Did You Know? Featured Artists for August Edition Vol. 2

Did you know….

The Danbury Lie:
…had their song Morbid Becoming featured on the CTIndie Summer Mix Tape D60.

Pony Boy:
is neither a pony or a boy. Nor, do they, do my knowledge have any official affiliation with C. Thomas Howell. They do make some really awesome music.

Rooftop Runners:
are brothers Tobias and Benedikt MacIssac.  Benedikt is a choreographer and Tobias is a dancer. They are based in Berlin, but come from Canada, and are currently (or at least recently) playing some shows up there.

…is the name of another band that (due to extreme near negligence on my part) almost ended up a Featured Artist without my even having heard them.  Gratefully, I caught my error in time. The featured Sirs are from Chicago and are working on some new music.

And now, a video-treat!

Did You Know? Featured Artists for August Edition Vol. 1 (Updated)

Did you know….?*

The Holograms:
 …. are the result of a collaboration between Wade Walker and Galen Wade (who is a great supporter of this blog) who got together via Soundcloud.

 Traverse The Skies:
front man, Jeremy Hatch likes long walks on the beach and animal videos on Youtube (per his Twitter account and people don’t lie on their Twitter profiles!).

…is Irish for twins, Bob and Bill McAloney formed the band, and they are twins.

Loners Society:
front man, Matt Megrue was previously a member of a band called Usual Suspects. There are literally dozens of bands with Facebook accounts called Usual Suspects or The Usual Suspects.  The majority of these bands are not the band that Matt Megrue was a member of. Update: My bad, Matt was actually a member of the Unusual Suspects which explains why he wasn’t in any of the band’s I looked up…

The Imperial Rooster:

…lists as band members as:  Cootie LeRoux, Nat King Kong, Tennessee Skilly McGee, Khorn Syrup, Lulu Lotus Cornblossom, Dusty Vinyl.

…have some new music coming out soon, recently had an “adventure” on the road and has some awesome artwork associated with their story/records.

And now a Video-Extravaganza

and since The Holograms don’t have a video (as far as I know)

Featured Artists (July) – Did you know? Part B

Did you know….

…that I do not have any formal training in music blogging?  Unlike like all those other Music bloggers you see on the web, I never went to school to become a music blogger… Interesting isn’t it?

…that I still get excited when a musician likes my posts or friends me or retweets? I’m still pretty star-struck sometimes, and that includes you – cause, you’re a star in my book!

…that featured artist Francis Bowie released a new song yesterday? It’s called It’s hard to see… and we have it here.

…that featured artist The Shake have broken up… best to them for what comes next.’

…that featured artist Vinyl Thief played the Summer Kick-off for Nashville’s best shake and soda food truck – Moovers and Shakers. Cool on so many levels!

…that featured artist Wolf and Cub have two drummers, have been around for about ten years, and are on 4AD Records?  Now you do.

…that featured artist FallsStart posted a new song to their ReverbNation account?  And lo and behold, it is Happy Song which was our first and so far only Ear to the Ground Mystery Song of the Day!

Featured Artists (July) – Did you know?

Did you know….

…that sometimes, I obsess over whether a particular band or artist is “too famous” to be a Featured Artist?  (As if! I know, I know Radiohead and Black Keys etc. are dying to be named Featured Artists on Ear to the Ground!)

…that the listed order of the Featured Artists is completely arbitrary!

…that Featured Artists Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross will soon be releasing some music on Moscow, Russia based Singapore Sling Tapes? It’s called Binary Execute Now and here’s the band’s description of what to expect.

Lawrence Welks goes beyond the iron curtain, releasing B.E.N. with comrades in Moscow.  How fitting for an album focused on 9/11, computers, nuclear fall-out, the illuminati, the apocalypse, and mostly with palindromes.  We’re so pumped and here’s a picture that shows it!

…that Featured Artist Brian Bergeron has a new band called Mr. Kind, and that they are in the running for Band of the Month on the SF edition of Deli Magazine?  You can vote here for Mr. Kind – the poll is on the right sidebar.

…that Featured Artists Justin and the Salty Dogs are from Chicago? And that Chicago apparently has some connection to the Blues? Who knew?

…that Featured Artists Big Wilson River have a quote from Ear to the Ground favorite Don Ryan on their Facebook page?  And that the said quote contains contains the word f**k? Surprising coming from Don Ryan? You bet… 😉

…that Featured Artists The Raindoggs have a new lead singer.  Kassy Key will be joining the band on an upcoming tour.  Can you say Nashville please?  They also have an awesome podcast that you can download from Itunes.