Featured Friday Music Shuflle – You Better Bet Your Life Mix

Greetings…Remember voting for Band of the Month – July continues – use the sidebar, and tell your friends to vote, too.

Here in the shuffle are three of our Featured Artists for July:

First up, Justin and the Salty Dogs get their Jimmy Webb/Hank Williams mojo going with the track that first captured my attention to these guys. Postman Blues


Next up is Francis Bowie with Silly and Crazy.

And finally, Happy Song was originally featured on Ear to the Ground as the Mystery Song of the Day when my phone failed to read the Artist Name tag and google turned out to be frugal.  Upon getting home, I figured out that Happy Song is by a band called FallsStart who are now a featured artist and up for Band of the Month…. whew! It is on the band’s forthcoming 6 song EP  Our Summer due out August 10.

No Voter Suppression Here!

VOTE NOW!  We’re going back to the previous method which means the Band of the Month poll is located on the sidebar.  It also means one vote per computer (you can vote for more than one band).
Also, we’re adding a new way to vote.  Please comment below with the name of your selection for Band of the Month. 
As always, be sure to check out all of the bands, even if you’re just here to support your favorite band/kid brother/spouse/neighbor.  Here is a condensed voting guide.  Remember details of all of our Featured Artists are located to the left.
Why should I vote for:
Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross:  Because they are doing the Lawd’s work…
Justin and the Salty Dogs: Because they are salty.
Brian Bergeron: Because he’s Mr. Nice.
Big Wilson River: Because Don Ryan told you to.
The Raindoggs: Because you love Tom Waits and you love Snoop Dogg, and you never thought to put them together.
Francis Bowie:  Because you are intelligent and you love pop music.
The Shake: Because maybe a win will convince them to get back together.
Vinyl Thief: Because they have vinyl in their name.
Wolf and Cub: Because they come from “down under” and probably have those cool accents.
FallsStart: Because they originated in Hawaii, and you’ve always wanted to go there.
Dean Fields: Because you want to help assuage my guilt for leaving him off the June Band of the Month Poll.

That’s it: Go Vote!

Featured Artists (July) – Did you know? Part B

Did you know….

…that I do not have any formal training in music blogging?  Unlike like all those other Music bloggers you see on the web, I never went to school to become a music blogger… Interesting isn’t it?

…that I still get excited when a musician likes my posts or friends me or retweets? I’m still pretty star-struck sometimes, and that includes you – cause, you’re a star in my book!

…that featured artist Francis Bowie released a new song yesterday? It’s called It’s hard to see… and we have it here.

…that featured artist The Shake have broken up… best to them for what comes next.’

…that featured artist Vinyl Thief played the Summer Kick-off for Nashville’s best shake and soda food truck – Moovers and Shakers. Cool on so many levels!

…that featured artist Wolf and Cub have two drummers, have been around for about ten years, and are on 4AD Records?  Now you do.

…that featured artist FallsStart posted a new song to their ReverbNation account?  And lo and behold, it is Happy Song which was our first and so far only Ear to the Ground Mystery Song of the Day!

Featured Artist for July – Videorama (Vol. 2)


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Savoir-Faire Mix

Welcome to my world… or at least to my little dark corner of the internet. It’s mid-week.  Tomorrow night, I’m going to an adult’s only “play date” at the local science museum. The evening has a Zombie theme, and we get to try  out all of the exhibits.  Should be fun…

We got four songs up today on the Shuffle, so let’s get to it:

1.  Wasting My Time is a track from the self-titled EP from Francis Bowie. Francis Bowie is a visual artist and musician from Denmark.  He makes what he calls Intelligent Pop Music. Today’s track is pristine electronic pop.

2.  Ah yes, we have another track from our Compilation have I mentioned our Compilation? Well, we have a CompilationCompilation!
Oh and this is a good one. The Dead Exs are a New York band, they were Band of the Week back in December, and they play awesomely dirty blues-inspired rock and roll. The track is More Stuff!
3.  Better Now  is the lead track off the new Fourth Wall album by Nashville-based, The Vespers.  They are a folk-pop band which combine beautiful voices with gentle acoustic music which is not lacking in energy and passion.
4.  And finally – Rattlesnake  is a cool track from Raleigh, North Carolina Alt-Country/Rock band American Aquarium. The song is on the band’s 2010 album Small Town Hymns.

Great set of songs with some bands we are just getting familiar with plus our old friend’s The Dead Exs.
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