Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce Mix

Well, it’s Monday. Here is Nashville, we finally had some decent rain last night, and it looks like the heatwave has subsided for at least a few days.

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Let’s get to the shuffle:

On Monday’s, we like to dig into our archives.  

1.  First up, we have a track from the self-titled debut of a band which formed in England and featured an American lead singer).  Chrissie Hynde is from Akron, Ohio and attended Kent State.  She was at the school when the infamous shootings took place.  While in university, we was in a band with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo).   Brass in Pocket was the seventh video played on MTV.  

Next up, we have a track from the second album of Hoodoo Gurus, the legendary Australian band. The album, Mars Needs Guitars! , is one of their best, and Bittersweet remains one of my favorite songs.

Next, we have a track from the self titled debut of L.A. band, Lone Justice. The song, Ways To Be Wicked was written by Tom Petty and Mike Campbell. Lone Justice, the album was released during the early part of my college career, and was part of the soundtrack of that phase of my life. 

And finally, we stick to 1985. Rumbleseat from John Cougar Mellencamp’s Scarecrow album. In 1985, liking Mellencamp was still hard for this burgeoning post-punk fan to admit, but like it I did.  By the time, Mellencamp released his Lonesome Jubilee album, it was easier. I saw him on the Lonesome Jubilee tour with a bunch of Clash fans who challenged me with their far-left politics.  The show was a joyful, three hour blow-out.


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Hoodoo Gurus: Tunnel Vision – DVD

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Powers Collectibles Mellencamp John Cougar -Scarecrow– 13795