From the Woods to the Basement….

Due to circumstances blah blah blah…. no music shuffle this a.m.  Too bad, ’cause I added some cool new songs to the mix, but we’ll get back to it in the morning.  In the meantime, I wanted to take the opportunity to catch up something. First and foremost, something I should have written a week ago:

Sunday March 11, I headed over to The Basement where a mere $5 got me in the door. The Basement is literally the basement of Grimey’s New & PreLoved Music. I arrived about 15 minutes after the announced 7:00p.m. showtime, a woman wearing a leotard with face make-up and feathers in her hair and a guy also with make up and feathers but no leotard were on-stage not yet playing.   A decent crowd assembled (decent for a Sunday night show).  I was hoping to meet Matt from No Country for New Nashville, but unfortunately I never determined who he was.

Anyway, a while later the show started.  Without an introduction, the previously mentioned duo began playing.  It was a beat-heavy electro-pop dance music. Not my favorite genre of music, but the female singer had a good voice and the songs were pretty good. After the first song, the singer introduced herself, but I couldn’t really catch it.  I found out later (yes cluelessness is one of more charming features) that this was Casey Desmond who was on The Voice last season. From what I read later this was actually a ASCAP showcase for Ms. Desmond, and also apparently some other Voice contestant’s where in the small club, too.  Now, I have to say, unless Cee-Lo had walked in in full peacock regalia, I’m not sure I would have realized anyone from the Voice was there.  All in all, I’d have to give passing mark’s to Casey Desmond. It was fun, she’s (obviously) got a great voice, and the music had enough of an edge below the pop to keep my attention.

 Next up was Battle Ave. from upstate New York.   Battle Ave. on Facebook name their genre as Rat Punk, Noise Bambi, and Pastoral Epic. I agree and then some. For me, noisy bands can go either way.  Battle Ave. fall on the good side of the coin, and I think I know why.  First, they have a great rhythm section: Samantha Niss on Drums and Max Schwartz on bass. What they also have is a unique vocalist (Jesse Alexander) and Alexander and Adam Stoutenburgh make loud noises on guitar. I hate to use fun in two straight reviews, but it fits. I just had a great time watching this band, and I wanted to hear more which is telling because the band I came out to see was up next.

After Battle Ave., I moved up closer to the stage and prepared myself to be blown away.  Having absorbed The Amboys’ Led into the Wood EP and checked out some of their live performance videos, I had high expectations for this show. I was not disappointed!  The band, nay, the movement called The Amboys exploded and if a typically reserved Nashville audience didn’t dance and crowd the stage as one would hope, I can guarantee that everyone who was alive in the club was moving their feet. 
Look, I love The Amboys and they killed it. You get that right. As I watched the show, and yes thought about what I was going to write, I was reminded of my stated reason for writing this blog in the first place. Namely, that there is tons of great music out there and tons of music fans thirsty for great music, and the internet, for all it’s ubiquitiousness, can be a great tool, but it can also be overwhelming.  So, I hear music that excites me, and I write about it, and maybe somebody reads what I write and checks out the band. Cool. So, I’m writing this not just to tell you that I had a blast at The Amboys’ show, but to implore you, if/when you get the chance, go see The Amboys – ‘kay.  And if you do, and are as blown away as I think you will be, drop me a line and let me know – deal?
Epilogue: (Where the writer reveals his unhipster-like lameness): There were two other bands on the bill Goldrush and Andrew Leahey, but with a sick wife and child at home and having to get up post-daylight savings at an ungodly hour, I bowed out after introducing myself to the Amboys. I think they hung around so, ask them about those last two bands.