Wide Open Wednesday Shuffle – Summertime Thing Mix

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Trying a new thing here at Ear to the Ground…. every Wednesday (or at least this Wednesday… or maybe some Wednesday’s) I am going to Shuffle up all the songs in my phone’s memory and see what happens…  Usually, the Morning Shuffles come from a playlist called “Current Stuff” which includes… well current stuff and basically all the recent adds plus some random stuff to keep things interesting.  Songs are moved off of the playlist as they are featured and new music is added all the time (as memory allows).  Beyond that playlist, I have approximately 4,000+ songs stored in my phone at any given time. As you might expect, it’s a weird collection of some really interesting music that I’ve collected in various ways over the years.  I have to say, the fact that Mary Gauthier and Chuck Prophet were the first two songs that came up… I am feeling optimistic.

“Sideshow” by Mary Gauthier from The Foundling

Mary Gauthier is on a major roll of late, which has included stints at the Grammy Museum and a groundbreaking set at the venerable Grand Ole Opry.  This song is from her album of a couple of years back, The Foundling and demonstrates just how worthy she is of all of the acclaim.

“Summertime Thing” by Chuck Prophet from No Other Love
One of my favorite “summer” songs of all time.  It just makes me feel good every time I hear it.
“Calgary (Live on Triple J)” by Bon Iver from Live at Triple J Studio

from his self-titled 2011 album…


“Real Full-Time Guy” by Drive He Said from Multitudes

Drive He Said was the project formed by Maxim Ludwig when the Santa Fe Seven broke up.  Maxim was one of the very first artists featured on Ear to the Ground back in 2011.  He has since returned to recording under his own name, and in the playlist is a recent performance from Europe.


“Our Last Fight” by Scala and Kolacny Brothers from Scala and Kolacny Brothers

Let me get this straight… Scala is an all-girl choir.  And Kolacny Brothers are actual brothers named Kolacny.   Got it.  Known for their haunting covers of well-known songs, this original goes back to 2007 and their album One Winged Angel.


“Wish You Were Beer” by The Great American Novel from 😦
From their last full-length album 😦 aka The Frown Album.  Frantic and fun…  Random fun fact: as I was listening to this song this morning, I came upon a convoy of Budweiser trucks…
“Knock Knock” by Band of Horses from Mirage Rock

The lead off single from their 2012 album…

“Hands” by Alpine from A is for Alpine

Aussie Indie/Pop… from February 2014’s A if for Alpine.


“Hope” by Royal Court of Chine from Royal Court of China

Nashville legends from their now classic self-titled major label debut.


“Battered Old Bird” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions from Blood and Chocolate

Elvis doing what Elvis does… from 1986 and the classic Attractions line up with Nick Lowe behind the boards again.


“Rhode Island Summer” by The Danbury Lie from The Danbury Lie

Coincidently timely, E2TG favorites The Danbury Lie just announced new music being dropped today on their Bandcamp site.   Today we have this seasonally appropriate song which was recorded in 2009 and released in 2013.


“Little Bit of White Trash” by Jeff Porter from 15 Miles

It’s true…


“Prank Call” by Those Darlins from Stick it In
Nashville band Those Darlins’ 2013 album Blur the Lines was a break-through.  This song is from their 2011 debut album. 

“Highways Long” by The Blind Owl Band from This Train I Ride is Made of Wood and Steel
The Blind Owl Band from upstate New York play thoroughly modern music on old timey instruments.  Or maybe it’s the other way around… no I think I had it right the first time.  Whatever, they are awesome! 

“A Feather in Your Shadow” by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Pretty Well Damned

Another timely song, The Lucky Jukebox Brigade or just days away from releasing their long awaited new album, and we have their latest video in the playlist. 

“It’s a Wonderful Life” by Heath McNease with Pigeon John, Red Cloud, and Sintax the Terrific from Thrift Store Jesus

 Nothing to do with Jimmy Stewart – as far as I can tell, but some first rate, not so ordinary hip-hop from Georgia.


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Break on Through Mix

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Well all sorts of bad things happened yesterday.  Sending love and prayers and thoughts to the people of Oklahoma.  

Also, remembering Ray Manzarek of The Doors who passed away yesterday. A true creative genius who shaped many generations of music.

We got some songs – as we are reminded again that Music Heals….

Today…. Pre-Shuffle-wise.

“More of the Same” by Britain. (feat. Clark Beckham) – this is the first released track from a forthcoming EP. Been digging on this track for a little while. Production by my good friend Hayden Coleman.  Representing the 615 – but this is different.

“Run Like Hell” by Drive He Said

“Sugar” by Paper Route

Wakin On a Pretty Day” by Kurt Vile – this nine plus minute song transitions us into the Shuffle of the day.


  •  “Wakin On a Pretty Day” by Kurt Vile from Waking On a Pretty Daze (2013)

This first release from the long anticipated follow up to 2011s Smoke Ring for My Halo is a long lovely song.

  • “Two Strangers” by Sea Wolf a b-side outtake from Old World Romance (2012)

This L.A. Indie band released an EP on Noisetrade which includes two tracks from their latest album plus three previously unreleased tracks from the same sessions.  We have another unreleased track later in the Shuffle.

  • “Saint Anthony” by Jeanette Lynne from You’ve Got Me (2013)

This beautiful song may well be my favorite from this album (which I like a whole lot).  Jeanette Lynne is from Philly, she had a great and unique voice and an amazing songwriting ability.  Please, please, please check out her album. 

  • “Sons and Daughters” by Sea Wolf an outtake from Old World Romance (2012)

Our second listen to Sea Wolf today. I think this may be my favorite of the two tracks.


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – And it Burns… Mix

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It’s rather hot and miserable here in Nashville.  

We have 11 songs in the mix today.  New music and old music and new to me music. 



  1. “Real Full-Time Guy” by Drive He Said
  2. “It’s a Miracle Gone”  and 
  3. “Weapons” by EndAnd
  4. “The Plan” by Year of October
  5. “Moving On (Towards Better Days)” by Luke Winslow-King
  6. “Who Needs Enemies” by Nikki Sue and the Bad News
  7. “New Lover” by Josh Ritter 
  8. “Honey, Honey” by The Milk Carton Kids

Shuffle – after the jump

  •  “The Dog is Mine” by K-OS from BLack On Blond (2013)

Grabbed this one off an Amazon sampler.  Pretty decent song.

  • “Love Reign O’er Me” by Pete Townsend from The Quadrophenia Demos 2 

A stripped down demo version of the Who classic.

  • “Ring of Fire” by 37 Targets from Another Day (1986)

A cover of the June Carter song made famous by her husband Johnny Cash as covered by an 80s band from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I have a version of this from a vinyl EP called …And it Burns.  This version was included on the latest month mix tape by the fine folks at Feel Bad for You.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Not Gonna Mix

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Time is marching on.  Hey, if you haven’t now is the time to vote for the Band of the Year. The E2TG elves are busy, so don’t expect much outside of Morning Shuffles and Band of the Year voting SPAM, but we have great things on tap for 2013.  Shuffle it up after the jump:

Stevie Wonder’s classic album Talking Book turned 40 in 2012.  Today we have You Are the Sunshine of My Life.  

By 1989 Neil Young had left Geffen and returned to his old label Reprise.  Freedom was a big, bold album which produced the now iconic Rockin’ in the Free World.  Today we have No More from that record.
One of the bands we featured during our first year of existence was the L.A. alt-rock band The Hunting Accident.  One of the songs we love by them is As You Choke which we grabbed from a 10″ Master released by the band. It’s also on their Trees and Parks EP.

U2 are back in the shuffle for the second straight day.  This time we have a song from their iconic third studio release, WarThe Refugee features interesting rhythms, classic Bono vocals and strong meaningful lyrics.

We’ve been posting a bunch of Minutemen stuff recently, and we make no apologies. The band was known and named??? for their minimalist approach which included many, many songs which clocked in at 1 minute or less.  More Spiel from Project: Mersh which was part of the early 90s CD release Post-Mersh Volume 2 is an exception, at nearly 6:00, the song features minimalist lyrics and a free-jazz sound.  By their last studio album, the band was making still great but more traditional rock songs (3:00 or so).  This song showcases a band following their muse and letting convention and expectations be damned.

In depths of our pre-history, in the first weeks of the existence of Ear 2 the Ground, we (without much forethought – as is our custom) named a group called Maxim Ludwig and the Santa Fe 7 as our first ever Band of the Week (a feature which continued for 1 year ending in May of this year when South of Ramona was named our last Band of the Week).  Earlier in 2012, Maxim disbanded the Santa Fe 7 and started a new band called Drive He Said.  That band has just released their first music and we have a song called Run Like Hell from their EP entitled Multitudes.

Not finding a video for Drive He Said – so check out the EP at the band’s website.

Another early Band of the Week – the Canadian trio Inner City Elegance called it quits in 2012.  We wish all three of those guys the best in whatever they choose to do.  Today we have All Square so check out what you missed.

I don’t know much (yet) about the band Twin Berlin except Popatunes saw fit to include them on one of his awesome compilations and they rock as per expectations.  Check out Skulls and join me in getting educated about this band.
 here’s a different tune (produced by Travis Barker)
 Everything has been coming up Watt and Hurley recently which is pretty cool in my book.  Here’s those guys second band – fIREHOSE from their album Flyin’ the Flannel with Lost Colors.

Richard Barone (Bongos) solo masterpiece Cool Blue Halo turned 25 in 2012.  Here is Flew a Falcon from that great record.


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