Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – FIGJAM Mix

H/T to Darby Cockroach for the subtitle to today’s post.

Thanks to this blog and the magic of the Internet and Social Media and Purple Faeries, I have had the good fortune to virtually or actually meet a number of amazingly talented people from all around the world.

Today’s Mix includes some great new music from some of those amazingly talented people….

To the Shuffle:

“Better Than”  by The Coal Men from Escalator (I actually didn’t meet Dave Coleman front man for The Coal Men on-line, but it was through some on-line connections that I was at the Five Spot on September 19th to see his solo set and get turned on to his band’s music. Escalator has it’s official CD release party this Wednesday night in East Nashville.  I am really digging this CD, and I urge you to check it out.)

“Reberto” by Shake Jack from Reberto (Shake Jack are  from Argentina. They make some awesome neuvo-60s rock sounds.  Reberto is the band’s latest EP. It’s in Spanish, but cool music is a universal language. )

“Vices” by The Quick and the Dead from Easy Getting By  (I met Joey Mansman when he was in a band called Cosmonauts. I had the good fortune to interview them back when I actually had time for such thing…. someday again… He’s now part of a hard rocking, Americanaish band called The Quick and the Dead. They just released their debut record. “Vices” is one of my favorite songs so far.)

“Born To” by Jesca Hoop from The House That Jack Built (Okay – I don’t know Jesca Hoop. However, if she wants to “Friend” me on Facebook or whatever….  This song is from her 2012 album The House That Jack Built.)

“Your Dreams Will Always Follow” by prattle on, rick from Some Quiet Majesty (prattle on, rick is a brilliant Nashville singer/songwriter.  I think I was introduced to his music either through Twitter follow or through Noisetrade or Brite Revolution or else a little bird told me to check him out.  Either way, I’m glad I discovered this music, and this song is just sooooo gorgeous.  Thank you, little bird!)

Watch Today’s Video Playlist   


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sam and the First Day Mix

So… I’ve been feeling the need to work on some of my own creative pursuits – not that Ear to the Ground doesn’t use my creativity – and to that end, I began a short story???? something that I have given the working title of Sam and the First Day. That’s all I’ll say for now… 

Our friend’s The End Men have once again pointed us 
to a number of great bands. Here’s one, KR-3 from Wheeling, WV.

 Now to the shuffle:

  •    “Isolation” by Joy Division from Closer (1980)

“Surrendered to self preservation, From others who care for themselves.” Just about the perfect song for walking alone in the city on a dreary windy day. We listened to the song from the 1995 Joy Division compilation called Permanent.

  • “Feast of the Heart” by Jesca Hoop from Hunting My Dress (2010)

“And there’s a light switch baby you turned it on Don’t you ever leave me here in the dark” Jesca Hoop is a singer-songwriter from Northern California who was more recently based in Manchester, England.  Hunting My Dress was recorded in Manchester after she moved there. Her music has garnered praise from Tom Waits, and she has toured with Peter Gabriel.

  • “Ain’t the Madonna, Ain’t Your Whore” by Ali Holder and the Raindoggs from Red to Black (2011)

Raindogg (our friend Rob Porta) has made some great music over the past few years.  You may remember My Medicine, the silky soulful cover of the Snoop Dogg song with then lead singer Larissa. After Larissa and the band parted ways, Ali Holder came in and Red to Black is the fruits of that labor.  The Raindoggs are currently doing some awesome stuff with new singer Kassy Key down in Austin.  Check them out.
  • “Mountain Man” by Crash Kings from Crash Kings (2009)


“I bet they feel it just the same”  Crash Kings are an L.A. rock band.  I don’t know too much about them except that they released their debut album in 2009 and are expected to release the follow-up some time this year.  They play rock music without guitars.  So there’s that.  I kind of dig this song.

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