Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Superstar Mix

We’ve reached the end of the week.  To get us into the weekend, I have a long list of additions to the E2TG Hall of Fall, and a pretty sweet little music shuffle.

E2TG Hall of Fame:
13. The Foresters (Bethany, CT) (ed. note: Some may say they are too young for a Hall of Fame, but it’s my Hall of Fame, and by their inspiring dedication to their craft, they have already earned their place – even as I acknowledge their best work is ahead of them – I think that is true for most if not all of our inductees)
14. Those Mockingbirds (Montclair, NJ)
15. You and Me (Montreal, QC)
16. MAKAR (New York, NY)
17. The Gypsy West (Brooklyn, NY)
18. Tipi Valley (Swansea, UK)
19. Jo Wymer (Freehold, NJ)
20. Sci-Fi Romance

The inductees will continue. There are still some major favorites of mine who have not been added  yet.  Rest assured this will be rectified sooner than later.  I want to make more progress on the Hall of Fame Page before I add too many more. 

Here’s the Shuffle-

“Superstar” by Sonic Youth (from If I Were a Carpenter.  Sonic Youth covering Richard and Karen Carpenter’s 70s era hit song.)

“Waitin'” by Caitlin Rose (from Goodbye Summer: 2013 ATO Fall Sampler.  From her latest album The Stand-In.)

“Against the Sky” by Theory of Machines (from EP1.  Another track by this awesomely dark and cinematic band from London – mostly instrumental with some spoken words.)

“Work” by The End Men (a-side to the Work single.  The latest music from our first Hall of Fame inductees. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the incredible video for “Work” which is included in our daily video playlist below.)

“Heat Wave” by The All-About (from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 4.  From Fairfield, CT.  “Dance music written and recorded by people who can’t dance for people who can’t dance.” It’s no wonder I dig this.)

“Winter Pockets” by Wild Child (from Pillow Talk. A perfect song for this frosty morning. Austin based Indie Folk.)



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Everything Lost is a Golden Prisoner Mix

Shelly Colvin from last year’s AMA Fest

Well, well, well… This is Americana week in Nashville, and even though I’m not going to make it to any of the official AMA showcases, I’ve got three !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);days of some pretty killer music on tap.  Beginning tonight, when I will make my first of three rare public appearances.  I’m heading across the river to the Five Spot to hang out with Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray plus their entourage along with the music blogger behind Too Much Country. The music tonight begins with E2TG favorite Mark Robinson, and features Peter Cooper and Eric Brace, Dave Coleman of The Coalmen, Kevin Gordon and others. It all begins at 5.

Friday after work, I’m crossing back over the river to East Nashville to hang out at The Groove record shop to hear Amanda Shires and others.

Finally, Saturday, Grimey’s New and Pre-Loved Music to hear some free music all day with T. Hardy Morris, Wille Sugacapps, The Dexateens, an all-star tribute to Alabama, and the one and only Billy Bragg., let’s get moving with today’s shuffle:

After the jump

“Everything” by Nine Inch Nails (a song off their new album Hesitation Marks)

“Lost and Found” by Johnny Flynn (an alternate version of a song from his 2010 album Been Listening)

“Golden Boy” by Caitlin Rose (This is from the Eastside Manor sessions recently available on Noisetrade. It’s a sultry version of a song from her album The Stand-in which was released back in February of this year.

and finally, we close with “The Prisoner” by Kynlie Freeman (a Nashville singer-songwriter with a song off of her 2011 album Education)

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Today’s Video Playlist (Powered by You Tube)

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Log Jam Mix

Live* from Nashville – Music City USA. Ear to the Ground proudly presents – the Morning Shuffle…. 
*Live when written – except on the West Coast where 60 Minutes will be seen at it’s regular time.   
Once again, we find ourselves abundantly blessed with music, and running a bit tight in the time department… so dispensing with the ado…  Join the Mix – after the JUMP


“Honeymoon” by Bombadil (“your life is books you never wrote
and tote only for money”)
“Red River Valley” by Slim Whitman (“From this valley they say you are leavingWe shall miss your bright eyes and sweet smile”)

Everywhere I Go” by Caitlin Rose (“In a room out of town There’s a picture in a drawer
of all that could have been and all that came before Standing in the light or hiding in the dark”)

“Sea of Lights” by Year of October (“Been swimming in a sea of lights for so long, surprised I haven’t drowned”)
“The Randall Knife” by Guy Clark (“There it slept and there it stayed For twenty some odd years Sort of like Excalibur Except waiting for a tear”)
“King of the Waves” by Little Barrie (“Let’s be like children play, pretend we started again”)
“Who Are You” by Ivan and Alyosha (“And you paint your face, and you change your hand
Tell me what happened to you such a long time ago And all your friends, well they have no clue Who are you when no one is around?”)

PRE-SHUFFLE moves into the SHUFFLE with the next song
“Only a Song” by Ben Sollee (“I get a little scared when I’m driving through the ghetto.
There’s a part of me that wants to hide, there’s a part of me that wants to move in.
Cuz even though I, I grew up in the suburbs I didn’t really grow until I learned how so many others lived. But this is only a song, it can’t change the world.”) 
“Leaky Seams” by bellwire  (“Your backyard was a shrine to summer nights–– a bedsheet theater.
Someone prepped the reel and let it rip–– the camera slipped through leaves”)

“Open Pt. II” by Great Forest (“When you first saw me in my shapeless body”)

“Checkpoints and Borders” by Liquid Casing (“Checkpoints to see where we belong “Can’t you see?” I don’t belong My skin said it all; that border I just can’t cross”)
“No More Lonely” by Caitlin Rose (“Nobody’s asking questions here but me”)


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Maybe Partying Will Help Mix

A few items of interest… KALPA – the new Valued Customer album is due out today. We are still awaiting it’s arrival with bated and baited breath.

