Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Just Like a Bee Mix

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Greetings…. Let’s get right to today’s morning music shuffle… enjoy!

“Tip of My Tongue” by Dan Martin

To start things off, we have another great song from the album Hoka Hey by Oklahoma singer/songwriter Dan Martin.

“Magnet” by Punch Brothers

The Punch Brothers are the progressive bluegrass/modern classical band formed by Chris Thile in 2006.  “Magnet” is a track on their fourth and most recent studio album, The Phosphorescent Blues, which was produced by T Bone Burnett and released at the beginning of this year.

“Country Music, I’m Talking to You” by Darrell Scott

This pointed, timely, and truthful was written by the late Ben Bullington – a country doctor and songwriter who spent the last year of his life living out his dream of playing music. Darrell Scott recorded a tribute album called 10: Songs of Ben Bullington and released it earlier this year.  I was fortunate enough to attend the release show at City Winery Nashville which included an all-star cast each doing one song of Bullington’s as well as one of their own.  It was a wonderful celebration of song.  In the video playlist, we have a video Ben Bullington doing this song as part of a writer’s round at the Station Inn in Nashville. The round was a fulfillment of a dream for Bullington and featured Darrell Scott, Will Kimbrough, and Rodney Crowell.   We also have Darrell Scott’s version in the video playlist. 

“Can We Hear It?” by The Little Unsaid

The Little Unsaid are from the U.K.  This song is the lead single from their third album, Fisher King.  The band mixes folk, alternative, and electronic influences for a wonderfully unique sound.  John Elliott is the driving force behind The Little Unsaid, but the work is collaborative in nature.  This was my first listen, and I definitely want to explore more.

“Funeral For a Great Drunken Bird” by All Them Witches

From their 2014 album, Lightning at the Door.   Nashville based All Them Witches just released their latest album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, and they will be holding court for a two-night stand at 3rd and Lindsley this weekend.

“Wild Honey” by Webb Wilder

Speaking of Nashville artists who have just released new album, local legend and the last of the full-grown men, we have this naturally sweet song from Hybrid Vigor.  Be sure to check out Webb’s new album Mississippi Moderne. Hope to have some songs from that in the shuffle soon.

“Dusty Wingtip Shoes” by D.C. Bloom

I have had this song from Texas singer/songwriter D.C. Bloom in my playlist for a while, and it finally came up in my shuffle.   The song comes from his 2011 album New Man.  A great song from a great songwriter.

“Almost Home” by Sara Syms

We close out the shuffle with another track from Sara Sym’s brand new album, Way Back Home.  On this song, Syms shows off her vocal abilities with a song that mixes elements of blues and soul with a more traditional singer/songwriter style.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Lock the Door and Unplug the Phone Mix

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Be sure to check out my review of Drew Kohl’s new EP, Sweetheart.

When I hit shuffle this morning, there were 985 songs in my active playlist. Based upon statistical averages, the number of combinations for the first 10 songs to come up in a random shuffle of those songs, is… well, I don’t know, but it’s probably a pretty big number.  And yet, on any given shuffle, only one combination actually did come up, and here it is…

window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”; http://ps-us.amazon-adsystem.com/domains/eartothegro00-20_3dcd3a52-1a1a-4afe-a2fd-aaba8e251afc.js “N.Y.C.” by Human Radio

The recently reformed Memphis/Nashville band with a song from their self-titled album from back in the day. 

“Everything Blue” by Kansas Bible Company

Nashville via Goshen, IN horn-based rock and roll 12-piece with a song from their Dad’s Day EP.

“Sugah Daddy” by D’Angelo and The Vanguard

From the album Black Messiah… D’Angelo always makes my shuffles better.

“I Missed the Point” by Neko Case

From her third album, Black Listed… 

“Out the Door” by Hoodoo Gurus

From Blow Your Cool!  I don’t listen to Hoodoo Gurus as much as I used to, but every time I do listen, I am reminded again why they are one of my all-time favorite bands.

