Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Small Things Mix

(This is the 20th Anniversary of my having played this song on January 14th – Enjoy!)

And we are back…  Thanks for sticking around… hello?  Is there anybody out there? 

We have nifty little shuffle for a cold, damp, icy Monday morning = after the jump:

1.  Song: Train of Love  Artist:Johnny Cash Album: Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous (1958) –  (Johnny Cash, a train song – nice… always nice! – We actually listened to an early demo version of this song)

2.  Song: Missing Pieces  Artist: Jack White Album: Blunderbuss (2012) – (A great release from last year… Nashville based… awesomeness…)

3. Song: Fear   Artist: Benjy Ferree  Album: Come Back To the Five and Dime Bobby Dee, Bobby Dee (2009) – (D.C. based singer-songwriter, pretty sure this is a free download from Amazon when they offered daily free downloads, cool stuff, glad I got hold of it)
4. Song: Graduate  Artist: Chris Ayer  Album: Graduate (single – a-side) (2011) – (Singer Songwriter – Sanford Graduate – Video below is for another Chris Ayer song)

5.  Song: Slowdance (Bear in Heaven Remix)  Artist: Matthew Dear  Album: Slowdance EP (2011) – (song from electronic music-maker Dear as  remixed by Brooklyn rock band, Bear in Heaven – Video is for a different Remix – original song was on the album Black City) 

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