Friday Afternoon Music Shuffle – What’s So Funny Mix

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I took the day off work and barely saw the morning….  so no traditional shuffle but I did run an errand earlier and shuffled a few tunes…. Plus I had some other things to share:

First off though, to me whether you are nuts for all things Christmas or a bit of a Scrooge, whether you are Christian or Pagan or whatever… I’d like to think the honest desire for true Peace is something all of us can agree on in principle.  So, if there is one message of the season that the world needs as much if  not more than ever, it is a message of Peace.  Ear to the Ground favorites, The Tomas Doncker Band have just released a bit of Christmas card in the form of a fantastic cover of the Nick Lowe song made famous by Elvis Costello.  “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding”.  Below is a link to the song.  We have also included a video of the song at the beginning of our Video Playlist.  If you Spotify, the song is also now streaming on that site.

Last night, I attended the Lockeland Springsteen Christmas show which served as a benefit for St. Jude’s.  It was a great show and a lot of fun.  Music was provided by Boom Forest, Elenowen, Blackfoot Gypsies, Cory Branan, and Alanna Royale.  Of course. I took pictures:

To the Shuffle:

“Frank is Gone” by David Olney

The Nashville Scene published a nice feature about the incredible guitar player Sergio Webb. The Video Playlist features a version of this song with David Olney and Sergio.

“Do Not Go Gently into that Good Night” by Dylan Thomas

Besides his amazing music, David Olney is known for his ability to offer amazing renditions of poetry. So it seems in good order to follow up, David Olney with Dylan Thomas reading one of his own poems.  Plus that is what the shuffle decided to do.

“Lemonade” by Megan Palmer

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about Wednesdays at Fran’s Eastside.  Among the special guests who have appeared over the weeks I have been a regular attendee as been the amazing fiddle playing of Megan Palmer.  Here is have a refreshingly tart treat from Ms. Palmer.

“Proud and Dangling” by Hugh Trimble

Hugh Trimble joins this abbreviated shuffle with a different version of the song that first turned me on to his music.

“Better Off Dead” by Stacy Mitchhart

And we close out the shuffle and the week with Nashville’s own Stacy Mitchheart doing a cover of a Bill Withers song.


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Shorter Days Mix

Welcome to Monday.  Had a great weekend, and now it’s time to face up to another work week.  Here is a fine, fine collection of music graciously presented by my cell phone’s music player on “Shuffle” mode.  A video representation of the shuffle is presented at end of the post…

“Shorter Days” by Heath McNease from Fort Wayne (Songs Inspired by the Film)


A great song for a cool, crisp fall morning… the days are getting shorter.

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This made me think of Douglas Coupland’s 1991 novel Generation X: Tales of an Accelerated Culture.  It also made me think about how much more accelerated our culture has become.  I dig this song – it made me think about stuff…

“Corner Girl” by Abigail Washburn from City of Refuge

Another great track from this album which I was lucky enough to find a thrift store a couple of weeks back.

“Tidbit” by The Black Jesuses from Black Jesuses

The Black Jesuses are a two piece Rock band from Asbury Park, NJ.  They are cool. Check them out.

“Tout Un Beau Soir en me Promenant” by Maria McKee from Evangeline Made: a tribute to Cajun Music

This is the second of Maria McKee’s two contributions to this Cajun Music tribute album.  The Video features a version of this song recorded by the archivist Alan Lomax. 

“Virgin” by Heyrocco from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville/Mom Jeans EP

Some fun grungy/punky music from the Deer Head Music Nashville Indie mixtape.

“Til’ the Seas Run Dry” by Dom Flemons from Til’ the Seas Run Dry”

Another great song from ex-Carolina Chocolate Drops member Dom Flemons.  This is from a recent NoiseTrade sampler. 

“Mister Stay at Home” by David Olney from When the Deal Goes Down

I could listen to David Olney all day long.  Another awesome track from his latest album, When the Deal Goes Down.

“Rock it Up” by Blackfoot Gypsies from Dandee Cheeseball

We close out with one of the funnest (sic) and best Nashville bands around today.  I crossed out Nashville not because they aren’t from here, but because I didn’t want to put any qualification on the statement that they are an extremely fun and excellent band.  A ripping track from their 2011 album Dandee Cheeseball.


Friday Morning Music Shuffle – What I Do Mix

It’s Friday!  Good time at  Year of October’s Nashville CD Release show for their new album Golden Days.  You can check it out and purchase HERE !

Let’s close out this work week in proper fashion with a nifty shuffle filled with cool tunes:

“Hammer and Nails” by Henry’s Rifle from The Entrée (a Built4BBQ Sampler)

We’ve had a few songs from the latest Built4BBQ Sampler this week.  There all really good.  Henry’s Rifle is one man, and I don’t think his name is Henry.  For one man, he makes a wonderful heap of noise. Raucous Country/Blues/whathaveyou. Check him out!

“Bright Morning Stars” by Abigail Washburn from City of Refuge

Taking this down and lifting things up simultaneously… a glorious song from amazing banjo virtuoso.

“From Now On” by Delta Spirit from Lost and Found/Into the Wide

I love Delta Spirit.  I saw them two years ago at Live on the Green – pressed against the barrier in front of the stage with about half the city of Nashville behind me (or at least it felt that way). They bring lots of energy and passion. 

