A Rare Saturday Night Shuffle – Amazon Music Mix

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I am bored and amped up on caffeine and messing around with a bunch of music I have saved to my Amazon Music Cloud.  So here you go.. I’m guessing this is kind of what they call live blogging… so yeah…

“Piano Concerto No. 2 in D Minor…” (Mozart) by Denis Matthews , Vienna State Opera Orchestra from Big Mozart Box

’cause sometimes I just feel like listening to classical music… is that okay with you?

“Electric Lash” by The Church from Seance

Way back when, I bought this cassette “Survival” Sampler that came in an olive green rations can with handy dandy survival guide liner notes and a bunch of cool music of the day including this one which I have loved ever since.

“Effigy” by Urge Overkill from Rock and Roll Submarine

This was the first single from the band’s 2011 album, there first since 1995.

“Summer” by Katie Herzig from Walk Through Walls

Nashville Indie Pop artist Katie Herzig warms a long cold winter with this song about Summer.

“Bright Stars Burning” by Hey Marseilles from Lines We Trace

Orchestral Folk/Pop from Seattle.  A jaunty number from their 2013 album which is their most recent.

“Rock n Roll” by Feedtime from Loss Opportunity Sampler/Shovel

Some Australian post-punk rock n roll…from 1987 or so

“Well All Right” (Buddy Holly cover) by Kid Rock from Rave On

I hope this is the only Kid Rock song in my collection.  Keeping just because it’s a Buddy Holly cover… bleh…

“Tree by the River” by Iron and Wine from Kiss Each Other Clean

I can never remember which one is Iron and which one is Wine…

“Find It” by Family of the Year from Loma Vista

Who votes for these things? 

Divertimento in B-flat Major for 2 Horns and Strings, K.287: IV. Adagio” (Mozart) by English Chamber Orchestra, David Blum conducting from Big Mozart Box 

What can I say, I am a sucker from cheap classical downloads with tons of music on them…

“Lost in My Mind” by The Head and The Heart from The Head and The Heart

I can never remember which one is The Head and which one is The Heart… oh, I used that joke already… I guess I’m just lost in my mind….


WOW Wednesday Music Shuffle – Ram On Mix

So, The ‘Mats did Alex Chilton on the Tonight Show, and U2 released a new album.  It’s just like the late 80s again – except The ‘Mats were sober, and the U2 album was “magically” added to my computer library, and I have a computer that holds most of my music collection… ah, so this is what the future looks like – says 20 year old me…

Seriously, The ‘Mats were incredible, and I haven’t heard the U2 album yet, but the fact  that the first song name drops Joey Ramone is promising…

Plus it was cool seeing the words, “Alex Chilton is Trending” on Facebook…

Ah, on we go…

“City of Immigrants” by Steve Earle from Washington Square Serenade

I’ve been a long-time fan of Steve Earle, and this is one of my favorite songs. It’s my go-to when I started reading xenophobic crap on-line.


“Rock and Roll Eyes” by Centro-matic from 24 Songs/Redo the Stacks

Sometimes – I think – even a big music fan like myself misses out on a band. Thus was the case with me and Centro-matic, which is why I was so glad when they released 24 songs for free a while back – I consider it a crash course, and I’m ready for a more extensive study.

“Ram On” (Paul McCartney Cover) by the morning benders from ECHOMIX 2

Nothing like a Paul McCartney cover to brighten the morning.

“Nubian Queen” by Michael Angelo from Mexican Summer Vol. 1/b-side of single

A lost piece of 70s soft rock gold – resurrected in 2010 by Mexican Summer – and brought to you via my shuffle in 2014.

“God is Dead?” by Black Sabbath from 13

And when all else fails throw an 8 minute Black Sabbath comeback song into the mix.

“Drown in Blue (reprise)” by Marla Mase from Half-Life

Last night, I was listening to New Cell Phone Number and got a fresh reminder of the genius of Marla Mase.  Glad this song came up today, and it’s another chance to plug tomorrow night’s NYC show with the True Groove All-Stars.

“Birch Island Bandit” by Katherine Moller from Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Haired

The great thing about the WOW Wednesday format is that it allows me to be reminded of some great music we’ve featured before.  Katherine Moller is an awesome Celtic Fiddler from Canada.  I have always had an affinity for Celtic Music, and it was great hearing this song this morning.

