Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Used to Fall Mix

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We plunge on into another work week… Today – as often we do, we have a wildly diverse shuffle filled with music that no one in their right mind would put into the same mix of songs… Which seems a good time to remind you that the song selections and ordering is always done randomly by the shuffle function of my music player… (To be fair, however, I do pick the songs that go into the overall playlist from which the shuffle function draws)….

“How We Be” by Sinkane

From Brooklyn by way of The Sudan. Coming to us via a World Café Session. The title track from the album Mean Love which was released about a year ago.  A groovy way to the start the week of music.

“I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges

The Stooges were so far ahead of their time that some 45 years later, they are still ahead of their time – or maybe they are just outside of all time. From their 1969 self-titled debut album… today, we have the iconic song…

“Sugarface” by Bird Peterson (ft. Astronautalis)

This song came to me via a Noisetrade Sampler released for SXSW of artists playing the day parties.  The song is on Bird Peterson’s solo debut called Plume which was released back in July.

“Revolt” by The Unravelling

Some more hard, progressive rock from the album Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision – the latest album by Calvary band, The Unravelling.

“You Never Even Call Me By My Name” by Steve Goodman

This song was written by Goodman and John Prine and most famously recorded by David Allen Coe.   Further proof that the Country Music establishment has been flawed and problematic for as far back as 40 years ago.

“The Shrubbery’s Dead” by Government Cheese

The song comes to us via the epic compilation of classic era Nashville Rock called, Return to Elliston Square (1979-1989). Government Cheese are from Bowling Green, but earned their status with Nashville’s Rock elite.  Fortuitously, this song came up the shuffle at the beginning of  week that includes a Music City Roots benefit for Tommy Womack (of Government Cheese) and a Saturday reunion of the seminal 1980s Nashville band, Raging Fire who are also on the Return to Elliston Square record..  The MCR benefit will include performances by Jason and the Scorchers, Webb Wilder, Will Kimbrough, and Dan Baird.  This song became one The Cheese’s most well known tracks.

“Warp Drive” by Black Doctor Jr.

A Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Band that we have featured before.  Back in August Black Doctor Jr. announced they were taking an extended break to work on other projects. The track was released as a Single back in March.

“The Eye” by Brandi Carlile

From a Noisetrade Bonnaroo sampler, this lovely song come from an album called The Firewatcher’s Daughter which was released back in March.

“Poor Boy” by David Jacobs-Strain

David Jacobs-Strain is a virtuoso guitar player that I was introduced to at the Safety Harbor Song Fest earlier this year.  This is his 8 minute take on the Blues standard.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Freaked Out for Another Day Mix

I have a major announcement…. truth is that even if I did have a major announcement, I would probably wait until tomorrow to make it… Truth is, though, as the weather is heating up so is the music scene here in Nashville (and probably in your city, too).  Tons of great shows are coming, so get out to your local venues and festivals and whatnot and support real music made by real people.

“Maggie May” by Rod Stewart

From Every Picture Tells a Story… a song that begins with the words “Wake up” is a good enough way to start a morning shuffle. I have always loved this song.

“Easier” by SOJA (feat. Anuhea)

SOJA are a Pop/Reggae band from Arlington, VA.  Anuhea is a Pop/Reggae artist from Hawaii.  This song is on SOJA’s  most recent album Amid the Noise and Haste, and I grabbed it off an ATO Records sampler on Noisetrade.

“Hurricane” by Amy Speace

Nashville is proud to claim Amy Speace.  She has been getting quite a bit of well-deserved praise for her brand new release That Kind of Girl.  This song is from her 2014 EP Same Old Storm and has the sound of a song that has been around forever… absolutely stunning.

“A Love Supreme” by David Liebman

From the album David Liebman Plays Coltrane and Shorter… This Coltrane composition is one of my all time favorite jazz pieces.  A perfect soundtrack for a morning driving through the burgeoning city.

“Willie Sugarcapps” by Willie Sugarcapps

The first of what should be many songs from artists I saw at the Safety Harbor Song Fest… the title track and band theme song… Willie Sugarcapps were a crowd-pleaser at the festival and won over several new fans based upon conversations I had.

“Daily Mail” by the transcendents

From New Zealand where it is no longer April Fools Day (if they even have April Fools Day in New Zealand) and from the band’s self-titled debut… I am really digging this band and I hope you will check them out. Here is the link to download their music on Bandcamp.

“No Fun” by The Stooges

The Stooges probably didn’t know that they were making proto-punk music when they recorded this album 46 years ago this month.  The raw power and dangerous energy makes this album sound fresh up to this day. 

“Ode” by Soul Asylum

I think I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating this album, the bands 1988 major label debut is one of my favorites and probably my favorite by Soul Asylum.  To me, this album was the perfect balance between punk and hooky pop music.  The current line-up of Soul Asylum recently announced a tour with Meat Puppets – perhaps suggested by my recent inclusion of both bands in my morning shuffles????  Can you prove that that isn’t true?  Don’t answer that….


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Oh My and a Boo Hoo Mix

I got those post-birthday hangover blues… hangover in the figurative sense (or is it literal???)

Anyway, some killer tunes in the shuffle – so let’s get to it.

“You Got Trouble” by Blackfoot Gypsies

A great way to start the morning commute.  Six minutes or so of Blackfoot Gypsies signature high-energy bluesy rock music.  This is from their album Dandee Cheeseball.

“Come Join the Murder” by The White Buffalo and The Forest Rangers

Did you know that a group of crows is called a “murder” because they will sometimes kill a dying cow?  I didn’t either, but I join writers of songs, poetry, and fiction in thanking whoever came up with the name for the inspiration.  I really love this song which was featured on the television series Sons of Anarchy.

“1969” by The Stooges

I was three years old in 1969 (a fact that either makes me seem really old or really young depending upon your point of view), so I will have to take Iggy’s word on what that year was like. I am not one to argue with Iggy.  Powerhouse, proto-punk from the self-titled debut album.

“Femme Fatale” (Velvet Underground cover) by Tom Tom Club

Femme Fatale is among my favorite Velvet Underground songs (there are a bunch on that list), and this is one of my favorite cover versions. From Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom.

“Stop Your Sobbing” by The Pretenders

Speaking of Femme Fatales…

“V.F.W.” by The Dead Milkmen

I’ve never been in a foreign war, but I am a veteran in the sense that this song is talking about….

“Free Again” by Alex Chilton (Big Star)

A few songs from the Big Star album Third/Sister Lovers made it onto the Alex Chilton compilation 19 Years.  The absence of Chris Bell made the album (to some) essentially an Alex Chilton solo album. Regardless of that debate, it is one of my favorite albums of all time and I love this song.

“Dracula, 1931” by Sci-Fi Romance

I think this is the second to the last song for us to feature from the remarkable October album by our friend Vance Kotrla (aka Sci-Fi Romance).  Once again, in case you missed the previous posts, shortly before Halloween, Mr. Kotrla sat down and watched a marathon of classic horror films (along with the film Ed Wood), and he then wrote and recorded some songs based upon each of the films.  Here, he transforms the classic 1931 film Dracula (directed by Tod Browning and starring the great Bela Lugosi) into a meditation on the consequences of immortality.

“The Queen of My Arms” by Matthew Ryan

We close things out with a Bonus track from Matthew Ryan’s album Boxers. A great way to end a most excellent shuffle.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Fifty Amp Fuse Mix

A short but very sweet shuffle as Nashville gears up for coming arctic blast… We’ve reached mid-week, let’s do this damn thing!

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones

From Let It Bleed… The year was 1969, and the 1960s were winding down… As we all do, the children of the revolution lost their innocence…  “If you try sometimes, you get what you need…”

“Burden” by J.R. Wyatt

From the Empty Room Sessions…  As the only recent song in today’s shuffle and surrounded by some of my favorite songs and artists of all time, this song held its own… A well written song, and the sparseness of the sound (recorded in an actual empty room) was spot-on perfection.

“Little Doll” by The Stooges

From their self-titled album. Like Let it Bleed, The Stooges was also released in 1969.  The Stooges were not the only predecessor of what would become Punk Rock music, but they were certainly one of the best.

“Take a Chance With Me” by Roxy Music

It is kind of hard to believe that Avalon was the last Roxy Music studio album, but man what a way to go out! Avalon remains one of my all time favorite albums, and it seems like whenever I write about the aftermath of a night of some sort of debauchery, I always have the characters listening to Avalon (usually the title track or More Than This).  Although vastly different, like The Stooges, Roxy Music had an influence of their own on the development of Punk and New Wave music especially in the UK.

“Make a Little Love” by Alex Chilton

From his album High Priest, Alex Chilton brings it on down in all the best ways… This is a cover of a 1967 song by Bluesman Lowell Fulson.

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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Dozens and Dozens Mix Widgets

Trying to use the new technology to satisfy the philosophy and integrate the dichotomy that resonates in the… that’s it… 

Anyway, so I’m experimenting with some new ways to bring you the Morning Shuffle.  Today, for example, the Amazon links are up top in the handy widget thing.  I got this handy, dandy bluetooth speaker, so I started the shuffle on my way in to work and continued it for my walk up the steps of the capitol.   So, tons of great music.  Let’s get to it…. more on the shuffle after the jump….


1. Dave Brubeck passed away last week after a long life and tons of great music.  Here we have his take on the Jerome Kern composition, The Way You Look Tonight.

2.While it might seem a strange or strained transition from Brubeck to Iggy and the Stooges, well, what can I say, I’m all about strange and strained transitions.  Anyway, way back in my musical formative years I bought a Charlie Parker compilation and the Stooges’ album Fun House on the same shopping trip, and it made perfect sense to me… so….  Search and Destroy is in the shuffle today.

3. For about ten years, my beautiful wife produced radio PSAs for the Presbyterian Church.  I have a few of those spots saved to my MP3 player and one of those came up today.  Adults are Kids, Too was from the series of spots called Blessings about and inspired by the work of Project Joy

4.  Pretty Persuasion – R.E.M. – Reckoning. ‘kay?

5.  Ballot Result is a must have for Minutemen completists. A fan voted compilation of outakes, bootlegs and misc. goodies from the too short lived godfathers of post-punk.  No! No! No! to Draft and War is protest folk music for the post punk era – the brief but powerful Joe McCarthy’s Ghost completes the track.

6.  Jiving Sister Fanny was first released on the unauthorized Rolling Stones compilation called Metamorphosis which was released in 1975.  We grabbed it off the Boxset entitled Singles Collection: The London Years.

7. Pulse by The Psychedelic Furs is one of three songs not produced by Steve Lillywhite for the band’s self-titled album.

8. Social Destortion’s self-titled album was their third.  From that we have the classic song, Let it Be Me.

9.  Bob Dylan’s second album – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan – turned 50 years old this year.  A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall from that album is up next. Nearly seven minutes of  awesomeness.

10.  The Shuffle closes with a 40 year old song from yet another self-titled debut.  This time we have John Prine with Quiet Man.




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