Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Brain is Hanging Upside Down Mix

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Another month here at Ear to the Ground, and suddenly, we find 2013 is half over… oh, how can it be? 

Oh, it be….

We start 2013 Act II with yet another scintillating mix of music.  Sometimes, especially when time prevents me from adding very much in the way of commentary, exactly what my role is.  But, in an attempt to up my pretentiousness factor, I have decided to call what I do Curating.  So, for you listening pleasure, here is the latest E2TG mix curated by yours truly…

PRE-SHUFFLE: (Not in order)

We feature two songs from the new album by the awesome band, Beijing.  The album Night is rapidly turning into one of our favorites of a year jam-packed with great music. Today, we heard: “Violent” and “The Sun Will Set.”  This band (from Connecticut not China) packs a powerful and melodious punch.

The pre-shuffle also includes two songs from Arkansas/Tennessee band Canopy Climbers. “Garden” is a bonus track from their recent Noisetrade sampler, and Always” is the opening track on their brand new album Miles.

Let’s continue the twofers with a pair of songs from New York punk legends, The Ramones.  “We’re a Happy Family” is from their third studio album, Rocket to Russia (1977); and “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg” sometimes subtitled “My Brain is Hanging Upside Down” was released first as a single in 1985 and then subsequently included on the band’s ninth studio album, Animal Boy (1986).

Next up, we have the late, great Bobby Bland with “Second Hand Heart”. Bland, who died on June 23 at the age of 83, left behind a legacy of great music. This song is on his 1986 album, After All.

“Mourning Train from Memphis” by Christopher Paul Stelling from Songs of Praise and Scorn (2012)  A favorite of mine. Beautiful, and as I’ve said over and over again, I am a sucker for a train song.

“Beach Day” by Beach Day – just discovered this great band from Hollywood, Florida.  Great mix of surf rock, girl group and punk.  From their brand new TripTrap Attack album.

And finally, we just grabbed a live recording of Radiohead from June 1995 which just released on Noisetrade (in conjunction with Paste magazine). Coincidentally, I actually saw Radiohead live a couple of months after the show recorded here (opening for R.E.M. in Nashville), and between the time this recording was made and the show I saw, my amazing daughters were born.  We have “The Bends” – the title track from what was then the latest Radiohead album (released March 1995).

We have an amazing shuffle after the jump…

“Ash’s Lament (Pokemon Theme)” by Valued Customer off of their cover album, Fun Covers which was released in 2012

  • As we begin to turn blue (from holding our breath) and eagerly await to find out what Valued Customer have in store for us next, we have added this awesome collection of cover songs to our Playlist to help us in our inpatient wait.

    “Umbrella” by Canopy Climbers from Miles (2013)
  • Our third song of the day from Canopy Climbers is a good one. Umbrella is a nifty song that pulls in tightrope walker imagery into a song which seems to be about risk and trust and faith.

“Inner Sanctum” by The Gabriel Construct from Interior City (2013)

      • We close out our first music mix of July with another stunner from the challenging but chaotically beautiful album by The Gabriel Construct. Finally got the change to listen to this album straight through, and it is a remarkable journey. Certainly, it is an ambitious effort.  I’m all about bold ambitious efforts, and for me this one is a success because of the way the varied genres, cacophonous music and evocative lyrics are brought together to tell a very powerful story.