Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – All Fall Down Mix

So for Christians, this is the season of Lent, and I’m hearing a lot of people talking about what they are giving up.  So here at Ear to the Ground, we’ve made a decision.  From now until Easter we will not post any music by Justin Bieber. It’s going to be difficult, but I guess the idea is that such sacrifice will bring us closer to God.   So here we go with the first of many Bieber-free music shuffles.

First we have Streetwalker by Delta Spirit.  The song comes from the band’s first EP – I Think I’ve Found It.  A newer version of the sound was included on the full-length debut album Ode to Sunshine which we have linked below.  We got the EP version off a no longer available Noisetrade download.

<—Delta Spirit – Ode to Sunshine LP

Next up, we have the brand new Jack White solo track Love Interruption from his forthcoming album Blunderbuss – which was also the title of a Will & the Bushmen album.  Coincidence?

< Jack White – Love Interruption single

After Jack White, we got a fine rollicking country-flavored track which we got via Popa’s Tunes Popakazooza 2012 volume 2.  Nikki Sue & the Bad News are yet another great New Jersey band.  Here’s a link to the band’s website.

Our current Band of the Week are back with In the Woods  from their Led into the Wood – seven song EP.

<The Amboys – Led into the Woods EP

And finally we have The Signal by E L E M I N T. The original version is on the Poet Tree EP.

<E L E M I N T – Poet Tree EP

We listened to the Broadcast remix of the song by our Soundcloud friend Galen Wade which you can hear here: Elemint – The Signal [ Broadcast Remix by Galen Wade ] by Galen Wade