Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Auteur Couture Manure Mix

Time marches on… btw, as is often the case, the subtitle of the post has nothing to do with the music.  This time, it is just a random phrase that jumped into my brain. 

This morning, we had a pre-shuffle that included the likes of:

Dog Without Warning – a bay area band we discovered at Couch by Couchwest this year.  Check out their CXCW set in the Playlist at the bottom of the post.

Son House – the song we heard is included in the playlist below.

Tim Lee 3 who have been featured either pre-shuffle or shuffle every day this week – as they should be! The heartbreakingly beautiful Halo Days is in the Playlist below.

Calicocat – The more we hear from this Nashville band’s final album, the more we mourn the demise of the band, but we do wish the members well in their future musical pursuits.  The Video included in the playlist below is about the only one we could find on YouTube. (Although we found lots of videos of actual calico cats).

Next, we segued into our Official Shuffle (patent pending) with a song from…. (after the pic and the jump)

  • “Into the Mines” by The End Men from Play With Your Toys (2013)

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That’s right suckas, it’s time for your daily The End Men mention at Ear to the Ground.  Now that I’ve had the chance to meet them in person, I’m even more in love this band.  Into the Mine is a disturbing fable of possible abduction far below the surface of the earth.  Yeah!

  • “The Highway” by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Pretty Well Damned (2012)
After yesterday’s post, I heard from all four bands in the shuffle either by Like, Comment, Retweet or Favorite.  Which is pretty cool.  Deanna from The Lucky Jukebox Brigade wrote and pointed out that their album is available for free download on Bandcamp so I’ve included that link above. Another great track from that album. 

  • “Kanye Spaghetti Western” by NOSE! from 12in12x12 (2013)
NOSE! are also back for a second straight day.  This song is a brief, instrumental that somehow transitioned so well between The Lucky Jukebox Brigade and the next song in our shuffle that I had to go back and give it another listen.  The playlist down below includes the now infamous 2012 Couch by Couchwest footage that ultimately culminated in a massive police action which sadly was not shown in the available footage. Did I mention that they are from my hometown? I  don’t get to say that very often…

  • “State Hospital” by Frightened Rabbit from Pedestrian Verse (2013)

Glasgow alternative-rockers released their latest album in February.  State Hospital which was also the title track from the EP that preceded the release of the album.

  • “4th Floor” by JENNY from Heavy (2010)
JENNY is a Canadian band which includes Spencer Kathrens who was a member of the now defunct Inner City Elegance who were one of our earliest Featured bands. See the Bandcamp widget above to grab Heavy which I’m digging so far.

Check out the YouTube playlist below and we’ll catch you later….


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Not Gonna Mix

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Time is marching on.  Hey, if you haven’t now is the time to vote for the Band of the Year. The E2TG elves are busy, so don’t expect much outside of Morning Shuffles and Band of the Year voting SPAM, but we have great things on tap for 2013.  Shuffle it up after the jump:

Stevie Wonder’s classic album Talking Book turned 40 in 2012.  Today we have You Are the Sunshine of My Life.  

By 1989 Neil Young had left Geffen and returned to his old label Reprise.  Freedom was a big, bold album which produced the now iconic Rockin’ in the Free World.  Today we have No More from that record.
One of the bands we featured during our first year of existence was the L.A. alt-rock band The Hunting Accident.  One of the songs we love by them is As You Choke which we grabbed from a 10″ Master released by the band. It’s also on their Trees and Parks EP.

U2 are back in the shuffle for the second straight day.  This time we have a song from their iconic third studio release, WarThe Refugee features interesting rhythms, classic Bono vocals and strong meaningful lyrics.

We’ve been posting a bunch of Minutemen stuff recently, and we make no apologies. The band was known and named??? for their minimalist approach which included many, many songs which clocked in at 1 minute or less.  More Spiel from Project: Mersh which was part of the early 90s CD release Post-Mersh Volume 2 is an exception, at nearly 6:00, the song features minimalist lyrics and a free-jazz sound.  By their last studio album, the band was making still great but more traditional rock songs (3:00 or so).  This song showcases a band following their muse and letting convention and expectations be damned.

