Friday Music Shuffle – Pre-Labor Mix

Looking forward to a long weekend….  I’ll leave you with a heaping helping of musical manifestations.

After the JUMP

“Soulard” by Taco Land (from Pancakes and Pizza)

“All I Remember” by Brad Jones (Folk/Americana from Nashville)

“Eve” by Neulore (Modern Folk Music from Nashville)

“Where is Your Man?” from False-Heads (off of Tunnel Vision – UK Alt Rock band who contacted me – more to come by these lads (imagine me sounding British as I said that last part…)

“Scream” by Marla Mase (so good to be re-experiencing this great album)

“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” by Big Star (covering Jerry Lee Lewis – Memphis a great music city, too)

“Every Word Means No” by Let’s Active (one my favorite Let’s Active songs)

“Black Eyes and White Lies” by Don Ryan (I seriously, seriously love Don Ryan’s music.  Please, please, please do yourself a huge favor and check him out)

“Room With a View” by Let’s Active (so glad to be re-experiencing this great music, so sad for the impetus to do so… RIP Faye Hunter)

“Candy Says” by The Velvet Underground (This!)

“Slow Ride” by Beastie Boys (yup!)

“Closer to the Source” by prattle on, rick (another great Nashville artist – glad I came to know this music.)

“When Will I Be Loved” by Linda Ronstadt (A classic)

“New Cell Phone” by Marla Mase (Who all has your cell phone number?)

“You Can’t Have Me” by Big Star (Third/Sister Lovers!)

“Transcendental Meditative Mutant Ninja Turtles” by Alvin Band (What a great song title! Great song, too!)

“Count to Three” by Amy Stroup (Another great artist from Nashville)

“What Goes On” by The Velvet Underground (What goes on in your mind…)

“Close My Eyes” by Callaghan (Beautiful song)

Also get False-Heads, prattle on, rick,  and Don Ryan on Bandcamp

Today’s Video Playlist



Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Conjuring Mix

Hey ho! It’s Friday! What could be more perfect?


Music after the jump

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Today in the Pre-Shuffle we have:

“Pualei” by EdTang (from Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner)

“Accomplices” by The Gypsy West (from Accomplices III)

“Dromedary” by Dog Without Warning (from Bark – one of my favorite records of the year so far, and they made a video for this song! Check it out in the Playlist at the end of this post)

“Let’s Give It Away” by Taco Land (from Pancakes and Pizza – another favorite

“Hold Onto Hope Love (Andy Hunt Mix/Mastered)” by Amy Stroup (of Sugar and the Hi-Lows)

In the Shuffle

“Corn for Cash” by Alvin Band (from Mantis Preying)

“Hurricane” by Katey Laurel
This is the brand new single from Katey Laurel.  I hope you grabbed this from Noisetrade because it is not longer available on that site.
“Green Eyes” by Callaghan from 40 States and Counting EP
“L.A. Freeway” by Guy Clark from Old No. 1 (1975)


A great song from Guy Clark’s debut album. Released about 38 years ago, a young Steven Earle sings backgrounds on this album.



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Flags for Everything Mix

August 6 – Nashville… overcast skies, rising humidity, but still an ever so slight chill in the air.  Changing lanes, changing gears, but it all still seems the same. Perception in the mind’s eye. Do we have the power to change our destiny or are we merely pawns in a cosmic and eternal game, we don’t even understand?  And what does it matter? Does it matter?

Lost in my thoughts – at times dark, at times trivial. Okay – often trivial. Seeking inspiration. Finding it in the diverse music of people from all over the world. Different voices, different musical choices. For some music is a commodity, for me it is a life blood.

All over the world…. Different voices, different choices….

Music – after the jump…


“Diamond Sigh” by Valued Customer (“22,000 sunsets to go /hold my hand and around the sunset we’ll go /365 days til the calendar explodes / i really wanna rest but we got miles to go” – Sorry but have a I mentioned lately how much I dig this band and this album?  It’s, like, neuron-exploding good. )

“Leader of Men” by Let’s Active (The Let’s Active retrospective continues, and I am reminded of the genius of Mitch Easter and company. Next time, I hear somebody talking about how “bad” music was in the 80s, I plan to put on Cypress and Afoot and put them to shame.)

“On My Way” by The Melodic (The Melodic are a Folk/Roots/Latin band from South London. This song came my way via a ANTI records sampler from Noisetrade).

“Look Around” by Callaghan (Callaghan is from Atlanta, GA.  Such an amazingly beautiful voice and sound. As I was listening to this, I had to detour through downtown Nashville via a different route, and this song provided a great soundtrack. Also via Noisetrade)

“Morning Gown” by T-Model Ford (A REAL DEAL Blues legend, T-Model Ford died last month at the age of… 94? He didn’t remember the exact date of his birth…)


“Stanley Kubrick” by Alvin Band from Rainbow Road (forthcoming 2013)

 Alvin Band hails from Phoenix, Arizona. They have a sampler out now on Noisetrade. Rainbow Road is due out August 20 and a complimentary record, Banshee Boardwalk will be released by the end of the year.  The song name drops the visionary director of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange etc.)

“Thrift Store Jesus” by Heath McNease from Thrift Store Jesus (2012)

Another one via Noisetrade – envision a painting of Jesus that resembles Richard Marx. Envision needing this Jesus to be there for you…. 


“Run Myself Into the Ground” by Jessica Lea Mayfield original version from Tell Me (2011) – this stripped down version from American Songwriter: The Best of American Songwriter Sessions (2013) via Noisetrade


Jessica Lea Mayfield has an affinity for 90s Rock and 70s/80s Bluegrass. Here at E2TG we support this unique juxtaposition of influences. It helps that she is one hell of a good songwriter.

“Flags for Everything” by Let’s Active from Cypress (1984)


Just put this song in your earhole and marvel…. whether you have loved Let’s Active for years or are just catching up, this is near-perfect music for an imperfect world.  RIP Faye Hunter….

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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – The Myth is This Mix

thanks to Pam Slavin for the image
Hey ho!  The weather here is near ideal – at least for late July in Tennessee, and so I am going to make it outside to enjoy… 
So I’ll make today’s post brief.  First off, several songs were not on YouTube and in at least one case, I couldn’t find any videos by the artist, so please check out (google and Facebook search work well) all of these artists/songs.
“Quando Quebra” by Valued Customer (another from Kalpa)
“Townsend, TN” by Royal Court of China (one of the Shakersish instrumental tracks on the self-titled debut)
“When You Loved Me” (Live) by Callaghan (A new Noisetrade “discovery” – such a stunning voice!)
“The Dive” by Peace of the South (a rock ‘n’ roll instrumental – with some Berryish guitar licks. A new South Carolina band who are “growing up in public”.)
“Rid of Me” by The Black Clouds (1st of 2 today by these NJ Grungy rockers)
“I Am Six Pounds of Dynamite” by Centro-Matic (Love this Texas band)
Next Song leads into the Shuffle:
“Systems of the Son” by Before the Brave (a San Francisco band – new folk revival stuff – pretty sweet song)
“Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (Stereo Movie Mix)” by Ramones (getting to be back to school time….)
“Alambrista” by Liquid Casing (another instrumental this one with free-jazz instrumentation and a killer progressive rock sound, too)
“Breathing” by The Black Clouds  (2nd of 2 by this band. Love this song!)
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