Tuesday Morningish Music Shuffle – Big Bird Mix

Hey Ho! Some days away and then some life events of the unexpected variety, but we are back with a music shuffle which was listened to this morning and also some bonus songs from this afternoon….  But which are coming at you at night.  Whatever, it’s all good music:

First of all, we have E2TG Band of the Month from August – Loner’s Society with a song from their self-titled release.  It’s I’ll Write the Sad Songs.

Here is a live performance from Loner’s Society

Aoede is a San Francisco duo who make some beautiful music.  Skeletons of the Muse is their fantastic album that was released in early 2012.  And Love Proof is the song we have featured today.


Don and Phil Everly recorded as The Everly Brothers and made some sweet, sweet music. Today, we have one of their hit songs, Bye, Bye Love.

And closing out  the morning portion of the shuffle, we have Harbor Lights from the King of Rock N’ Roll Mr. Elvis Presley.  The song dates back to the 1930s and was originally recorded in Polish.  So there.

This afternoon, we were able to shuffle again and came up with two more songs:
The first is a song by the late Chris Bell of Big Star fame.  His song I Am the Cosmos was released as a single in 1978 on Chris Stamey’s label.  Then, in 1992 it was included as the title track of a compilation of several of his 70s era solo songs.

And finally, we have a song from our friends, Cosmonauts.  Emily’s Surprise is part of the Daniel Raincourt saga.

Here’s a single with more of the saga.

And the video for Emily’s Surprise


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