E2TG Dustin’ off Cobwebs…. Part I

Ug.. it’s been a month or more since I posted… due to circumstances yada yada…

I hope to be back up to full speed ahead soon, but I need to dust off the cobwebs to share some things – some long overdue. 

First of all – time is getting short (and I’m talking you bands and artists):  CXCW ’14 runs March 9-15, 2014 – location to be determined by you.  There is still time to submit you video – check out the details here:  Couch by Couchwest 2014

Jump —-


On February 14, still relatively new Nashvillian, Darrin Bradbury released his full length – True Love.  Previously, I’ve called Darrin the best pure songwriter I’ve heard in a long, long time. True Love solidifies that claim, and if I must say, makes me look damn prophetic.   Give it a listen, download, and name a good price.

If that wasn’t enough, just five days after the release of True Love, the prolific Mr. Bradbury released a live album produced by Spader Music.

Next up, I have a big congratulations to send out to E2TG favorites Miss. Shevaughn and Yuma Wray who officially became Mr. and Mrs. Shevaughn-Wray.  Kidding about the name, but they Erin and Chris did tie the knot and will be embarking on a humongous honeymoon tour that will take them coast to coast – which is what they like, and includes a return trip to Nashville later this month.

In fact, the Nashville date March 25 happens to correspond to the release date of the highly anticipated new album, Lean into the Wind which will be released on Seven Dead Arson Records.  Here are a couple of tracks from that album. 

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In other news, the new Taco Land album is due out soon  between writing and posting – I saw that Home Sweet Home is out now!, and we have a preview of the title track for you:

Next: It’s been a little since we heard from Ear the Ground Featured Artists – Dogs of Oz, but they are back with a new single ahead of one of the band’s long anticipated full-length album.  The single is out on Cassette and Digital Download from Unruly Factions.  Get it HERE and take a listen below:

I got to hang out with and see E2TG friends, Year of October (look for a new album from them in the summer.  They are sounding better than ever and I can’t wait for the album.  On the bill that night were a rocking Nashville Blues/Rock band called The Static Trees who sounded great and did a pretty sweet Stones’ cover (“Shake Your Hips” from Exile on Main Street), and a folksy/americanaish Murfreesboro band called Island Wren who are awesome and just released an EP called Fountain which you can get from iTunes and other places.

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Beautiful and Stoned Mix

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Okay… first of all – have you seen this?!


I need to acknowledge that two of the most badass rock and rollers share a birthday which happens to be today.  Now, I know that I don’t often acknowledge birthdays, but the combination of the shared birthday with the utter badassery represented… well I had to. So Happy Birthday to Matthew Hendershot of the The End Men, and Greyson Anderson of Dogs of Oz.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know The End Men, but if you joined us with the last several months, you may have missed out on Dogs of Oz – so here is a aural/visual reminder of each of the bad ass birthday boys. 

Also, as a birthday gift for Matthew (and The End Men)… why not head over to the GTR Store website to help The End Men when a whole bunch of cool stuff plus an slot at Mountain Jam 2014 in Woodstock, NY.

Whew… now we still have a Shuffle to put on…  Jump

We have a pretty nifty collection of songs today… so check it.

“Westbound 49” by Darrin Bradbury

“Heavy Metal Drummer” by Wilco

“Fragile We Are Castles” by Gumshen

“Do You Wanna Hold Me?” by Bow Wow Wow

“Mrs. Wurley” by Humming House

“Dirty Dishes” by Deer Tick

“Dime Store Mystery” by Lou Reed


Another stellar song from Darrin Bradbury from his Demos album.

“I sincerely miss those heavy metal bands
I used to go see on the landing in the summer” –

I honestly don’t know a whole bunch about Gumshen except they came to us via James at IMP. Their new album (due out February 11) is called Progtronica.  As the album title suggests, the music mixes elements of Prog rock with Electronica and other influences and wraps it up in a highly original package that delivers… um I think I lost the metaphor somewhere along the way.  Anyway, the track today is mostly an extended Rock instrumental with Electronica thrown in, and it ends with simple, ethereal vocals reminiscent of Pink Floyd.  Anyway, it’s cool – so check them out.

I confess… when I was 16 or so, I really dug Bow Wow Wow. And… I still do. It’s melodic and fun… what’s not to like.

The shuffle closes out with a song from Lou Reed’s landmark and groundbreaking 1989 album, New York.


Friday Morning Music Shuffle – A Ordinary Day Mix

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Well, we’re still and here and hopefully you are, too. How about some seriously cool tunes to celebrate the continued existence of this world which is clearly broken but still capable of awesome beauty when it puts its mind to it.