“I’ve Wasted My Time Getting Wasted” by Reckless Johnny Wales

Reckless Johnny Wales had probably forgotten more about Nashville music than most people ever knew.  He is larger than life – and in a previously incarnation he was a Music Row Executive who is a CMA Founding President’s award winner and who discovered and signed Faith Hill. In retirement, he reinvented him self as a folk/roots legend. Reckless Johnny has a new album coming out soon, and this is the first taste of it, but it definitely will not be the last.  Having met Reckless Johnny and heard some of his stories, I tend to believe that he writes from experience.

“No One’s Home” by  Gear Daddies

The Gear Daddies capture a period in my life almost as if they were watching me… I remember – in the days before cell phones and constant internet connections – being lonely and filled with ennui as only a young twenty-something can be… and choosing to combat my loneliness by unplugging my phone to further isolate myself from the world. It made sense at the time. Anyway, this song brings me back to those days.

“Handsome” by The Vaccines

For some reason, I always think The Vaccines are an old band from like the 70s or something. I don’t know why and it’s not really relevant. Anyway, I always like a shot of rock and roll added into my shuffles.  Handsome is the lead single from the brand new album by The Vaccines  which is titled English Graffiti. I like the song quite a bit.

“Where I Lead Me” by Townes Van Zandt

Taken from a 1973 live recording which I downloaded on the late singer-songwriter’s birthday.  This is a song from Van Zandt’s 1971 fourth album, Delta Momma Blues.

“The One I’m Still Thinking About” by Darrell Scott

We close things out today with a song written by the late Ben Bullington.  Darrell Scott’s latest album ’10’ features the songs of Bullington who was a country doctor and a songwriter who passed away from cancer a couple of years ago.  I was fortunate enough to attend a CD Release party which featured an all-star cast and which was a celebration of songs – Ben Bullington’s songs and the songs of the various performers – all songs Bullington would have loved.


Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Carburetor Mix

Why Carburetor? Why not?
So, the Black Keys played a secret show in Nashville and from I can tell people were racing around all over  town to try see them. With my luck, I probably would have ended up at an Are You Randy show.*  
*Obligatory Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist reference.
To the shuffle:
First up – It’s Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers doing Black Bottom Stomp  – from 1926.

Next, we have Nashville’s own Darrell Scott from his 2008 release Modern Hymns with a Paul Simon cover: American Tune .
We seem to be all about The Joy of Painting this week, as we dig deeper into their Asterisk album with the song, My Personality
Finally, we have our second cover to the morning, this time it’s Delta Spirit covering Tom Wait’s for a Daytrotter Session. Come on Up to the House is from Wait’s 1999 album Mule Variations.

 Delta Spirit’s Cover

 The Wait’s original

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The Best of Jelly Roll Morton: Piano Solo The Best of Jelly Roll Morton: Piano Solo
20 pieces from this popular jazz composer, including titles featured in the Tony Award-winning musical Jelly’s Last Jam. Includes: Billy Goat Stomp * Jelly Roll Blues * London Blues * Queen of Spades * Shreveport Stomp * and more.

Tom Waits on Tom Waits: Interviews and Encounters Tom Waits on Tom Waits: Interviews and Encounters
This autobiographical portrait of Tom Waits takes shape through a selection of more than 50 interviews. Starting with the first interview–on KPFK-FM’s “Folkscene” in 1973–Waits speaks out on a variety of topics and shares something truly unique with his readers. In a rap that is a synthesis of inflections–Louis Armstrong, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain, hobo, pool hall attendant, vaudevillian huckster, musicologist par excellence, and a fresh slathering of the organic word-ooze of William S. Burroughs–Waits comes across as well read, informed, and lucidly aware of current pop culture. He delivers prose as crafted, poetic, potent, brilliant, and haunting as the lyrics of his best songs.