release them yet.

By coincidence and because I have a ton of his music loaded right now, Darrin is in the shuffle again today – an older song – one of the first that really caught my attention.  He has a new release which I will be sharing more about soon….

To the shuffle:

“You Were Mine” by Year of October from WDVX Blue Plate Special 4/12/2014

We begin with E2TG favorites  – Nashville’s Year of October from a live radio show in Knoxville from this past spring. They have a new record coming out – appropriately enough in October.

“The Day” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

The first of three songs from a recently released (and Free on Noisetrade) live version of their self-titled debut album. Filled with great songs like this one and the other one and the one after that…

“Boat of Car” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

Giving us the subtitle of this post.. the opening line of this song was later used in the song Will the Circle Be Unbroken? and in a song by Johnny Cash (written by Carl Perkins)… or I could have my chronology mixed up…

“Memorial Day” by The Danbury Lie from Fourth Time’s a Charm

Another great track off the new release by another E2TG favorite.  The Danbury Lie are on of the most original bands I’ve come across, and I will keep spreading the word… 

But don’t trust me – listen/read the words of Jason from The Grimm Generation: ““I downloaded the new The Danbury Lie for my ride in this morning and oh man. Love this record. Weird subsonic classical merged with something like The Shins, all sparkly sounding and weirdly well thought out. Well done, tDL.” – JKrug “

“She’s an Angel” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

That other song from the previously mentioned live album.

“Avant Gardener” by Courtney Barnett from The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas

Courtney Barnett is from Australia, but she would fit in well here in Nashville and is welcome here any time.  Says me, the official gatekeeper of who can come to Nashville….  Cool song, and I approve of the title and so do the Avant Guard Dogs.

“My Baby Took My Baby Away” by Bobby Bare Jr’s Young Criminal’s Starvation League from Undefeated

Great song by Nashville legend and son of a Nashville legend Bobby Bare Jr. who has been a staple on the Nashville scene since I was a kid… come to think of it, he must have been a kid, too because he isn’t that much older than me.

“Twenty Little Soldiers” by Darrin Bradbury from The Almost Great Crepe’s (Demos)

The aforementioned song by the aforementioned Mr. Bradbury.  Nashville readers go see this guy either Wednesday’s at Fran’s or sometime…  for the video I picked a version done by his old band Big Wilson River who were a Featured Artist here before I even knew Darrin. 

“Good Enough” by Mr. Kind from Wide Awake/Open Hands

Yet another new song from Bay Area band and E2TG favorites Mr. Kind.

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And we close out where we began with a song from Year of October’s Blue Plate Special session.  For the video I chose a slight more seasonally appropriate song Indian Summer.




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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Slow Day, Fast Time Mix

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So maybe 20 songs in one post was a little excessive…. so I’ll keep it down to 15 today.


“Shit That Matters” by JENNY (the band has a new album called Love and Politics out now)
“Sleeping Through Heaven” by Game Theory (for those keeping track this make 8 Game Theory songs in two days)
“Rest Your Weary Mind” by Elizabeth Cook with Bobby Bare Jr. (Two of Nashville‘s coolest poeple)
“I Still Want a Little More” by Milk Carton Kids (I’m digging on this band lately) 
“You Always Make Me Smile” Kyle Andrews  (Nashville Singer-songwriter, electronic musician)
“Linus and Lucy” by Game Theory (9 in two days – yes it’s the Vince Guaraldi song)
“No Reason” by Jeanette Lynne  (A CXCW alum – When Popatunes  says “Jump”, I say, ‘yeah, right!’. When Popatunes says “check out this music” – I say – ‘hell, yeah!’) 
“Sad Baby Wolf” by Sad Baby Wolf (I love this band and this song is one of my favorites)
“New Jerusalem” by Neighbour (Neighbour is Kacie Williams – Nashville again!)


  • “Dontcu Wanna” by The Joy of Painting from Tender Age EP (2013)

 The New record from The Joy of Painting is called Tender Age which you can Pre-Order using the widget above.  The first single, Dontcu Wanna is available as a Free Download by navigating the bandcamp page.  It’s a good one!

  •  “Falling Apart” by Billy Pilgrim from Bloom (2008)

  • “Complex” By Kyle Andrews from Best of 2006-2012 (2013 Noisetrade)

Nashville is home to a growing list of singer-songwriters who take the city’s propensity toward great songwriting and applies it a wide variety of musical styles. Kyle Andrews is a great example of this.

  • “Museum of Hopelessness” by Game Theory from Lolita Nation (1987)

Ten seconds of sweet sounds…

  • “Girlfriend” by Slim Dunlap from Times Like This (1996)

Minneapolis legend Slim Dunlap who suffered a devastating stroke last year has an incredible musical legacy.  Be sure to check out and support the Songs for Slim releases.

  • “Switzerland” by Bison (The Last Bison) from Quill (2011)/Inheritance (2013)

Okay I don’t have time to figure out the whole Bison/Last Bison thing.  But, whatever, this is a great song and a great way to close the shuffle.