Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Avant Guard Dogs Mix

It’s festival announcement time. We’d love to hear from our Readers about which festival lineup you are most excited to see. I’ll be honest for most of the major festivals, probably 90% of the lineup seems almost obligatory.  By that, I don’t necessarily mean it’s bad music, just that there seems to be a core group of bands who you know are going to be at every major festival.  So, we’re most interested in any artists who you were surprised to see on a festival line-up.  

Let’s get to it:  This morning, we had four songs in our pre-shuffle shuffle and four song in our Shuffle shuffle.

Pre-shuffle:  we continue to dig on the Dog Without Warning album Go Girl.  Today, we heard Pacific Time Zone which more of an alt-country feel to it then some of the other songs we’ve heard from the album.  We also had another great song from the self-titled You and Me album. We heard a newish track from our good friend Galen Wade via Soundcloud, and the pre-shuffle closed out with another great track from The Lucky Jukebox Brigade – he heard Flip which the band performed for this year’s CXCW.

Now, let’s get to the Shuffle – it’s after the Jump

  • “Gone With the Wind” by The Plastic Pals from Good Karma Cafe (2008)

The Plastic Pals are a really cool Twin-Guitar pop band from Stockholm.  Their newest album was produced by Chris Cavacas (ex-Green on Red). Today, we have a track from the band’s 2008 album Good Karma Cafe.  They found us on Twitter and we are extremely glad they did.

  • “You Make Me Rock and Roll” by Tom Tom Club from Downtown Rockers (2012)


Chris, Tina and company released the awesome Downtown Rockers back in September.  Today, we have the third track on the album.  You can own your own digital copy of Downtown Rockers for just $5.00 on Amazon by clicking the album cover above.  Tom Tom Club will be touring later this year including an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in June.

  • “Even if It All Falls Through” by Ben de la Cour from Ghost Light (2012)


This may be our favorite so far from the Ghost Light album.  We’ve already featured a number of songs from this album (another CXCW “discovery”).  “Even if…” has the sound of a brand new classic song.

  • “Fascinating Rhythm/Someone to Watch Over Me” composed by George Gershwin and performed by Morton Gould and His Orchestra from The Essential George Gershwin

Would it be inaccurate to call Gershwin the original Downtown Rocker? Probably, but in terms of 20th Century American Popular and Classical Music, he is one of the best. We’re kind of digging this additional to our morning mixes.


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Lingerer Mix

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We go stumbling forward into our week. Unsure of our direction and our destination, but ever mindful of the composition of the surface of the road we walk upon.  

MP3 player is now fully reloaded, and we are ready to shuffle  through some of the songs most recently added.

We start out with a cover of an iconic song from the 1980s.  August Featured Artist, The Holograms – featuring our friend Galen Wade – are back with a post-modern version of  the Talking Heads classic, Burning Down the House .

Next up, we have a song by the band Superdrag, the Knoxville, Tennessee based Alternative band.  Superdrag front man John Davis was recently a guest at the Big Star tribute show during the Americana music festival.  This one goes back to 1995 and the band’s first full length album The Fabulous 8-Track Sound of Superdrag. The song is called Sugar.

Next up we have a song from the most recent album by first wave punk pioneers, The Mekons, who are celebrating their 35th year as a band this year.  The band’s 2011 album is called Ancient and Modern and the song today, Geeshie, has a old-timey feel to it.

Finally, we have Canadian Corb Lund from his recent album Cabin Fever with a song co-written by Jason Boland of the Stragglers and Texas singer-songwriter Hayes Carll, and performed by Lund and Carll. Bible on the Dash off the album Cabin Fever, is a great example of the Country side of Americana music. 



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Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Triplight Mix

So and yeah… it is Friday!  That means, it is time for Featured Friday. Over the past three weeks, we’ve highlighted tracks from each of our 10 Featured Artists.  So, we reloaded our playlist with 1 track from each band and shuffled them up.

But, before we get to the shuffle – an update/revision- you can vote for Band of the Month now – HERE!  I had previously stated that the voting would end around midnight on the 31st. However, I am going to revise that until midnight on the 30th.  I may be out of pocket on the 31st, and I have to manually shut down the poll.

Here are the results so far with just under 1 week to go:

1.  Loners Society
2.  Rooftop Runnders -49
3. The Imperial Rooster -58
4. Cupla  -66
5. Cosmonauts -68
6. Pony Boy -70
7-10. SIRS, Traverse the Skies, The Holograms -73

It’s really still anyone’s contest to win.  Remember, you can vote more than once and  be sure to check out all of the Featured Artists (here).

Today we had a couple of longer songs, so just two made it into the shuffle:

Our friend, Galen Wade and his newish band, The Holograms from their Crowbar set are up with a track called Tumble Weed.

Next up, we have the L.A. band Pony Boy with their song Saints and Liars.

 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Greatest Hits is $3.99 over at Amazon.


Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Territories Mix

Guess what – it’s time to vote for your band of the month:  Go here to vote!

Today we shuffle up songs from the final three of our featured Artists.  The other 7 appeared on the previous two Feature Fridays.  Here and Here .

This week we turn the spotlight on three very different bands with a shuffle that highlights the diversity found here on Ear to the Ground:

Galen Wade is a mid-day DJ on Radio Station WSBS in Massachusetts.  When he’s not spinning tunes, and giving away food-based prizes, he’s making tons of great music.  Here at Ear to the Ground, we’ve followed Galen around for some time and have had music he’s worked on in our morning shuffles a time or two.  He primarily releases music via Soundcloud, and it through that site that he hooked up with Wade Walker. Thanks to the marvels of this magical age, the nearly two thousand miles that separate the two Wades, they have come together to form The Holograms who are not to be mistaken for Holograms – the Swedish band.  Today we have Make Believe, a nifty instrumental with cool electronica mixed with a bit of hip-hop sounds.  Check it out:

Next, we have a epic sounding indie-rock ballad from Germany by way of Canada. Rooftop Runners – Streets off of the band’s We Are Here (from earlier this year) offers brilliant, passionate vocals combined with music that brings us all down to the Streets.

