Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Guess My Name Mix

Well in terms of number of songs, this either is or is tied for one of the shortest shuffles in Ear to the Ground history.  I know – right!  An 8 and 1/2 minute song, another song just short of 8 minutes, and a 4 minute song leaves us with just 3 songs in the morning’s mix of music.

Let’s get to it – shall we?

“Athens Grease” by Phil Vassar (from his 2002 second album, American Child. This was the 4 minute song in our mix. An excellent modern Country song)

“Los Hell Raisers” by Dead Pop Stars Society (Part of the NYC Automatic Reaction collective, Dead Pop Stars Society the album and the band – is some pretty heady stuff.  The music uses a mad dash mix of heavy bass, prominent (and often extremely familiar) samples and an infectious groove.  “Los Hell Raisers” is the first single. It features a generous portions of samples from Sympathy for the Devil mixed with what I think is The Scorpions’ “Rock Me Like a Hurricane” – and probably more that didn’t stick in my conscious mind.  Give it a listen.  On paper, it’s not the kind of thing I would think I would like, but I do like it.  We’ll have links and videos at the end of this post.

and finally,

“Idiot Wind” by Bob Dylan (from his iconic 15th Studio album, Blood on the Tracks.

“Idiot wind blowing through the flowers on your tomb
Blowing through the curtains in your room
Idiot wind blowing every time you move your teeth
You’re an idiot babe
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe”


Our Brief Daily Video Playlist (via You Tube)

Plus the video for “Los Hell Raisers” which is on Vimeo


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – All Rise Mix

I was out of the office, so today’s shuffle comes from yesterday’s drive home.  and I have to make it quick.

Very quick…  JUMP NOW

We have some great songs in the mix today,and I wish I had more time to spend telling you about them.  Give a listen to the Video Playlist and check out our weekly Amazon Store.  Just a friendly note/reminder, if you order anything from Amazon through our Store, we get a percentage of the sale.  So if you need a million dollar home and if Amazon sells it, go through our store, please.

Today we have in semi-no particular order….  A song from The Blind Owl Band from New York, Another great tune from Kalpa by Valued  Customer from Toronto or something….  A couple from Beastie Boys off of Licensed to Ill, a song by the awesome Two Cow Garage, a Killing Kuddles songs, one by Marla Mase, Two by Tim Lee 3, a classic by True Believers, Dead Pop Stars Society, One from a UK band called False-Heads, one from Katey Laurel, a great song from Nashville band Clemency, one from Susan James, and a classic from The Box Tops.

Use the Widgets Below to get featured music from Valued Customer, False-Heads, and Dead Pop Stars Society

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – What’s Going On? Mix

You have to wonder… don’t you?

Ah….but it is a beautiful day in Nashville, and we have some music for you…

Jump to it….

We start the morning’s music by luxuriating in the amazing voice of Linda Ronstadt…

“Long, Long Time” by Linda Ronstadt from Silk Purse (1970)

“Wait for Love (Live)” by Josh Ritter from Live at the Iveagh Gardens (2011) (original version of the song is on The Historical Conquests of  (2007)

“Runaway” (Del Shannon Cover) by Shake Jack from their Zombie Girl EP (2013) (Some cool surf rock from Buenos Aires)


“Love Hate and 808s” by Dead Pop Stars Society from Dead Pop Stars Society (2013)





Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Adaptation Mix

Here at E2TG we are all about adapting to circumstances beyond our control. Most of our best ideas were born out of necessity…

With my earphones still on the fritz (although I’m suspecting it may be the earphone jack – which would suck since I’m just 10 months or so into a two year contract…), I decided to make some changes.

The first part of today’s mix came from a drive across town I took last night while the second part is from this morning’s commute.  It all washes out, and we have 12 great songs for your enjoyment and edutainment.

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“Ain’t No Sunshine” by Humming House (Humming House are a great Nashville band that recently added the amazing Leslie Rodriquez to their line-up – trust me, this is a very good thing.  This cover of the Bill Withers’ song, is from the pre-Leslie era, and a nice way to introduce the band.  E2TG trivia – our good friends Valued Customer also have a cover of this song)

“Stand Your Ground” by Killing Kuddles (from the fabulous Odd Man Out EP)

“Little Bit of White Trash” by Jeff Porter (great song – the video in the Playlist features Bob Walkenhorst who was in the great band, The Rainmakers)

“Lights On (Two Fresh Remix) by Bad Cop (former Featured Artist at E2TG – Bad Cop are rising stars out of the Nashville Indie scene. From the recent Jeffery Drag Sampler – the label was created by Bad Copy frontman Adam Moult.)

“Weird Weather” by Tim Lee 3 (Another great one from our Knoxville friends – “been some weird, weird weather hangin’ over my house.”)

“You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt (A classic by the amazing Ms. Ronstadt. Sending out all good thoughts and prayers to her (she recently announced her diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease which has left her unable to sing) – and lots and lots of gratitude for the great music she gave us.)

 “I See Red” by X (It is darn near impossible to listen to this song and not move your feet. One of the fastest songs on More Fun in the New World) – takes us into this mornings Music


After we concluded “I See Red”…

“XXXtra Dreamy” by Dead Pop Stars Society from Dead Pop Stars Society (due out tomorrow)


Dead Pop Stars Society  is the new collaboration between MF Rex and Salvador G, founders of NYC DJ crew Automatic Reaction. The entire album offers a relentless collection of mad beats, hyper-familiar samples, and some amazing sounds.  It’s a wild ride to be sure.

“Last Stop” by Black Jake and the Carnies from Watching, Waiting (2013)


Up next are our friends from Ypsilanti, Michigan with, Last Stop, a locomotive powered instrumental from their recent Watching, Waiting EP – one our favorites of 2013.

“Lincoln” by EdTang from Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner (2012)


I’m really getting into this EdTang record with the strange title, if you haven’t done so, please check it out.
“Dublin Blues” by Guy Clark from Dublin Blues (1995)

Ahhhhhhhhhh…. just a comfortably amazing song… – the video is from a legendary show recorded in 1995 at the Bluebird Café with Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, and Clark. 

“Squirm” by Marla Mase from Speak Deluxe (2013)


We close out this days music with Marla Mase doing Squirm – “Like a worm”