 Quick summary of voting in our Band of the Year Poll.  Total Votes: 534

Currently leading: The Disappointment Skeletons in the Piano
Currently 2nd:  Skeletons in the Piano The Disappointment -7
 Currently 3rd: The Great American Novel -31

Voting continues until 11:59:59 on December 30 cause even I am not music nerd enough to be checking results on New Years Eve* 

*okay actually I am, but I don’t want you to know that.

 Shuffle after the jump:


Another long set which covered by drive from home and my walk up the hill from the parking lot.  First here is a widget with clips from many of the featured songs:

 Now the official shuffle:

Bob Dylan – Song for Woody from Bob Dylan
The Rolling Stones – The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man from Out of Our Heads
Jason and the Scorchers – Far Behind from Lost and Found
Steve Earle – Down the Road from Guitar Town
The Practical Stylists – In the City (Jam Cover) from Covers ‘n Crap (via Nashville80srock.net) *Alternate songs used for Clip widget and Video

Dogs of Oz – On Her Marigolds from Pistols and Radio Signals *Not on Clip Widget
Hank Williams – Ramblin’ Man from 40 Greatest Hits
Husker Du – Something I Learned Today from Zen Arcade
Bob Dylan – Girl From the North Country from The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9)
The Velvet Underground – Cool it Down from Loaded
Sondre Lerche – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (Owen Pallett Cover)  – *Download Only* *Owen Pallett original used for Clip Widget


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – 47 Percent Elegance Mix

Man you guys, I think I need an intern or something.  I mean if Kramer could have an intern, I could – right?  So much goodness going on – Our good friends, The Dead Exs dropped their sophomore album, Relovolution, while we were AMAing, and we are going to have a lot to say about this one.  Cosmonauts are just a week away from unveiling the video to the song they recently debuted and which we had in the shuffle yesterday, Cold Harbor. The Disappointment have a new video, we just heard a killer new song from Dogs of Oz. There is new music out or coming soon from The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Band of Horses, John Hiatt and just about everybody else.  We made some good contacts at the Americana to-do, and some big things are coming for little ole us.  So of course, by nbl (non-blogging life) is also exploding and time become a precious commodity, but it’s all good.

Our shuffle today features two artists we saw live last week plus a song from the early 2000s and a relatively new song that sounds like an old song…  Let’s jump into the shuffle:

First up we have Leeds’ own, The Dunwells, who we saw last Thursday at Live on the Green with I Could Be A King off of their debut record, Blind Sighted Faith.

Up next, we have a retro-sounding fuzzy guitar-driven, Garage Rock song called Driven by Love from the band 45 Spider which comes from Supercharged Sounds (the 8th Volume of the Best of GaragePunk Hideout) which came out in July. 

Next, we have the debut single by California ska-punk band OPM from way back around the turn of the century. Heaven is  Halfpipe promises skating after death. The debut album was called Menace to Sobriety (see what they did there?)

And finally, we have another song from the fantastic Marvin Country! album by Marvin Etzioni who at The Station Inn in Nashville along with his Marvin Country! String Quartet. I had the chance to talk briefly with Mr. Etzioni, and hope to have the opportunity to have a longer chat with him soon.

Don’t Forget Band of the Month Poll Closes Saturday!


To help you decide – Here are the top five so far!

Tied for 5th Place 

Tipi Valley


And Big Mosey

3rd Place

Skeletons in the Piano

2nd Place

Jo Wymer/Jo Wymer Band

and leading going into the stretch

Killing Kuddles

Also send some love and votes to the rest of the featured artists

Shayfer James
The Riverbreaks
Elephant Goes West 
Dogs of Oz

And I totally suck so bad.  I just realized that I left Dean Fields off the Band of the Month Poll.  I am so sorry, and why didn’t anyone tell me this!!!!!
I am going to add him to the July Band of the Month Poll!

Speaking of which I’ve about narrowed down the ten Featured Artists for July, and it’s a great group – so stayed tuned.

As way of an apology here’s a Bonus Dean Fields Video:

Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Week 2 Mix

It’s Friday, and I am back to work…
We have a shuffle from our Featured Artists for June.  I hope you enjoy:
First up is the lovely and whimsical Theme from “Everytown” from the Whirling Dervish E.P. by Elephant Goes West. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect that “Everytown” is located in the general vicinity of Tangle Town.
http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=4121733150/size=grande3/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/ Next up we have a track from Nashville-based Punk Rockers, Dogs of Oz.  To the Bone is the final track off the Pistols and Radio Signals E.P., we’ve featured the video before, but it’s worth repeating. 
Finally, we have That Song , yes, I mean, That Song, which is from Killing Kuddles from his Waking Up Older E.P. – I love this song, and I think you will, too.
I couldn’t find a video for That Song, but you can listen to the track using the bandcamp widget above. Meanwhile we have a video for another Killing Kuddles song.

Affiliated Links:

Welcome to Everytown: A Journey Into the English Mind Welcome to Everytown: A Journey Into the English Mind
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