Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Walking Wogs Mix

Greetings from Nashville!  It’s Monday, and here at E2TG we are mixing things up a bit.  Typically, we shuffle up our “Rolling” playlist (meaning I add new songs and delete songs off the playlist as they come and go), this playlist is a working subset of all of the songs on my MP3 player. (Which in turn is a subset of all the songs in my music collection, but that is another story).  Anyway, today’s shuffle comes from all of the songs on my MP3 player.  We’ll get back to our playlist tomorrow, but I thought it might be interesting to occasionally open up our shuffle and see what happens.


So – let’s jump to it!

“This Song Will Make You Love Me” by The Great American Novel (This is the opening track of the new The Great American Novel album which is released into the world tomorrow.  The album is called 😦 (The Frown Album). The song is a glorious rave-up which is guaranteed to have your feet moving.  I for one am looking forward to :(. – no one is normal, just different types of weird if we could get our weirds together, we could get right outta here” )

“Last Stop” by Black Jake and the Carnies (From Watching, Waiting their most recent release.)

“Wogs Will Walk” by Cornershop (from Handcream for a Generation the 2002 4th album by Tjinder Singh and company.  The album featured Noel Gallagher on guitar.  I really dig this album which fuses, blends and forces together elements of Indie Rock, Eastern music, Reggae, and Hip-Hop into a rich and spicy soup of jamming good times.)

“I Gotta Get Shorty Out of Jail” by Andre Williams and The Sadies (Andre Williams is an Rhythm and Blues legend with a Punk spirit.  This album features Canadian Rock/Country band The Sadies who have also worked with the likes of John Doe and Neko Case )

“Up to Me” by Cosmonauts on Vacation (A Psychedelic/Spacy Rock and Roll band from Birmingham, Alabama)

“I’m Here” by Paul Jefferson (Paul Jefferson is  a country singer and songwriter from Nashville. This song is off his 1996 self-titled debut album)

“Watch Who You’re Calling Space Garbage Meteor Mouth” by Game Theory (a brief – :18 track off the 1987 album Lolita Nation)

“Sad, Like Hearts Can Be” by Evan Voytas (As far as I can tell in my brief “research” this song is not on any of the L.A. Pop artist’s albums)

“Been There Before” by Human Face (We recently got some new music from the UK band Human Face.  This track goes back to their 2012 album The Waiting Game)

“Rave On” by Julian Casablancas (A cover of a Sonny West penned Buddy Holly song.  This cover serves as the title track to the 2011 Tribute album which also featured Lou Reed, Kid Rock and just about everybody in between – and there is a lot of room in between Lou Reed and Kid Rock… just saying)

“My Life” by Dido (this song is off the British singer’s 1999 album No Angel)



Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Tic Toc Tac Toe Tap Tip Top Mix

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 It’s Friday and it’s also the last day of May!  

Let’s put this month to rest with some awesome tunes…


“Moorie” by Great Divide
“Bridge by the River” by Nikki Sue and the Bad News
“Wish I Could Stand or Have” and “Chardonnay” by Game Theory
“Bloodhound” by Jeanette Lynne
“Tear You Up” and “Come In” by Decades
“Drenched” by Wanting
“Tickin’ Bomb” by Shovels and Rope

 Shuffle – after le jump… la jump????  The Jump!

  •  “Tables (Acoustic)” by Seth Philpott from a 2013 Noisetrade Sampler original version from Bad Hearts (2013) 

 Grabbed a sampler from Noisetrade and I’ve become a pretty big fan of this Nashville Singer/Songwriter.  Bad Hearts came out earlier this month.

  • “Don’t Force the Funk” by Wheelchair Sports Camp from Where We All Live (2012)

Kalyn the MC/Producer of Wheelchair Sports camp is 26 years old, 3 foot 6 inches tall and weighs 53 pounds. She has osteogenesis imperfecta a brittle bone condition. She also delivers some kick-ass lyrical explosions and with the rest of the band deliver some vicious beats.

  • “Disaster” by Kopecky Family Band from The Disaster(2010)

Nashville’s Kopecky Family Band have been making music together since 2007.  Their latest album (linked above) Kids Raising Kids is getting some serious National attention, but here in Nashville, we’ve been paying attention for a while now.  I absolutely love this sort of Title track from the band’s 2010 album.



