Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Landing Craft/Search Party Mix

Here we go… the Olympics are over, the work week has begun again, and here I am ready to ease your transition with a tasty musical shuffle for a Monday morning.
When July had ended, we had over 80 songs left which we had added to our playlist, but which we had not been able to present to you.  So, this morning, we turn the way-back machine to a couple of weeks ago, and shuffle up the remaining songs added in July.  
First up, we have some perfectly obnoxiously cool punk rock sounds of Girl Scouts who are a band from the Philadelphia area.  We stumbled across them as we were digging around the Bandcamp site.  Superbowl Birthday Party is an fun track which you can check out using the Soundcloud widget below:

Next up, we dig deeper into the excellent Pure album from Nashville Rock supergroup, The Bluefields. Done features Dan Baird on vocals.


Here’s an early promo video of the band and the album

Next up, we have the classic song, Who’s Sorry Now recorded and released by Connie Francis in 1957 and is actually a cover of a 1920s song.  


And finally, we have a track from the new project of July Featured Artist, Brian Bergeron.  The band is called Mr. Kind, and their debut release is OK.  Today, we have Take Care from that record.


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