Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Gaggle Mix

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Over the last week or so, I’ve had several friends here in Nashville mention the strange activity of our local avian population.  As a fan of (and one scarred for life by) Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, I am intrigued. Is it the above average temperatures or does it foretell some darkness to come…  Who knows… we have gaggle of songs so let’s get to the shuffle…

After the JUMP!

1. Come ‘N Go by Bleu from A Watched Pot (2009)

Boston-area singer/songwriter.  Was in a band called L.E.O. with Nashville rock legend Matt Mahaffey of Self. In-demand pop songwriter. 

2. Gigantic (Pixies Cover) by Ok Go from Dig for Fire: A Tribute to Pixies (2007)
 L.A. via Chicago Power pop band known for their intricate videos covers one of the most well-known alt-rock songs of the late 80s/early 90s. 
3.  Life Gone Wrong by PABC from Blessings (200?)

A PSA written and directed by my lovely wife and featuring the voice of yours truly.  

4.  Strange Kind of Woman (2002 Remix) by Deep Purple from Deepest Purple (30th Anniversary Edition) (2002)

British hard rock legends with a song released a single in 1971.  The song later appeared as a bonus track on a reissue of the band’s 1971 album Fireball.

5.  Happy Death Day by Drunksouls from Revolution (2011)
French Indie, Reggae, Rock band with a song from their 16 song release Revolution.  Devastating hooks b/w emotional/political lyrics.
A Different Drunksouls song
  6.  Black Jack by Jack Ashford and His Funk Brothers from Jack Ashford and His Funk Brothers (2008)
 These are the guys who powered the Motown sound.  Dig this…

7.  Knock Knock by Band of Horses from Mirage Rock (2012)

The debut single from the Seattle band’s fourth studio album which was released back in the fall.

8.  10 by jj from High Summer (2012) 
Swedish Indie-pop band samples The-Dream’s Shorty is da S**t. Dream pop/hip-hop.
9.  Black Helicopters by Gaggle of Cocks from Heavy Planet – Bong Hits From the Astral Basement (2012)
Lead track from this heavy rock band’s latest album Low Class Trendsetter.  
10. City of Immigrants  by Steve Earle (with Forre in the Dark) from Washington Square Serenade (2007)
An joyful and exuberant song from the Texas born, ex-Nashvillian joined by the collection of Brazilian ex-pats known as Forre in the Dark.  
11. Desire by U2 from Rattle and Hum (1988)
Rattle and Hum is not my favorite U2 album by any means, but I’ve always liked this song.  “With a red guitar…on fire”


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Love Conquers Mix

Good morning from Nashville.  Once again, congrats to Vinyl Thief – our Band of the Month for July. I try not be too political in this forum, but for the record, it has been many years since I have eaten at that certain fast food establishment that everyone is talking about these days, and I that will not change anytime soon. When I eat patently unhealthy food, I prefer it without the hate…  *puts soapbox away.

As you know, if you are a regular reader, I live in Nashville and write about the music I like. Since December (or so), I disproportionate number of bands I’ve written about have come from the New York/New Jersey area. There are number of reasons for this, mainly that I have received the most support, encouragement and enthusiasm from that music community. Also, there is some damn fine music coming out of that scene. 

That being said (and as I’ve mentioned before), at the time I was first being turned on to the depth and breadth of music out side of the Top 40, I “discovered” the Nashville music scene.  I have been a fan, friend and supporter of Nashville’s diverse music scene for over 20 years. And while, it was never my intention or desire to write a blog solely devoted to Nashville music, I am grateful when I have the chance to do so. 

So I am pleased that again today, I had a Nashville band come up on my morning shuffle – let’s get to it.

Daniel Pujol who records under just his last name, makes good, loud ROCK music.  I had the good fortune to see the band play Grimey’s for Record Store Day this year, and it was one of my highlights of the day.  His latest release called, United States of Being (on Saddle Creek), dropped in June.  Today’s song, though comes from 2011’s Nasty, Brutish, and Short. Battles is a nifty rocker. 


Next up, we have San Francisco based, Aoede. Aoede has recently come to my attention via the power of social media, and I’ve been enraptured by the beautiful, haunting Pop music. The song today is called Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling and you can find it on Skeletons of the Muse which was released in April.

Could not find Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling on YouTube so check out Aoede singing the National Anthem!

And finally, we have a song from Jack Ashford and His Funk Brothers from the album of the same name.  The Funk Brothers were legendary Motown session players, and according to one source have played on more number one songs than the Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys combined.  The song today is called Black Jack and it’s funky.

Here’s a clip about The Funk Brothers