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Ready or Not Mix

After a hyper-extended weekend, we are back with a lot of ground to cover… without ado…


“When I Cry” – Jeanette Lynne 
“Wrinkles”  – Grass Root Kids
“Sweetest Girl in the Kitchen” Henry’s Rifle
“Matchbox” – Jerry Lee Lewis
“Midnight Moon” – Year of October
“White Light/White Heat” – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis


“Ain’t No Reason” – Great Divide
“Long Time Ago” – Current Swell
“Woodland” – The Paper Kites
“Leilani” – Game Theory
 “Up to Me” – Cosmonauts on Vacation
“Rue des Fantomes” – Inlandsis
“I Want to Hold Your Hand”   – Game Theory covering The Beatles
“Better Life” – Paper Route

SHUFFLE after the JUMP

  • “Autumn Leaves” by Great Divide from Great Divide (2013)


Really, really digging the soul vibe from this Great Divide record.

  • “Still Frightened” by Coastwest Unrest from High Times of Lowly Street (2013)

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Coastwest Unrest are from Las Vegas.  I literally just downloaded their new Noisetrade Sampler last night, and this was my first real listen.  So far, so good. Great sound and I’m dying to hear more.

  • “Bloodsucker” by Moses and the Firstborn from Mozes and the Firstborn (2013)

Mozes and the Firstborn are from Antwerp. They have a wicked sense of humor and they pretty much rock.  Isn’t that enough?

  • “Falling” by Tipi Valley from Rock ‘n Roll Lives On (2013)

Really, really digging this new music from our friend Tipi Valley from the UK. Here’s a link to the video of the title track- 


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Once Bitten, Once Bitten Mix

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Time moves on.  We walk unaided into the abyss. Sail our ships closer to the sun. Life become a series of movements, of stanzas. We stand alone and yet never truly alone…

We have some cool tunes to refresh, reinvigorate and renew your damaged innocence. Or something… we have cool tunes…


“A Little Bit Longer” by Grass Root Kids (a nifty song by this awesome new band from Nashville)

“Red Light Love” by Those Darlins (Awesome song and check out the cool video in the playlist below.  Nashville – Those Darlins will be playing at Eastside Hootenanny this Saturday and this will the first and only opportunity to hear some new songs from the next Those Darlins album which is due out in the Fall.)

“Peace and Quiet” by Waxahatchee (love this song. The band is from Illinois.)

“Waters of Babylon” by Valued Customer (first of two from our friends Patrick J. Power and Ugggy).

“Big Blue Wave” (Alternative Mix) by Hey Ocean! (Hey Ocean! are a Pop/Indie band from Vancouver, BC).

“The Drinking Song” by Valued Customer (Yes! Just Yes! and Very Yes!)

“Nine Lives to Rigel Five” by Game Theory (More Game Theory with a Star Trek reference – I am a equal opportunity geek)


  •  “Big White Wall” by Drive He Said from Multitudes (2012)

The last song on the debut album by Maxim Ludwig’s new band.  I love this song.  Fits well in a mix that includes Red Light Love and Big Blue Wave.

  • “All I Want is Everything” by Game Theory from Distortion of Glory – (originally on Blaze of Glory (1981))

“I push away but still I cling. All I want from her is everything.”

  • “It’s Alright” by Great Divide from Great Divide (2013)

Man oh man, this is a great song.  It’s got a cool as f**k soul vibe.  Great Divide are from Chicago this is from their self-titled sophomore record.

  • “Mystic Mind” by Those Darlins from Screws Get Loose (2011)

Did I happen to mention Those Darlins are from Nashville?  Did I happen to mention, I love this band?  Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed?



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Constantly Confused Mix

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Its astounding, time is fleeting Madness takes its toll”

 When we stop to consider the alternative – life, no matter what else it is or seems to be, is a grand adventure, a gift, and a prize offering endless possibilities….

The rational mind pales before the majesty that is imagination.

I offer up another collection of songs which helped me navigate the dangerous waters of life in the still early portion of the 21st Century.


“Fever Dream” by Young Summer (from her forthcoming album)

“Ultra Puzzle Song” by Ghost and Goblin (a weird little number from their new album)

“The Ash and Clay” by The Milk Carton Kids (Have You Seen Me?)

“Smilin’ When We Talk” by SetInStone (Corinth Mississippi band)

“In a Delorean” by Game Theory (One of my favorite songs by them)

“Swing Wide the Gate” by Raina Rose (from Austin Texas – like this song)

“Always Another” by Heligoland (from Paris France off of the Commission 45 sampler that always includes our friends Sealight)


  • “Me and Caring” by SetInStone from Colors (2013)

 I really like this song which comes from the band’s second EP. Colors is available for Name Your Price at Bandcamp – use the widget above to stream and/or download.

