Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Ragin’ Full On Mix

I love warm summer nights… especially being outside and hearing the sounds of the world around me – natural and man-made. Crickets and train whistles and cars on the highway just on the other side of the hill and music coming from somewhere and the laughter of children and unidentified sounds that provide a thrill of fear or of wonder. 

Have you ever stood alone the in the dark Under the Willow and just let your mind run wild with possibilities? 

Shayfer James from Counterfeit Arcade (One of our featured Artists for June).


“It leaps beyond its legs
It reeks of lemon pledge
in a cold fire
it’s a cold fire mother
the muppet and the midge
the leaks beneath the fridge
in a cold fire
it’s a cold fire and one
digs on the morning bloodlight
dig on the after after
even the shyest mouse with his head stove in”

The Hunting Accident from Trees and Parks 10″ 



” I love the instrumental track  
there’s no words that I gotta sing back
no “peace on earth,” no hippy shit
it’s best if you just got over it
I keep pressing repeat
cuz the instrumental track
can’t be beat” 
The Joy of Painting from Asterisk

Born in the USA was released when I was eighteen years old – around the time I graduated from high school.  Some of the themes of the album were beyond my experience, but I got I’m On Fire. Springsteen in his words and his vocals and the understated music captured effectively the unrequited desire that dominated that portion of my life. The L.A. band Brown Shoe recently recorded a cover of the song for Daytrotter. We told you about it here.
The Gift Horse from Brown Shoe
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MP3: Daytrotter Unveils Brown Shoe Session, Features Springsteen Cover

Session Recorded During Band’s Spring 2012 National Tour spacer

Critical Praise for Brown Shoe:

“Taking cues from Coldplay and Band of Horses, these four cute brothers and their equally cute friend make soaring rock music ripe for emotional movie montages.”– Nylon Magazine

“Expressing heartache and loss through grand, daring musical compositions, “Diving Bell” is a song that’s easy to play over and over again.” – Magnet Magazine

“Brown Shoe creates intricate, huge, pop songs, glacially moving things with arena-rock heft behind them.” – Pop Matters

“5/5” – Music Emissions

The Session:

Daytrotter released Brown Shoe’s session last night, which was recorded at Daytrotter’s studio, The Horseback, in downtown Rock Island, Ill., on April 2. Included in the session is a haunting cover of the Bruce Springsteen track “I’m On Fire,” along with “The Run” from Brown Shoe’s latest LP, The Gift Horse. The set is rounded out by “Aquarium”and “Goodnight Old Man;” two fan favorites from the band’s catalog.

Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller had this to say about the session: “The band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Baggaley, bassist Bryson Baggaley, guitarist Aaron Baggaley, guitarist Chandler Clemons and drummer Landon Baggaley, gives you a feeling that you’re sitting in a worn out chair – with the springs jabbing you in the lower back – in a house sitting at the end of a road that no one drives on. Even less people seem to be driving by these days. It’s lonely. It’s heartbreakingly, goddamn fucking lonely out here, where they bring us.”

The emotional place they bring us to is even more impressive given that practically the entire band was ill when they recorded their session. Aaron recalls, “We were really looking forward to playing Daytrotter for the first time, and the morning of it we woke up in Chicago to Landon throwing up in the bathroom. We all just assumed that he’s a lightweight, then Chandler started throwing up and we knew something was up. By the time we started, three of us were having a bout with food poisoning. We could hardly stand, let alone load gear, but we’re such big fans of Daytrotter that we just couldn’t imagine not doing it. At the end of the day, we’re all really glad that we got to be a part of it, even if we felt like hell while we were doing it.”

Listen to Brown Shoe’s Springsteen cover here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Brown_Shoe-Im_On_Fire(Springsteen_Cover).mp3

And the full session here: http://www.daytrotter.com/#!/concert/brown-shoe/20055755-37382947