Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Downtown Mix

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Wow! There is beauty in sadness and rising life in the midst of decline.  It’s a great big amazing world if you can see past all the b.s. clouding your vision.  Life is hard but it’s only life, and everything is temporary, everyone is temporary.  

Exciting things happening here at Ear to the Ground, which I will be bringing to you soon.  In the meantime, we have an excellent shuffle to start off this possibility filled day….

Bob Dylan is 71 years old and he’s just released his 35th studio album, Tempest, his first since his 2009 Christmas in the Heart album, and it may be the best album he’s made in a number of years. Tempest debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Today, we have Long and Wasted Years.

Next we have some new music from one of our current Featured Artists and Band on the Month nominees. Florida trio Grounded have just released some new music in the form of a released called Sinlong Plethora.  Josh, of fellow Featured Artist – And the Giraffe mastered this collection.  Today we present, Fermentation a whisper to a scream type punk/metal ballad.  I don’t know if that description does the track justice, but it’s a good song.

Get Sinlong Plethora – Here

Next we have music from a Canadian duo called Vulture Kult. They’ve just released their second album called Don’t Let Rock N’ Roll Ruin Your Life and we have the lead off song from that album, Electric Medication a psychedelic sonic assault with some classic rock riffs – the band’s tag line is Rock rebooted for the 21st Century.  A bold statement, but the band seems to back it up.  It reminds me a little bit of the best of The Cult without some of the hippy excesses of that band (I loved The Cult – so don’t send hate mail).  I believe Vulture Kult draws from the same musical stream as Ian Astbury’s old band did and does their own thing with it.

And finally, we have some long awaited NEW MUSIC from Tom Tom Club. Chris and Tina and company are back with their ode to the music that made New York City great.  Downtown Rockers from the EP of the same name-drops all of those great NYC bands from old CBGB days.