  • “Friends of the Family” by Game Theory from Real Nightime (1985)

“You and I work in factories
We run the big machinery
The will to try leaves slowly
The murder goes on daily”

The past month has been a real revelation for me – as I have spun my way through the Game Theory Catalog.  There is so much good music.  And then there is The Loud Family…. wow!

  • “The Skeletons in the Closet” by Ghost and Goblin from SUPERHORRORCASTLELAND (2013)

“Nothing seems to be wasted on you” Lo-Fi Doom Pop from New York City.  Yes, The End Men turned me on to this band in a post where the also gave a shout out to Skeletons in the Piano. Are this songs title and that band’s name in any other way connected?  I’m probably thinking to much.  As a long time fan or all things horror, I approve this album.  Check it out… or else….



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Girl With A Guitar Mix

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Here we go…..



“Girl With A Guitar” by Game Theory (co-written by Scott Miller, originally recorded by The Three O’Clock)

“Two Hearts” by Paper Route

“Participant Unwilling” by Valued Customer

“I Was Afraid” by SetinStone

“Glass Heart Hymn” by Paper Route

On to the Shuffle – after the JUMP

  • “Room for One More, Honey” by Game Theory from Tinkers to Evers to Change (1990)/Two Steps from the Middle Ages (1988)

The title comes from a line of dialogue from an episode of the Twilight Zone.  From Scott Miller’s Liner Notes to Tinker…, “I was interested in multiple vocal parts along the lines of ’66 Beach Boys. I think I also wanted to do something poppy but with a symphonic feel, kind of like Peter Schickele’s score for Silent Running.”

  • “Oh, Tonight” by Josh Abbott Band feat. Kacey Musgraves from She’s Like Texas (2010)

Lubbock Texas’ Josh Abbott Band team with Kacey Musgraves for this pure country song. I’m not a big fan of a lot of contemporary, mainstream country, but Kacey Musgraves has caught my attention.

  • “YOU FEEL DRAWN” by Valued Customer from Babylon Hill (2012)
Valued Customer is promising some awesome new music soon.  This is the mid-point of their album Babylon Hill.  I feel compelled to join in….

  • “You Can Have the Crown” by Sturgill Simpson from High Top Mountain (2013)

“They call me King Turd up here on Shit Mountain but if you want it you can have the crown” – from the forthcoming debut album by Nashville (by way of Kentucky) based Sturgill Simpson. Yeah, I’m kind of digging this song.

  • “Across the Universe” by The Beatles from Let It Be… Naked (1970/2003)

“Images of broken light, which
Dance before me like a million eyes,
They call me on and on across the universe.”



Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Any Other Day Mix

It’s Monday – everything is going according to some plan – just not mine…

Let’s get to the music….


“This Song is Called Ragged” by Jonathan Boulet

“A Search for a Heart” by Kyle Andrews

“Charades” by The Joy of Painting

“Stick Around” by David Ramirez

“Leave the City” by Magnolia Electric Co.

“On my Mind In my Heart” by Jesse Dee

Shuffle after Jump


  • “Seattle” by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)

Our tribute to the late great Scott Miller is almost a month long at this point, and we have only scratched the service of the depth of his amazing musical legacy. This is the first of two Game Theory songs in the Shuffle today.

  • “Snow Song” by EndAnd from Mechanics and Energetics of Stilt-Running (2013)

The first of two tracks from the Brooklyn punk rockers. We dig deeper into their new album.

  • “Caribbean Sunset” by Luxury Liners from They’re Flowers (2013)

Luxury Liners is the new solo project from Carter Tanton of Lower Dens and Formerly of Tulsa. 

  • “I Love You Soon” by EndAnd from Mechanics and Energetics of Stilt-Running (2013)

Our second look today at this awesome album.

  •  “I Turned Her Away” by Game Theory from Real Nighttime (1985)

Another listen to some classic sounds from this San Francisco band.

  • “Mango Lassi” by Valued Customer from Babylon Hill (2012)

Mango lassi is gaining popularity worldwide. It is made from yogurt, water and mango pulp. It may be made with or without additional sugar. It is widely available in UK, Malaysia and Singapore, and in many other parts of the world. In various parts of Canada, mango lassi is a cold drink consisting of sweetened kesar mango pulp mixed with yogurt, cream, or ice cream. It is served in a tall glass with a straw, often with ground pistachio nuts sprinkled on top.[1]”

(via Wikipedia) – some cool sounds and sweet treats from our good friends Valued Customer.


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