Monday Morning Music Shuffle – David Hall Rocks Ya’ll Mix

The Nashville progressive rock radio world suffered a devastating loss this weekend with news of the passing of David Hall from my favorite radio station Lightning 100.  Today’s shuffle is dedicated to him…


The Monday after the Super Bowl should definitely be a holiday – I mean really… Lots of people are talking about Madonna’s half-time performance.  I  come down on the side of good for what it was.   That may sound critical, but it’s really not.  I’ve heard some people making comparisons to Springsteen and Tom Petty, but really I don’t think those are fair comparisons.

In summary, I’m still waiting for them to bring back Up with People.

The Shuffle:

First up is Justin Townes Earle from the Buddy Holly tribute compilation – Rave On – doing Maybe Baby.

Next up is a alternate take on Warren Zevon’s Poor Poor Pitiful Me.

And then comes, the fabulous Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes (featuring Teddy Pendergrast) with Satisfaction Guaranteed (or Get Your Love Back).

And finally, a song from Volume 3 of the Ten Out of Tenn collective.  It’s Andrew Belle with Katie Herzig and the song, Static Waves.

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Warren Zevon Guitar Songbook Warren Zevon Guitar Songbook
Since Warren Zevon’s untimely passing, his legend and influence have only continued to grow. Zevon is widely considered one of rock music’s greatest songwriters. For the first time in print, here are many (how could we get them all?) of Warren’s songs pre

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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Some Restrictions Apply Mix

Finally a day that is not a somber anniversary of a genuine tragedy, so I can let loose and be all irreverent and not offend anyone…  and I got nothing…. – well… what I do have is a pretty killer morning shuffle – if I do say so myself (and I do).

(click on album cover to purchase and download Transformer by Lou Reed featuring Walk on the Wild Side

So I’ve shared this before, but there was this moment sometime in the early 80s, when this skinny, weird and confused adolescent boy found himself listening to a college station WTTU in Cookeville Tennessee, and he heard this fine, fine music coming from his transistor radio and the suddenly some things became clarified (though he remained confused for some time – 30 years or so and counting to be exact).  Walk on the Wide Side was subversive and beautiful. Rock & Roll is supposed to be subversive, when it stops being subversive, something new and yes subversive comes along –the Beatles and the Stones then the Stooges and the Velvet Underground then the Ramones and the New York Dolls, then X and the Germs…

(click album cover to purchase and download The Best of Simon & Garfunkel featuring Hazy Shade of Winter)

Okay, I’ll admit, my first introduction to this song was the Bangles mid to late 80s version, but at least I was paying attention enough to know it was a cover.  My memory associated with Hazy Shade of Winter involves one of those post-high school reunions.  Socially, I was a late bloomer (if you call what I did blooming), and these gatherings made up for a lot of real or imagined missed opportunities.  One night or morning, I was leaving one of these gatherings – it was probably around Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I was feeling a bit hazy and the song came to my mind and I suddenly thought I understood.

     (click album cover to purchase and download The Essential Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes featuring Teddy Pendergrass which contains the song Satisfaction Guaranteed (or Take Your Love Back))

 So every generation in recent memory thinks it invented rebellion and sex and cool music.  At best, though, all the next generation can do is stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before and hopefully move things forward a bit.  That’s why I call myself a progressive.  I think as a race (human), we must keep moving forward because the past is gone and the good ole days weren’t always so good. Satisfaction Guaranteed (or Take Your Love Back) makes me think about the book Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem which I’ve written about before. That novel tells a musical history wrapped into the lives of two boys whose lives collide in an emerging gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn. Soul music moving into the early days of hip-hop, with a dash of early punk rock provide the soundtrack and back beat to the book.  The song itself will take you back even if you weren’t there the first time.  I should know because I was not and it does.
  (click album cover to purchase and download In the Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra featuring the song Dancing on the Ceiling)

Speaking as a child of the 80s, I thought Lionel Richie was the first person to go Dancing on the Ceiling.

Sinatra is Sinatra, and In the Wee Small Hours is one of the best albums of all time.

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Classic Paul Simon - the Simon and Garfunkel Years Classic Paul Simon – the Simon and Garfunkel Years
All the songs from four landmark albums: Bookends, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Sounds of Silence, and Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme.

Playlist: the Very Best of Harold Melvin & the Blu Playlist: the Very Best of Harold Melvin & the Blu
Playlist: the Very Best of Harold Melvin & the Blu

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