Storm’s a Brewin’ – Ear to the Ground Recommends

Volume 2 of  a new feature as we present some of the music that has come across our screens recently: In time for the holiday season, newlywed, husband and wife folk duo Forest Mountain Hymnal have a Christmas album up on Bandcamp.  Check them out using the widget above.
From the Outside, is the recording name of Rafael Veiga from Brazil. He has a EP out called Matching Opposites which you can check out above. It’s a nifty bit of electronic, post-rock and just really cool sounds.

MAKAR play folksy rock and they come from New York – above is a nifty video for a song I can relate to sometimes…. 

From Midnight On comes from Dayton, Ohio.  The acoustic rock duo is made up of brothers Damian and Gabriel Moorman.  You can check out some of there music above via a ReverbNation widget.

That’s it for now, keep you Ears to the Ground and your head above your heart or something like that.