In depths of our pre-history, in the first weeks of the existence of Ear 2 the Ground, we (without much forethought – as is our custom) named a group called Maxim Ludwig and the Santa Fe 7 as our first ever Band of the Week (a feature which continued for 1 year ending in May of this year when South of Ramona was named our last Band of the Week).  Earlier in 2012, Maxim disbanded the Santa Fe 7 and started a new band called Drive He Said.  That band has just released their first music and we have a song called Run Like Hell from their EP entitled Multitudes.

Not finding a video for Drive He Said – so check out the EP at the band’s website.

Another early Band of the Week – the Canadian trio Inner City Elegance called it quits in 2012.  We wish all three of those guys the best in whatever they choose to do.  Today we have All Square so check out what you missed.

I don’t know much (yet) about the band Twin Berlin except Popatunes saw fit to include them on one of his awesome compilations and they rock as per expectations.  Check out Skulls and join me in getting educated about this band.
 here’s a different tune (produced by Travis Barker)
 Everything has been coming up Watt and Hurley recently which is pretty cool in my book.  Here’s those guys second band – fIREHOSE from their album Flyin’ the Flannel with Lost Colors.

Richard Barone (Bongos) solo masterpiece Cool Blue Halo turned 25 in 2012.  Here is Flew a Falcon from that great record.



Ear to the Ground Presents – Band of the Year – 4th Position

Inner City Elegance (website) – play rock music and are Canadian/Brazilian. They are currently working on new material and recently released a video for a song called Swearing Like a Sailor which we have presented twice here. Here’s a video for another favorite track of ours called Never Let You Down.

Inner City Elegance rallied at the end of the voting period and almost pulled out a 3rd place finish. Go and check them out.


Bands of the Week 2011 – A Recap – Part 1 – Weeks 1-8

Here is more information about the Bands of the Week for 2011:

Week 1:  Maxim Ludwig & the Santa Fe Seven – California based Rock band  – Appeared at this year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco and has earned a spot at this years SXSW Festival in Austin. Check out the video of a song we like, Stacy C’mon:

Week 2: Stomacher – is a San Francisco based Rock band. They play atmospheric, sometimes dark yet melodic music. They recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their next album which is currently in production.  Check out the video for Untitled/Dark Divider from their Sentimental Education album:

Week 3: Redding Brothers – is a Nashville based indie band. Unlike the Doobie Brothers or Cary Brothers, The Redding Brothers are actually brothers named Redding. The band once wrote, recorded and released a song a week for one whole year.  Check out a live video of their song  Solid :

Week 4: World Service Project – is a London based – Jazz/Experimental/Punk Band. Here is a recent video of their performace at the London Jazz Festival:

Week 5: You and Me – are Val and James from Montreal Canada.  They have been making music for 10 years.  They play Folksy, Pop, Bluesy, Rock music.  Here is a widget with their self-titled album:
Week 6: The Alternates -are a Los Angeles based indie rock band.  They are an exciting band that I expect to hear much more from.  Front man, Spencer Livingston recently released a song called Occupy Wall Street.  Here’s a track we like called The Modern Way.

Week 7: Ubiquity Machine – hail from Arlington, Virginia.  Back when I named them band of the week, I didn’t know anything about them except that I really liked some of the music I was hearing.  They list their genre on Facebook as: AltIndiePopRockSkronkDeathPolkaDancercize which I love.  Here is their sublimely lovely international smash hit, A Beautiful Girl: 01 A Beautiful Girl by Ubiquity Machine

Week 8: Inner City Elegance – are Canadian with a connection to Brazil.  They are a honest to f**k ROCK band.  Don’t believe me? Check out their latest video – just released November 13.  It’s called Swearing Like a Sailor: