Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – The Pause That Refreshes Mix

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Had a good time hanging out at The Basement and watching Darrin Bradbury with Tim Carroll and Cameron Carrus wow the crowd…

To the shuffle…

window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”; “Chank-a-Chank” by The Big Happy

Thanks to my friend Too Much Country for including this song on the March Feel Bad for You Mixtape.  The Big Happy was a short-lived band that included the late great Billy Block who fought a courageous battle with cancer and passed away March 11.  The band also included Block’s wife Jill and the awesome Tom Mason and his wife.  The video comes from a performance at the Billy Block Remembrance and features one of his sons.   On a side note: as some one of Cajun descent, the term “Chank-a-Chank” really resonates – as does this song. 

“There is a Time” by Whiskey Shivers (feat. Kelsey Wilson)

Once again, Noisetrade comes through to expose me to music I’ve been missing without even knowing I was missing it.  Whiskey Shivers are playing in Nashville tonight at The End (and join an illustrious list of shows I have to miss – damn you Nashville and your abundance of live music choices!).  But, if you are not otherwise engaged, you should go and tell me all about it.

“(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville” by R.E.M.

“It’s not as thought I really need you. If you were here, I’d only bleed you.”  One of my all time favorite songs… Reckoning is such a great album!

“Trash” by Deer Tick

From Negativity – it was also part of a sampler put out on Noisetrade for the release of the new Diamond Rugs album which features John and Robbie from Deer Tick among a stellar cast. 

“(moments of connection)” by The Danbury Lie

The companion piece to “(scattered)” which we previously featured.  From Scattered Moments of Connection.  Clocking in at :22 seconds.  We take whatever The Danbury Lie we can get.  Speaking of which The Danbury Lie released this album in January, and they have already released another one called Choose Your Delusion which is in our mix.  The Danbury Lie are long time #E2TG faves and if you haven’t you should definitely check them out.  They are part of the small but growing Connecticut faction of Ear to the Ground favorites. 

“Koka Kola” by The Clash

“Elevator! Going Up!”  from London Calling. “It’s the pause that refreshes in the corridors of power When top men need a top up long before the happy hour
Your snakeskin suit and your alligator boot You won’t need a launderette, you can send them to the vet!”

“Demon Called Deception” by Grant Lee Buffalo

from the band’s 1994 second album, Mighty Joe Moon…  This was an excellent thrift store find from this past weekend!

“Walking Out on Love” by Paul Collins’ Beat

From the debut album by seminal power pop band The Beat who later become Paul Collin’s Beat to avoid confusion with the UK band The Beat who were billed as The English Beat in the U.S. for the same reason [edited] and to avoid a threatened lawsuit by the American The Beat’s record label.  The two bands recently toured together recently playing on the coincidental name similarities. [end edit] This The Beat was formed by Paul Collins after the breakup of The Nerve and the short-lived The Breakaways which featured Collins and Peter Case.  This song was originally performed by the Nerve and originally recorded by The Breakaways before ending up on this album.  Green Day made the song part of their Broadway musical American Idiot.

“You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon

From Graceland and famous for the music video featuring Simon and Chevy Chase.  I have a story to tell about this song… a little while back, I went to the weekly open mic at Jed’s Sport’s Bar hosted by Lightning 100.  I was there to help celebrate my friend (an incredible singer/songwriter) Jon Latham’s birthday.  After Jon played the last song of the night (which was amazing), this song came on over the P.A. and an unrehearsed, totally spontaneous “flash mob” broke out.  It was a sight to see.

“Standing in the Doorway” by Soul Asylum

This song, from Hang Time, probably ranks high on my top list of favorites songs to air guitar in front of the mirror to…

“Nowhere” by Jeremy Gluck/Robert Coyne

Just when you thought, I’d forgotten your daily doses of Memory Deluxe…  Two things:  1. I repeat the shuffle picks which songs come up and in what order.  2. I really do have 750 songs in the active playlist and only about five left from this awesome album.  

As always support all of the artists you love in whatever way you are able… buy music, go to shows, buy merch, spread the word throughout social media.  There are tons of great artists out there, and most of them are doing for love but could use some money.  Peace out!


Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Poorer Every Day Mix

So, Nashville is getting a lot of hype these days… East Nashville more specifically.  Is it deserved or not? I’ll let someone else answer that deep and complicated question. However, what I will do, is tell you just a bit about one particular night in East Nashville (last night to be specific), and I will let you process this information how you will….

The night began with David Olney in his penultimate* Happy Hour show at The 5 Spot opening his show with an incredibly awesome recitation of Kubla Khan, and the night ended (almost) about six hours later at Fran’s Eastside with Tim Carroll and Darrin Bradbury doing a version of Freebird that made me a fan of that song (or at least a fan of their version).

We have a mixed bag of cool tunes in today shuffle, so let’s do it!

“A Woman or the Blues” by Curtis Salgado from Alligator Records: 21st Century Blues and Roots/Soul Shot

Life is about choices… you choose or life chooses for you…

“Runaway” by The Freaky Baby Daddies from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen – Section 5/Free Download

Diving back into the Mama Coco’s stash with some funky grooves.

“The Dream’s in the Ditch” by Deer Tick from Negativity

The Rhode Island based band with song from their most recent album Negativity.

“Bring on the Rain” by Heather Powell from Believe it to Life

Some gorgeous soulful sounds from the True Groove stable.

“The Action” by Little Village from Little Village

More from this 90s pre-Americana supergroup.

“Rhythm Section Want Ad” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

I hope you are enjoying this revisiting of TMBG’s first album as much as I am.

“Alienation’s for the Rich” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

It’s a great day for TMBG, let’s play two.

“Outro” by Tipi Valley from Blue Moon EP

We close out the latest from our friend Tipi Valley with the brief final track from this EP.  Waiting patiently for the next record.

“O, Ma Chere Tite Fille” by Ann Savoy Feat. Linda Ronstadt from Evangeline Made: a tribute to Cajun Music

Ann Savoy is a Virginia transplant who married a Cajun musician and has become a Cajun artist herself. Linda Ronstadt is Linda Ronstadt.

“White on White” by Haunted America from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen – Section 5/A-side of Single

We close out today’s shuffle with more awesome music from the fine folks at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen.


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Beautiful and Stoned Mix

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Okay… first of all – have you seen this?!


I need to acknowledge that two of the most badass rock and rollers share a birthday which happens to be today.  Now, I know that I don’t often acknowledge birthdays, but the combination of the shared birthday with the utter badassery represented… well I had to. So Happy Birthday to Matthew Hendershot of the The End Men, and Greyson Anderson of Dogs of Oz.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know The End Men, but if you joined us with the last several months, you may have missed out on Dogs of Oz – so here is a aural/visual reminder of each of the bad ass birthday boys. 

Also, as a birthday gift for Matthew (and The End Men)… why not head over to the GTR Store website to help The End Men when a whole bunch of cool stuff plus an slot at Mountain Jam 2014 in Woodstock, NY.

Whew… now we still have a Shuffle to put on…  Jump

We have a pretty nifty collection of songs today… so check it.

“Westbound 49” by Darrin Bradbury

“Heavy Metal Drummer” by Wilco

“Fragile We Are Castles” by Gumshen

“Do You Wanna Hold Me?” by Bow Wow Wow

“Mrs. Wurley” by Humming House

“Dirty Dishes” by Deer Tick

“Dime Store Mystery” by Lou Reed


Another stellar song from Darrin Bradbury from his Demos album.

“I sincerely miss those heavy metal bands
I used to go see on the landing in the summer” –

I honestly don’t know a whole bunch about Gumshen except they came to us via James at IMP. Their new album (due out February 11) is called Progtronica.  As the album title suggests, the music mixes elements of Prog rock with Electronica and other influences and wraps it up in a highly original package that delivers… um I think I lost the metaphor somewhere along the way.  Anyway, the track today is mostly an extended Rock instrumental with Electronica thrown in, and it ends with simple, ethereal vocals reminiscent of Pink Floyd.  Anyway, it’s cool – so check them out.

I confess… when I was 16 or so, I really dug Bow Wow Wow. And… I still do. It’s melodic and fun… what’s not to like.

The shuffle closes out with a song from Lou Reed’s landmark and groundbreaking 1989 album, New York.


Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Heavy Metal Drummer Mix

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Good morning – er afternoon.  After two days of Non-Shuffles, I turned the Shuffle mode back on and came up with some songs to get us through the last day of the work week…

Pre-Shuffle:  We started things off with another track from the fantastic self-titled EP by The Foresters – a track called “Alone”.  Next, we had a fun little triad of songs which featured two more songs from The Lucky Jukebox Brigade’s album Pretty Well Damned.  In between, “Taffy” and “Carnivultures”, we had Sinatra’s version of Gershwin’s classic Someone to Watch Over Me.  It was really cool how well those three songs worked together.  We closed out the pre-shuffle with a track from Odd Man Out, the Killing Kuddles’ album we reviewed on Wednesday

Coming up after the JUMP, we have a shuffle which includes two cover songs and an Arrested Development reference…

  • “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand” by Bridge Under Fire from Why Wait? (2012)/The Appetizer Built4BBQ sampler (2013)

We have a second song from the Syracuse punk band Bridge Under Fire from The Appetizer sampler put out by the good folks at Built4BBQ. The song named after a memorable quote from the cult (and soon to be revived) television series Arrested Development, is the last song on the band’s 2012 album, Why Wait?

  • “Unwed Fathers” by Deer Tick feat. Liz Isenberg from Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine (2010)


A great cover by some cool folks from Rhode Island off of an absolute “must-have” tribute album which came out a few years ago.  In our playlist below, we have a live version of Deer Tick perfoming the song plus as a bonus, we have Prine himself with the awesome Carrie Rodriquez performing the song. 

  • “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by You and Me from You and Me (CD 2013)
We close out with our friends Val and James of You and Me with a soulful take on the classic Dylan tune. 




Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Funky-Ass Car Mix

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If you haven’t yet, and are eligible to, please vote tomorrow.

We have a whopping six songs in today’s shuffle – so let’s get to it!

If Rhode Island and Alt-Country don’t make much sense to you, then you need to familiarize yourself with Providence band Deer Tick, and it will all become clear.  I, myself, was late coming into the Deer Tick fold, but I’ve been hooked ever since that first listen.  Today we open up a jam packed music shuffle with the opening song from the band’s debut album – War Elephant.  The song is Ashamed

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit are like an unstoppable force. Their album Here We Rest was one of the best albums of 2011.  This time, we go back a couple of years to the predecessor – the self-titled album was the first to feature the  400 Unit.  Today, we have Soldiers Get Strange.

All Mod Cons by The Jam is consistently one of my favorite albums of all time. It was released thirty-four years ago this past Saturday, and man oh man does it hold up well.  Today we have the second song on the album To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time).

Elizabeth Cook was born in Wildwood, Florida.  Today, we have a song from Welder her critically acclaimed Don Was produced album which was released back in 2010. The subject of this song is the Chevy vehicle which helped me to get a letter to the editor published in the original print edition of Film Threat magazine.  In case you weren’t aware, the El Camino has appeared in an incredible number of motion pictures over the years. The list is too long to mention, but if you watch movies with an eye out for the car/truck thing, you will begin to notice a trend.  Anyway, Elizabeth Cook’s song is really good.

Detroit Rapper Danny Brown released a non-album single earlier this year.  Grown Up has a sweet, nostalgic bent to it.  It’s good stuff.

And we close out this long set of music with the opening track off The Plimsouls second album, Everywhere At Once.  Shaky City highlights the band’s signature brand of power-pop. 



The New Avett Brothers album, The Carpenter is $5.99 today only at Amazon:


Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Questionable Mix???

Well, there is nothing questionable about the songs in today’s shuffle. Once again, I did not have to walk up the hill into the office, hence I did not actually get to listen to today’s shuffle… I decided to hit up my kind of Hall of Fame playlist again today.  Yesterday’s shuffle had a decidedly political theme to it.  I’ll leave it to you to extract a theme from today’s shuffle.  Theme or not, though, it’s a truly great mix which will hopefully lead some readers to discover or rediscover some great songs. 

First up is the opening track from Minneapolis post-punk/alt-rock band Soul Asylum’s major label debut, Hang Time. Down On Up To Me remains a personal favorite.  I had the good fortune to see Soul Asylum twice in the early 90s.  


I can’t believe I couldn’t find Down on Up to Me on YouTube,  but here is another song from Hang Time:

Next up we have a Traditional American Folk song which was made famous by the iconic Lead Belly in the early part of the 20th Century.  The version of Goodnight, Irene in today’s shuffle is by Les Paul (the inventor of the solid body electric guitar) and his then wife and collaborator, Mary Ford.  “sometimes I take a great notion to jump in the river and drown” 
Here is Deer Tick’s version of the  song

I don’t know how many time’s this song has come up in shuffles since I began writing Ear to the Ground, but don’t expect me to stop featuring it anytime soon.  Son of a Preacher Man  by Dusty Springfield from her amazing Dusty in Memphis album.

Next up we have a 1993 cover of a 70s era Village People song, Go West. Pet Shop Boys recorded the song for their 1993 album, Very. We have the Pet Shop Boys version in the shuffle today.

Here is the original version

Finally we have another cover, that many people do not know is a cover. Lost Highway which reached my teenaged, punk rock brain via Jason and the Scorchers’ version from the 80s.  The song’s most famous version (and the one often credited as the original was recorded in 1949 by Hank Williams.  Leon Payne actually wrote and first recorded a year earlier.



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Ill Communication Mix

“Well never mind, we are ugly but we have the music.” – Leonard Cohen
And we go Marching on into a new month.  I loaded my first songs of the new month last night, and thus have a brand new playlist from which to shuffle.  Shall we?
Riceboy Sleeps is the title of an album by Jonsi (Sigur Ros) and Alex Somers.  It is also the title of this soundcloud discovery dedicated to the pair.  Riceboy Sleeps, the song, is by Jonas Obermuller, a young German composer and sound designer.  You can check it out and download by using the player below: Riceboy Sleeps (a tribute to Jónsi Birgisson & Alex Somers) by Jonas Obermüller

  (to check out the album by Jonsi and Alex Somers click the adjacent picture)

Next we have City Lights by  Radio Moscow an Iowa-based Psychedelic Blues band. The song comes to us via Popa’s Tunes and is off of the band’s 2009 Brain Cycles album.

(to check out Brain Cycles by Radio Moscow – click the pic to the left)

Next, I stumbled upon a cool Leonard Cohen cover last night.  It’s Chelsea Hotel as covered by Nashville’s own Lambchop.  It’s on the intriguing 2011 Leonard Cohen tribute album which you can check out by clicking the pic-link below:

(Leonard Cohen by En Boca De – which features k.d. lang, Jackson Browne and others )

Next, we have a song for triskaidekaphobes everywhere…. it’s Rhode Island’s own Deer Tick doing Friday XIII from their 2009 Born on Flag Day album.

(Born on Flag Day by Deer Tick @

Jolene Song is on Taco Land’s Heart of Texas album, but all credit here goes to Joseph Russell’s young daughter.  Beautiful.

(Heart of Texas by Taco Land)

Finally we have a solo track from Indigo Girl Amy Ray. The song is on 2008s Didn’t It Feel Kinder.

(Didn’t It Feel Kinder by Amy Ray)

We grabbed the song and others from Noisetrade (See widget below)

Affiliated Links:

Jónsi Jónsi
We believe it is important to preserve what makes music special, and make it easy to craft listening experiences. At MOG, browse millions songs and play them instantly. Or just turn on radio where you can stop and replay songs. You can also create playlists for any occasion, and even download songs to your mobile. We are dedicated to employing the cleanest but most powerful technology so you can enjoy music as much as ever.

Deer Tick Deer Tick
We believe it is important to preserve what makes music special, and make it easy to craft listening experiences. At MOG, browse millions songs and play them instantly. Or just turn on radio where you can stop and replay songs. You can also create playlists for any occasion, and even download songs to your mobile. We are dedicated to employing the cleanest but most powerful technology so you can enjoy music as much as ever.

Indigo Girls/Rites of Passage Indigo Girls/Rites of Passage
This Indigo Girls “two-fer” from Sony Legacy features the duo’s eponymous 1989 record and 1992’s Rites of Passage. For most listeners, their first introduction to the music of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers was 1989’s smash single “Closer to Fine,” and while f