And finally, SIRS are a hard rocking band with a great sound, who come from Chicago.   Boo Hoo is the title from the band’s EP which was released just about a year ago.  
Here a video for another song from the EP

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Questions? Mix

First off this morning, I can going to attempt to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.*  Some of these have been covered before, but we’ve recently added a bunch of new readers so…**

Q:  What’s with the Shuffle?
A:  I  have a ten to fifteen minute walk to my office every weekday.  I listen to music during my walk up the hill in the morning and I use the shuffle feature on my music player to determine the songs for the day. I do create various playlists and yes, I do sometimes shuffle a couple of times to get “better” mix, but I try to keep it as random as possible.

Q:  How can I get my band’s music on your blog?
A:  Bribes help… just kidding.  Contact me (Put Ear to the Ground in the subject line) and include a link where I can at least hear some of your music.  If you have music I can download, I will try to get you in the mix.  If I really like what I hear, I will feature your band as Band of the Week or some equivalent feature. Be patient but feel free to follow up after a few weeks.  

Q: What kind of music do you like to receive?  
A: Anything good.  If you stick around long enough, you will notice that I feature a pretty diverse range of music.  Personally, I think the concept of genres is pretty dumb, although I understand (sort of) why band’s have to use them. For me though, I try to judge the music on the music not which pigeon-hole it does or doesn’t fit into. But, that is just me.

 * Okay – these are the questions I think people may have.  In actuality our most frequent asked question seems to be “Did you hear what she is saying about you?” followed by a indecipherable link. 

** Readership tends to vary over time and depending on what is going on. Still, to be the best of my ability to understand blog stats, I think Readership is increasing.  Mainly, though, I just included that statement to make you think very highly of me…. 😉

On to today’s shuffle:

Make Believe  is by The Holograms  featuring Galen Wade (who we have featured before and who is also a great supporter of Ear to the Ground along with Wade Walker.  Wade x Wade get it?  It’s some great guitar-driven electronic music.  Below we have the song on Soundcloud.
  https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F45100794 Make Believe by The Holograms

Okay so I couldn’t find a video for The Holograms (they are too new) so I’ve posted Jem and The Holograms for your… um enjoyment. No connection between Galen and Wade’s band and Jem’s band is implied. 🙂

Next, we have an awesome cover of Sweet’s classic Fox on the Run.  This cover is by 80s California punk band, Nip Drivers and was featured on the soundtrack to the 1984 low-budger film Desperate Teenage Lovedolls.

Nip Drivers Cover here:
Check out Sweet’s original here:
Finally, we have Scotty’s Lament, the opening track from the 1987 Mitch Easter produced album Boylan Heights by The Connells. 
Affiliated Links:
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls - Desperate Teenage Lovedolls –
A comically punky version of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls , Desperate Teenage Lovedolls tells the story of three disaffected young girls who leave home to become rock stars. Lead singer Kitty Carryall (Jennifer Schwartz), whose mother is played by a shrill, hysterical man in a dress, runs away to Venice, CA, where she and a friend shoot heroin and meet a drummer named Patch. Kitty joins Patch in beating a Dylanesque tramp to death with his own guitar and battles a tough girl-gang called the She-Devils on a beach, stabbing one of them to escape. Despite raping one of the girls at his Brentwood condo, sleazy agent Johnny Tremaine engineers the Love Dolls’ rise to the top, off a hot album called Electric Catbox. Soon, the band is at the top and decides to drop Johnny, so they drug his wine, setting the scene for a hilarious “bad trip” segment involving stuffed cats and a suicidal plunge from a building. The tragedy continues in grand rock-movie style as the band’s guitarist is murdered by the She-Devils and Kitty shoots one of them to death in retaliation. We next see Kitty a year later, wandering the train tracks as a derelict. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – All Fall Down Mix

So for Christians, this is the season of Lent, and I’m hearing a lot of people talking about what they are giving up.  So here at Ear to the Ground, we’ve made a decision.  From now until Easter we will not post any music by Justin Bieber. It’s going to be difficult, but I guess the idea is that such sacrifice will bring us closer to God.   So here we go with the first of many Bieber-free music shuffles.

First we have Streetwalker by Delta Spirit.  The song comes from the band’s first EP – I Think I’ve Found It.  A newer version of the sound was included on the full-length debut album Ode to Sunshine which we have linked below.  We got the EP version off a no longer available Noisetrade download.

<—Delta Spirit – Ode to Sunshine LP

Next up, we have the brand new Jack White solo track Love Interruption from his forthcoming album Blunderbuss – which was also the title of a Will & the Bushmen album.  Coincidence?

< Jack White – Love Interruption single

After Jack White, we got a fine rollicking country-flavored track which we got via Popa’s Tunes Popakazooza 2012 volume 2.  Nikki Sue & the Bad News are yet another great New Jersey band.  Here’s a link to the band’s website.

Our current Band of the Week are back with In the Woods  from their Led into the Wood – seven song EP.

<The Amboys – Led into the Woods EP

And finally we have The Signal by E L E M I N T. The original version is on the Poet Tree EP.

<E L E M I N T – Poet Tree EP

We listened to the Broadcast remix of the song by our Soundcloud friend Galen Wade which you can hear here: https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F35502001 Elemint – The Signal [ Broadcast Remix by Galen Wade ] by Galen Wade