“Little Bird (What I Do)” by David Olney from When the Deal Goes Down

I supposed the word artist gets thrown around pretty liberally and casually. Maybe when you are talking about David Olney you should capitalize it. Artist or ARTIST. Or maybe you should just say, Genius (but that gets used too often, too).  At any rate, this song really spoke to me this morning.  “Do what you do, and stop answering people who ask “Why?” We all have songs to sing – even if you can’t carry a tune (like me).

“You’re a Slave to Your Imagination” by Grant Peeples from Punishing the Myth

This one also spoke to me in much the same way.  I know for me, I don’t write because I want to or even because I think someone somewhere will want to read it… I’m not necessarily here of my own free will…. to paraphrase Rhonda from Fran’s…. two or three people will get that reference by the way, but I had to write it…  Oh yeah, and Grant Peeples is pretty much a genius, too, and I am not overusing the word when I say that.

“Ramblin On My Mind” (Robert Johnson Cover) by Left Lane Cruiser and James Leg from Painkillers

Left Lane Cruiser is from Indiana.  James Leg is from Texas. Robert Johnson came from Mississippi and legend has it, he sold his soul to the devil at a Crossroads in order to become the greatest bluesman of all time.  Some of the above it true, some is legend, and some… well I just don’t know, but two things I do know – Robert Johnson changed the course of American music – a change that is still be felt today, and this right here is a pretty bitchin’ cover.

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Frazey Ford is part of the awesome Canandian folk group The Be Good Tanyas.  She just released her second solo record this week, and we have a really cool track from that album in the shuffle today. 

“Just Like That” by Chris Carroll from Trouble and Time

Chris Carroll is a Canadian-born singer/songwriter currently based out of San Marcos, Texas.  Her music, at least this song, is soulful, bluesy, folky music. As you may know, I hate genre labels.  This is good music – another I grabbed from the September Feel Bad for You mixtape.  I will be seeking out more of her music.

“Sea of Light” by Sol Cat from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape  Nashville/Sol Cat

We close things out with some  Nashville music by way of the excellent Mixtape from Deer Head Music.  This is a groovy slice of Indie Pop heaven.  C’mon – it’s the weekend – let’s get groovy!


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Lost Some Kindness Mix

Well – we made it through another week of shuffles.  Let’s blow it out and go out and live our weekends… shall we?

Shuffle comes next:

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“The beating on the window can’t compare with the beating that I’m taking”

“Big Blue Hole” by David Olney from When the Deal Goes Down

We complete three days in a row with songs from the latest album by David Olney.  In the video mix is Mr. Olney reciting “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge – which as I mentioned yesterday that he performed at the beginning of one of his recent Happy Hour shows at The Five Spot in East Nashville.  If you dig it, which I think you will, there are more videos of David Olney reciting poetry available on YouTube.  Check them all out! 

“I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

My sentiments exactly.  I think this is the penultimate track from our survey of this live recreation of the first TMBG album.  It’s been fun, and I like using penultimate correctly because it makes me feel smart.

“Julie” by Darrin Bradbury from unreleased demos

I’ve knew a girl named Julie.  Actually, I’ve known and know a lot of girls and women named Julie in my life. None of them have anything to do with this song, so I’m not sure why I’m mentioning it.  I do need to say, that Darrin’s weekly Wednesday night gig at Fran’s Eastside Tavern keeps getting better and better.

“Bummer 1 Hit Single” by Darrin Bradbury from unreleased demos

“If it’s all right with you, I’d like to start this one off with a joke. Why’d the folk singer quit? I don’t know. I guess he was broke.” 

“This songs a bummer, let’s talk about summer…” 

“Breakfast Burrito” by Shabbadoo from Pajama

What’s better for a morning shuffle than a Breakfast Burrito?  I still find it amazing that so many amazingly talented people have been a part of my earthly experience.

“Pipes” by Vinyl Thief from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville

Vinyl Thief were our Band of the Month way back in July 2012 when we still had Bands of the Month.  Fun facts: Vinyl Thief are from Nashville, way back in 2012 we featured them in a post that also included Darrin Bradbury’s old band Big Wilson River, and they once played the summer kick off party for my friend Hayden Coleman’s food truck – Moovers and Shakers. All that and “Pipes” is cool song and is featured on the recent Deer Head Music Indie Mixtape which we have been spinning of late.

“When I Was a Boy” by Dar Williams from The Honesty Room

I know I say this quite often, but truly this is one of my all time favorite, favorite songs. The first time I heard this song, I literally cried.

“Land of 1000 Girls” by Scruffy the Cat from Time Never Forgets – The Anthology (’86-’88)/High Octane Revival

Switching gears rapidly and harshly, we have some delicious 80s music from this legendary Boston band.

“Heart of Texas” by Taco Land from Heart of Texas

This was the song that first introduced me to Taco Land  (this and their amazing over of the Bowie song “Five Years”).  It was good to hear it again when I got it as a Free Download for buying an “Audrey Strong” bracelet (proceeds benefit St. Judes).  Sending out positive thoughts to Joseph, Audrey, and the whole Russell and extended Taco Land family.


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