Gabriel Redding is on the penultimate day of his record breaking run across America to raise money for Alzheimer and Dementia patients. Get your donate on (click on his name for details).

Our great old friends, The End Men are headed out on a mini-tour to Ohio.  If you are in these area’s be sure to check them out. Seriously, do it, and tell them Ear to the Ground sent you.  Annabel’s – Akron on 7/18;  Buzzbin –  Canton on 7/19; and the Stone Tavern –  Kent on 7/20.

Now, let’s get to the Morning Mix of Music.

After the JUMP


“Prelude” by The Black Clouds (How appropriate to begin with a Prelude…)

“Kiss Me on the Bus” by The Replacements (An absolute classic – “Hurry, Hurry, Here comes my stop”)

“Janitorial on Channel Fail” by Centro-Matic (more from this awesome Texas band)

“Howm’ I Gonna Get Back Home” by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (The band with the great sound and the long name).

“No Reason” by The Black Clouds (a much needed does of ferociousness into the morning mix)

“Remembrance of Things Past” by Coastwest Unrest (It’s been a little while since we featured this band, and it’s good to be reminded of just how great they sound)

“The Four Loves” by Heath McNease (more from his hip-hop remix of his folk album inspired by the work of C.S. Lewis)

“Pink Champagne” by Caitlin Rose (Nashville’s sweetheart performs songs from her latest album in a special session for Noisetrade)  

“3’s a Charm” by Bleu (A super cool song from his Redhead album)


 “The Mighty Midshipmen” by Centro-Matic from Love You Just the Same (2003)

Another track available on a massive 24 song free download via the Band’s Bandcamp page. This Denton, Texas band features Will Johnson from Monsters of Folk and have been making music together since 1995.

“Homegrown Tomatoes” by Guy Clark from Songs and Stories (2011) (Original Version was on Better Days (1983)

The legendary singer-songwriter performs, a classic song about the popular fruit which often pretends to be a vegetable.

“Dromedary” by Dog Without Warning from Bark (2013)

One of favorite releases of 2013 was the surprising Bark EP by Bay Area band Dog Without Warning.  This is the last song on that EP, and it is a charmer.  Give a listen and try not to smile.

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Americana Music Fest Part V – Friday Night

So, when Friday night rolled around, I was running on about two hours sleep and a day at work – plus a 5 hour energy drink I got for free at Live on the Green.  So, to maximize my musical enjoyment and minimize my frustrations, I decided to stick to one venue.  I picked the Cannery Ballroom. The Cannery holds many great musical memories from back in the day.  Most of the shows I saw back in the late 80s were upstairs, but I know of a few shows which were downstairs.

Anyway, I arrived just in time to catch the last song of Shelly Colvin’s 8:00p.m. set, and I heard just enough to wish I had been there the whole time.  The song was beautiful. Shelly is a Huntsville, Alabama native currently living in East Nashville where all the cool people live (Blogger’s Note: I don’t live in East Nashville, so the last statement is obviously false).  She is a genuine, harmonica toting, folk singer.

Up Next was Amanda Shires.  Amanda Shires is a Texas born singer/fiddle player, who also currently resides in Nashville.  The first thing I noticed was a familiar looking guitar tech.  Yep, that was Jason Isbell or as he was introduced later when he came on stage a few songs into the set, the future Mr. Jason Shires.  Amanda Shire’s music is Americana/Alt-Country friendly with strong Indie Rock street cred.  Ah hell, it’s just damn good music.  She was backed by a cracking band featuring Rod Picott and supplemented by Jason Isbell on a number of songs.

Next on the bill was Houston native and recent Nashville resident Robert Ellis.  I wasn’t all that familiar with his music, but I really enjoyed it.  It did a new song, Houston, as a goodbye to his hometown, and it reminded me, favorably to Steve Earle’s haunting Goodbye Guitar Town.  The set ran the gamut from slow sad country to all out rockers.  Bonus points in my book for having the lovely  and amazing Caitlin Rose out for a song.  I was a bit further from the stage for this set, so sorry for the quality of the pictures.

The headliner of the evening was the legendary John Hiatt, making a rare Nashville appearance. Hiatt is one of those larger than life/down to earth performers.  He took the stage and powered through an amazing set that included some songs from his (what was then) forthcoming  (out on September 25th) album Mystic Pinball and a slew of songs from across his storied career, including that one that Bonnie Raitt covered and the one Eric Clapton and B.B. King did.  He also, at the request of a loud member of the audience) did the classic Memphis in the Meantime.  I’ve been a huge John Hiatt fan for a lot of years, and this was just an incredibly fun show.  



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Mt. Airy Groove Mix

Let’s get to it… 

Well, Nashville got a brief respite from the heat, and even a minor (but we’ll take it) shower.  It actually felt pleasant outside yesterday afternoon.  This morning, the humidity was up.

R.I.P. to Andy Griffith 

Our good friends, The Dead Exs are kicking off this Independence Day celebrations by releasing a free download of a brand new song called Relovolution. Amazingly, the band actually ups the ante on their dirty rockin’ blues sound.  Popa Tune’s has the details.

Let’s get to the shuffle:  

First up, we have Ane Brun from her 2008 album Changing of the Seasons with a beautiful song called, The Puzzle.

Next up we have the inimitable Joe Walsh with the title track from his 1991 album.  Ordinary Average Guy.

And finally, we have Own Side, which comes from Caitlin Rose’s 2011 album Own Side Now. Despite a mid-set power outage (during me she lead the crowd in an  a cappella version of You Are My Sunshine), Caitlin Rose was one of our favorite performers at this year’s Record Store Day extravaganza at Grimey’s in Nashville.
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