Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Bowl of Cherries Mix

So, I tuned into the AMA’s last night, and I have to say, I was confused… until I realized that  it was not the Americana Music Awards. But, I pressed on because I heard that KMFDM was doing to close the show, and that seemed such a weird left field kind of thing that I had to watch.  Needless to say, I need to pay more attention to what I hear….
Rainy Monday here in Nashville. I overslept, came home after dropping my daughter off and decided to nap because I had a dentist appointment at 8:00.  Set my phone alarm for 7:26p.m. and my wife woke me up at 7:55. Got to my 8:00 appointment at 8:15.

Got to the work parking lot around 9:40 – had to park in the far lot – which I expected and by this time, I was in serious need of good music.  I shuffled a quick and dirty and random playlist I had created last week and once again randomness paid off…

First off was Something I Don’t Know by Band of the Week alumnus Simon Fagan.

(Click on album cover to purchase and download the song)
Next up, the shuffle spit out the lovely A Beautiful Girl by the ubiquitious Band of the Week alumni Ubiquity Machine. Check out and download the song below. 01 A Beautiful Girl by Ubiquity Machine

Song #3 comes from the our neighbors to the North. Bruce Cockburn has been making music for a long time, and Wondering Where the Lions Are is one of this best.
(Click on album cover to purchase and download the song)

The final song comes from Nashville, TN based super-couple Buddy and Julie Miller. God’s Wing’ed Horse is a heavenly bit of music.
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Slice O Life: Bruce Cockburn Live Solo Slice O Life: Bruce Cockburn Live Solo
Bruce Cockburn has issued numerous live recordings, and thus far all of them have been band offerings during the various periods of his 40-plus-year career. While the acoustic element has always been a primary part of his stage persona, fans — and the me

Buddy & Julie Miller Buddy & Julie Miller
Earthy husband and wife singer/songwriters Buddy & Julie Miller offer more rootsy, countrified folk music on their self-titled 2001 release, this time with a full, more rock-influenced sound. While the two have made involved appearances on each others’ al