Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Stalagmite or Stalactite Mix

I am so tired today.  So, I am going to make it short, sweet, to the point, and hopefully interesting – because we have some great music today..

(part of my morning walk –
so you can imagine me as you are reading
and listening to the morning mix)



 I know it’s going to be a good morning mix when it begins with the inimitable Don Ryan.  What can you say about a guy who loves ICP, Townes, Pantera, Nickelback, and One Direction* and who makes great music that manages to not really sound like any of those artists*. 
*one of more of those listed may not belong…
“Top of the World” by Don Ryan (recorded live in the studio. It’s so good to be getting some new music from Don Ryan and company – looking forward to more.)
“Get in Line” by Ron Sexsmith (for some reason, I always get Ron Sexsmith and Charlie Sexton mixed up.  Musically, they are not similar so it must be the sex in the name.  I’ve always gotten mixed up when it comes to sex.)
“Piece of Peace” by Marla Mase (From Scream (Deluxe) – one of our favorite albums of the year)
“Pull My Coat” by Mark Robinson (from Have Axe – Will Groove – another favorite album of the year.  A great blues guitarist from (East) Nashville)
“Infatuation” by Dog Without Warning (from Bark – yet another of our faves – I love this song)


“Cloin’s Lament” by Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray from Live @ DC9 (11-13-12) (2013) originally on We’re From Here (2012)

One of the highlights of CXCW 2013 was the coast to coast submissions from Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray. Yuma Wray also won the Beardliest Beard Award.  Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray are heading out on tour.  Check out the dates and more goodies by heading over to Popa’s Tunes.

“Bowser’s Castle” by Alvin Band from Rainbow Road (2013)

Rainbow road will be released next week, but you can check out Bowser’s Castle and some other songs (old and new) via Noisetrade – using the widget above.

“Lifetime Prescription” by Mark Robinson from Have Axe – Will Groove (2013)


Don’t worry about refills… Another track from the awesome Have Axe – Will Groove album which features some of Nashville’s best blues artists.

“Flood” by Dog Without Warning from Bark (2013)

Dog Without Warning were one of my big take-aways from CXCW this year. I began featuring their Go Girl album.  When the band contacted me to give their new EP a listen, I was blown away.  Not only was this a huge change of direction, it was also an excellent record with some memorable songs.


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sofa Logic (or Couch Potato Wedge) Mix

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I support Marriage Equality.

 Need to be quick, so check out the YouTube playlist below for representative songs from all of our pre-shuffle shuffle artists.


By pure chance or divine intervention, all of the artists in our Morning Shuffle appeared in videos featured at CXCW 2013.

  • “Smells Like” by NOSE! from 12in12x12 Volume 1 (2013)
I somehow missed this band’s video for CXCW 2012 wherein the police were called-in for a noise complaint. For 2013, the band won the Least Dressed award for their video for “Truck Nuts” which was filmed in a bathroom with the band members dressed ever so modestly in towels. We have that video in our Playlist below.  The song today is from their Bandcamp release which can be widgeted above.  Did I mention they are from my hometown, Cookeville, Tennessee? Ah, now it ALLLLLL makes sense.

  • “Devil’s Rope” by Tim Lee 3 from Devil’s Rope (2013)
Next up is another CXCW band from Tennessee. Knoxville’s own, Tim Lee 3. We have the title track from an album you already own (you know you bought it after reading my review).  In case you missed it, the Amazon Link is just above this paragraph.

  • “Bites” by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Pretty Well Damned (2012)
There is all sorts of awesomeness going on in this song. Doo-Wop, a 60s Girl Group vibe, brass?…, and it all works out in a great song. We have the band’s CXCW 2013 video below and a link to the Amazon version of the current album above.
  • “Take it Back” by Tumbleweed Wanderer from So Long (2012)

San Franciso “Hair Folk” band Tumbleweed Wanderers complete our improbable, illogical and irrefutable CXCW-themed set of music with a song that it on both their 2011 self titled album and the above referenced 2012 release. We have a Living Room Sessions version of the song “Take It Back” in the playlist below.  Enjoy!


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Death-Defying All Odds Mix

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I hope you haven’t forgotten to check out Couch by Couchwest, but if you have, no worries. Unlike that other festival, you can go right now and get caught up. In a day and a few hours, we’ve already seen our friends: The Foresters, Kassy Key and the Raindogs ,and Cupla. Plus tons of bands who are new to us, but who we are digging on big time.  We hope to have some highlights up soon.

Today was a rainy day, a Monday and it was the first work day after Daylight Savings Time began. How do you improve on that? How about a killer playlist of cool music.

Today’s pre-shuffle shuffle included: The Avett Brothers, a triple shot of classic Elvis Costello, Delta Spirit, and The Dead Exs.  All of these songs are included (or represented in the You Tube Playlist embedded below. We have four songs in our actual shuffle today.  Check those songs out – after the jump:

  •  This is PiL by Public Image Limited from This is PiL (2012)

The title track from Public Image Limited’s first studio album in 20 years sounds about like you would expect. Your perception and tastes will determine whether that is a good thing or not.  As the title implies, the song is about the band. Johnny Lydon still sounds like Johnny Lydon.

  • “Summer ’78” by THEY KNOW from Reverbnation download (?) 

THEY KNOW are a couple of guys from Pennsylvania who I connected with through Twitter (I’m pretty sure).  “Summer of ’78” is a great sounding tune, and I look forward to checking out more of their music soon. We have a performance of a different THEY KNOW song in the playlist below.

  • “Hello Cruel World” by Gretchen Peters from CXCW12 Mixtape (2012)

Gretchen Peters is a two-time Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter who Nashville claims as our very own.  She performed the title track from her (then) brand new album for last year’s CXCW.

  • “Disorderly Boy” by Calicocat from Mighty Superfluous (2013)

Another Nashville favorite and a former featured artist at E2TG. Calicocat have called it quits after two and a half years. They leave behind and catalog impressive in it’s quantity and quality.  Might Superfluous is proof that the band left it all on the floor and we wish them all well in their future endeavors.

Now here is the playlist representing all of our pre-shuffle and shuffle shuffle songs: