Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Alternate Reality Mix

Shuffle after the jump:

1.  Song: Gonna Be Alright  Artist: L.A. Symphony  Album: The End is Now (2003) – (Not the Los Angeles Symphonic Orchestra, but a hip-hop band. Nashville hip-hop producers rapper extraordinaire, Hayden Coleman, who is my go to guy for anything hip-hop related was telling me about this group who had recently reunited.  Right after that, I went to Goodwill and was digging through the CD bin and came across this album.  Seemed like fate or at least coincidence.  I dig it)

2. Song: Love Letters Artist: Lincoln Durham Album: The Shovel vs. The Howling Bones (2011) – (Austin-based Roots/Americana/Rock/Folk/Bluesy Stuff – whatever you call it, I’m digging this one)

3.  Song: Trainwreck  Artist: The Bluefields  Album: Pure (2012) – (Even if The Bluefields was not made up of members of legendary bands like Georgia Satellites, Jason and the Scorchers and Royal Court of China, this would still be a hell of a record.  Oh and Joe Blanton has one of the best voices in Rock.)

 Warner looks like he’s about kick my ass. Fortunately, I was standing next to his mother at the time.

 4. Song: Sentimental Mood  Artist: Yucca Rose Album: ? ReverbNation Download (2012?) – (Beautiful jazz-based music from the insanely talented Yukke Roswenda Rose aka Yucca Rose from Jakarta, Indonesia).
This is a slide show of some of her art. Did I say she was insanely talented?

5. Song: I Don’t Like You  Artist: The Como Brothers Band Album: The Speed of Sound EP (2012) – (Some nifty Blues-based Pop Rock from this Long Island band. We nabbed this from an Aquarium Weekly sampler)

6. Song:Cigarettes and Wine Artist: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Album: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (2009) – (I know I keep harping on this, but I freaking love Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit!  This is a great song.  Genres are stupid, but this is a better Country song than 90% of what is played on “Country” radio.  Also, bassist Jimbo Hart almost always retweets when I tweet about the 400 Unit. Also, Jason rocks a Kenny Rogers tour jacket better than anyone I know.)
7.  Song: Disco Ghetto  Artist: Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social Album: Love it To Life (2010) – (Great Rock artist from New York – former member of D Generation. Disco Ghetto is just a stone cold cool song)

8. Song: After the Storm  Artist: Mumford and Sons Album: Sigh No More (2010) – (I still really like this band. Another awesome song from this smash hit album)

believe it or not I could not find a video for After the Storm – here’s Little Lion Man

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Easy Listenin’ Mix

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Well congrats again to Walking for Pennies and Nena Anderson for being voted Bands of the Months for November/December combined.  Next, we turn our attention to the 2nd Annual Ear 2 the Ground Band of the Year Poll.  Throughout this year, we’ve had some epic battles for Band of the Month.  Who can forget the nail biting photo finish from January when the mighty, mighty MAKAR edged out The End Men, so the battle between South of Ramona and Sci-Fi Romance with the boys from Utah coming out on top.  Or the no-holds-bar Texas death match when Upstate NY band Skeletons in the Piano narrowing defeated Georgia’s own Killing Kuddles.  Well, soon all of these bands and more of your favorite E2TG featured Artists will be pitted in a Battle Royale.  Remember, no biting, eye gouging or hitting below the belt.  And mostly remember, our main purpose is to have another opportunity to present some of the great music that has reached our ears this year. So keep it clean and have fun.

Before we jump into  the Band of the Year battle, we’ll take a look back at our inaugural Band of the Year Poll.

But, now, we have a Morning Shuffle to present so, let’s stop jibber jabbering and get to it… 
Shuffle after the jump…


I tend to  think of The Sea and Cake as Easy Listenin’ Music for the cool kids.  And, I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. There is an appeal to music that mellows you out.  It’s why so many alternative boys and girls take guilty and secret pleasure in listening to the classic Easy Listenin’ songs from the 70s.  The Sea and Cake provide the mellowness free of any guilt.  Up on the North Shore from 2011’s The Moonlight Butterfly is a good introduction to the band.  


Former Drive By Trucker, Jason Isbell along with his fabulous band, the 400 Unit, are tearing it up on the Americana rock circuit.  In the shuffle today, we have a bonus track from the Deluxe edition of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit album – a cover of Big Star’s When My Baby’s Beside Me which was on Number 1 Record.

By 1987s See How We Are, Billy Zoom had departed from X and was replaced on the album by ex-Blaster Dave Alvin.  Alvin left shortly after that and was replaced by Tony Gilkyson for a subsequent tour.  See How We Are found the band fully embracing the emerging Americana/Alt-Country sound which had been hinted at in their earlier. (I contend that even their early punk days, Billy Zoom’s rockabilly guitar style was a natural precursor to the later more explicitly countryesque sound). Today’s shuffle contains When It Rains from See How We Are.
Could not find a video for When It Rains – here is an early version of the album’s title track

We’ll close out today’s Morning Shuffle with a Classic from Hank Williams – Hey Good Lookin’.


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Funky-Ass Car Mix

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If you haven’t yet, and are eligible to, please vote tomorrow.

We have a whopping six songs in today’s shuffle – so let’s get to it!

If Rhode Island and Alt-Country don’t make much sense to you, then you need to familiarize yourself with Providence band Deer Tick, and it will all become clear.  I, myself, was late coming into the Deer Tick fold, but I’ve been hooked ever since that first listen.  Today we open up a jam packed music shuffle with the opening song from the band’s debut album – War Elephant.  The song is Ashamed

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit are like an unstoppable force. Their album Here We Rest was one of the best albums of 2011.  This time, we go back a couple of years to the predecessor – the self-titled album was the first to feature the  400 Unit.  Today, we have Soldiers Get Strange.

All Mod Cons by The Jam is consistently one of my favorite albums of all time. It was released thirty-four years ago this past Saturday, and man oh man does it hold up well.  Today we have the second song on the album To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time).

Elizabeth Cook was born in Wildwood, Florida.  Today, we have a song from Welder her critically acclaimed Don Was produced album which was released back in 2010. The subject of this song is the Chevy vehicle which helped me to get a letter to the editor published in the original print edition of Film Threat magazine.  In case you weren’t aware, the El Camino has appeared in an incredible number of motion pictures over the years. The list is too long to mention, but if you watch movies with an eye out for the car/truck thing, you will begin to notice a trend.  Anyway, Elizabeth Cook’s song is really good.

Detroit Rapper Danny Brown released a non-album single earlier this year.  Grown Up has a sweet, nostalgic bent to it.  It’s good stuff.

And we close out this long set of music with the opening track off The Plimsouls second album, Everywhere At Once.  Shaky City highlights the band’s signature brand of power-pop. 



The New Avett Brothers album, The Carpenter is $5.99 today only at Amazon:


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Honky Tonk Angel Mix

It’s been week of loss in the extended music community.  Last week, original Jason and The Scorchers’ drummer, Perry Baggs died at the age of 50.

And the yesterday, we lost Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Bob Babbitt of The Funk Brothers and the legendary Queen of Country Music Kitty Wells.  Imagine the jam session going on in heaven right now…



Moving forward, we added a bunch of music to our playlist yesterday, and we shuffled up some of the latest adds for you (a rousing selection of old and new music).

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit were one of the highlights of 2011’s Record Store Day shows at Grimey’s Used and Pre-loved Music.  At that time, Here We Rest was a brand, spanking new record and was already getting the wide-spread attention it deserved.  Today, we have a track off that album called We’ve Met.

Next, we have a song off the debut album from Bluegrass legends, The Dillards.  The Dillards played The Darlings on the Andy Griffith Show. Reuben’s Train is an arrangement of a traditional song. 

Next up, we have the 1958 hit single from Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneer, the late Conway Twitty. It’s Only Make Believe which was on his first album, Conway Twitty Sings.

And finally, shifting gears pretty dramatically, we have a new song from Thurston Moore’s new band, Chelsea Light Moving.  The already released one song, Burroughs as a free download, and now we have a second… Groovy and Linda is out now.
Go here for the downloads and updates:

The Best of Kitty Wells [King] - CD The Best of Kitty Wells [King] – CD


Sonic Youth-Sonic Youth-1991: Year Punk Broke Dvd Sonic Youth-Sonic Youth-1991: Year Punk Broke Dvd

Details Artist:  Sonic Youth Title:  Sonic Youth-1991: Year Punk Broke Genre:  Music Video & Concerts Sub-Genre:  Rock / Pop, Music Video (Concert / Performance) Release Date:  13 September 2011 Starring:  Babes In Toyland, Dinosaur Jr., Gumball, Nirvana, Sonic Youth Directed By:  David Markey Rated:  Not Rated Product Type:  DVD Catalog #:  1594009 UPC:  602527786940 Configuration:  G: DVD US Only:  This Item Can Only Be Shipped To United States Addresses. No International Export. Technical Information  Street Date:  13 September 2011 Studio:  UMGD/GEFFEN ( GEF ) Region:  0 : Region-Free Display:  NTSC SubTitles:  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Audio:  PCM Stereo Disc Info:  Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:0 Cast:  View Cast For Sonic Youth-1991: Year Punk Broke Crew:  Cinematographer:David Markey, Cinematographer:Frantisek Uldrich, Composer (Music Score):Jiri Svobada, Director:David Markey Extras:  Explicit Version Sonic Youth Clr Dvd-Standard

This Is the Time - The Dillards Songbook Collection This Is the Time – The Dillards Songbook Collection

By The Dillards. Banjo. Softcover. 44 pages. Published by Centerstream Publications

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Product DescriptionProduct Description    Live at Piedmont Park is the first full DMB concert release on DVD since The Central Park Concert release in 2003.  Dave Matthews Band performed on September 8, 2007 in front of 50,000+ fans at the Meadow of Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  Live at Piedmont Park has been remixed and recut since the Peachtree TV broadcast and was recorded in stereo and 5.1 audio and shot in High Definition video to provide viewers and listeners with the ultimate sound and video quality.SKU: ABSB001OSRIVQ