Featured Friday Music Shuffle – End of the Month Mix

Here we are the last Friday in June, and the voting has picked up.  Skeletons in the Piano have made a huge push and taken over second place.  They are within possible striking distance of Killing Kuddles who has lead since the beginning of the polling period.  The next 38 hours or so will decide the whole thing.   Remember even if you have voted, you can vote again – here.
For our last shuffle of the month, I have loaded roughly an equal amount of songs for each of the top three (poll results as of this morning) Band of the Month nominees.  Strangely enough, the shuffle came up in order from 3rd place to 1st*
*Okay I shuffled three or four times to get it to come out this way.
To the shuffle:
The more I hear of the Living with Scars album, the more impressed I am by Jo Wymer and he band.  On Come on Baby, Jo shows off her vocal chops with a passionate pleading blues number that stands alongside some of the best female blues vocalists of all time.  

Upstate New Yorkers, Skeletons in the Piano are up next with the lead off track from their Stranger On A Damned Staircase album. That Old Hound Dog came up earlier in the month, but it’s worth repeating here. A damned fine blues based bit of indie rock from a highly original band.

And finally, we have another stand-out track from Killing Kuddles – the folksy, grungy, punk troubadour from Atlanta, Georgia.  Today’s song is a nifty, rocking tune called Runaway Queen.


 couldn’t locate a video for Runaway Queen, so here’s Too Crazy.

Don’t Forget Band of the Month Poll Closes Saturday!


To help you decide – Here are the top five so far!

Tied for 5th Place 

Tipi Valley


And Big Mosey

3rd Place

Skeletons in the Piano

2nd Place

Jo Wymer/Jo Wymer Band

and leading going into the stretch

Killing Kuddles

Also send some love and votes to the rest of the featured artists

Shayfer James
The Riverbreaks
Elephant Goes West 
Dogs of Oz

And I totally suck so bad.  I just realized that I left Dean Fields off the Band of the Month Poll.  I am so sorry, and why didn’t anyone tell me this!!!!!
I am going to add him to the July Band of the Month Poll!

Speaking of which I’ve about narrowed down the ten Featured Artists for July, and it’s a great group – so stayed tuned.

As way of an apology here’s a Bonus Dean Fields Video:

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle – Trios Mix

I’ve seen some stories in the news recently about the incredible and awful concentration of media ownership.  The sad truth in graphic form (via FrugalDad.com) is at the end of this post:

Nashville is fortunate to have a great independent radio station that supports local music and plays songs you just don’t hear anywhere else.  Well, today is 6/15 or 615 which happens to be the area code of Nashville. So all day, from 6:15a.m. to 6:15p.m. they are playing nothing but music from the 615.  Grant it, they have a pretty incredible list of artists to choose from:  John Hiatt, Black Keys, Jack White, Pujol, JEFF the Brotherhood, Lambchop, Steve Winwood and Donna Summer by my estimation would all be eligible for inclusion. Plus too many others to name.

Anyway, I may post a 615 video collage/montage whatever later, and I would do a 615 shuffle, but it is featured Friday so here we go:

First up, Upstate New Yorkers, Skeleton in the Piano are up with the lead song from their 2011 album Stranger on a Damned StaircaseThe Old Hound Dog is an excellent jumping off point if you are just discovering this band.  

Next up we have a Washington, DC band with ties to the 615.  The Riverbreak’s Lead Singer and Guitarist Ryan Bailey hails from the area. Strangers on a Hot Night offers a sultry sensuality along with an expansiveness that still allows us, the listeners, to feel as if we are right there in Malcolm X Park watching the scene unfold.  It is also the lead off track from the band’s album Get You Right.
(Couldn’t locate a video for Strangers on a Hot Night 
so here is Bolin Creek another track off the Get You Right album)

And finally, more stuff from New Jersey’s bluesy rock singer Jo Wymer.  We’ve been playing the hell out of her Living With Scars album, and she belts in legend-worthy style on Dirty Secrets.

 Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

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Featured Artists for June 2012

As previously stated, I am working on a Page which will give you more details about each of our 10 Featured Artists for June 2012. In the meantime, I wanted to tell you who they are:

In no particular order:

1. Big Mosey (Brooklyn, NY)
2. Dean Fields (Richmond, VA – soon Nashville, TN?)
3. Elephant Goes West (NY/NJ)
4. Jo Wymer/Jo Wymer Band (Freehold, NJ)
5. Killing Kuddles (Atlanta, GA)
6. Skeletons in the Piano (Saratoga Springs, NY)
7. Shayfer James (NJ)
8. The Riverbreaks (Washington, DC)
9. Tipi Valley (Swansea, UK)
10. Dogs of Oz (Nashville, TN)

So you can Google away or wait for me to get off my butt and finish the Featured Artist Page.

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