“St. Croix” by Family of the Year from Loma Vista

The California band with a song from their break-out 2012 album.

“Becoming a Jackal” by Villagers from Snapshot: A Domino Compilation/Becoming a Jackal

2010 seems to feature prominently in today’s shuffle.  This was the first single and title track from this Irish band’s album from that year.

“Kayla of Colorado” by Darrin Bradbury from The Almost Great Crepe’s (Demos)

We close things out with an old song from Darrin Bradbury who played an excellent set last night at The 5 Spot in Nashville.  The video I picked in lieu of this song is one of his newest songs which he did perform last night. The Ballad of B.O.B.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Focused on March Mix

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Today, I am shuffling up a playlist of music which has been added to my MP3 over the past couple of months or so. This includes some music I specifically wanted to highlight in March.

  • “Those Devils Don’t Scare Me” by The Bailey Hounds from CXCW2012 

The Bailey Hounds are a Philadelphia band who play what they describe as Gothic Americana.  “Those Devils Don’t Scare Me” is off the bands 2011 album called Along the Gallows.  The performance today is from last years Couch by Couchwest festival.  The 2013 CXCW begins in just a few days.  If you make music, you really need to submit a video to these guys – here:  CXCW2013

  •  “There More Pretty Girls Than One” by Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice from Skaggs and Rice (1980)

Guitarist Rice and Multi-Instrumentalist Skaggs put out this collaboration of some old time Country music duets in 1980.  The album was reissued last year.  This is a performance of the Traditional song “There’s More Pretty Girls Than One” 
  • “House of Love” by Susan James from Driving Toward the Sun (2013)

Susan James is a talented singer-songwriter from California.  Driving Toward the Sun his her fifth album.  We connected recently through Facebook and I had the opportunity to check out her brand new album (released in the US 2/19/2013). I am going to highlighting this album as much as possible in the coming weeks. This record sounds amazing with great a California psychedelic folksy vibe and James’ vocals have a classic sound which just kind of eases the listener into the song.

  • “Thirteen” (Big Star Cover) by Northbrook Garage from CXCW12

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything from the teens from the Chicago area, a quick check shows that their social media outlets have been quiet. We can hope that they are just holed up working on their music, but if the band is over they left us with some great music including this selection from CXCW 2012.  Inspired by their opportunity to visit Ardent Studios in Memphis, the band recorded this cover of the classic Big Star song.
  •  “Lonely Avenue” by Mark Robinson from Have Axe – Will Groove (2013)

 Mark Robinson is a virtuoso blues guitar player from the Nashville area. He recently released Have Axe – Will Groove which is his second album. The album features an all-star cast of talented folks for the Nashville Blues scene. “Lonely Avenue”, one of three covers on the album was written by the legendary Doc Pomus.

  • “Unlocthed” by The Danbury Lie from a bandcamp single (2013)
One of featured bands from 2012, Connecticut based The Danbury Lie have busy so far in 2013.  In February they released a couple of new recordings of songs written many years ago, including this one which includes music from 2002 and lyrics from 2004.  Just this week they unveiled a new 7 song set.  We’ll be taking a look at that one soon.  In the meantime, here is the link to the newest music.


  • “Love is All Around” by The Troggs from Troggology (2009?)

Reg Presley lead singer of The Troggs passed away in February. Today we have a re-recording from the Troggology album.  A cover of “Love is All Around” was the b-side to the “Radio Song” single by R.E.M. who collaborated with The Troggs on 1992s Athens Andover album.
  • “Hey Ma” by Family of the Year from Loma Vista (2012)

Family of the Year seem to be tearing up the AAA charts with their song “Hero” also from Loma Vista.  I kind of dig that song so I jumped on the chance to pick this album up on the cheap from Amazon.  I’m glad I did.  This is a nifty sentimental indie-pop track.
  • “I Still Write Your Name in the Snow” by Chet Atkins from Almost Alone (1996)

Legendary? Oh yes… Chet Atkins was a true Nashville Cat.  A picture of a statue of him which sits at the corner of 5th and Union in Nashville is at the top of this blog.  This song is about exactly what you think it is about. It’s a funny, silly song with some of the best damn guitar picking you are likely to ever hear.
  • “Mississippi Girl” by Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three from Middle of Everywhere (2011)

We shall close out this shuffle with some awesome new old-fashioned music from St. Louis based Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three.

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