Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Please Pass the Jam Mix

The shuffle occurred in the morning.  The post in the afternoon. Not a cover shuffle, but one very sweet cover song… Wild ride this morning. Here goes:
The first song is dedicated to Rex Silo – toking on some cathedral mountains… “they say he got crazy once and tried to touch the sun.” that Colorado Rocky Mountain High – John Denver. Oh yeah…
Next up – yeah yeah, I should probably rename the blog The End Men to the Ground blah blah blah… truth is I’m really digging on this album right now… so put your sorry’s in a sack… or something…  Anyway, today I listened to They’re All Gonna Cost Ya which features some mighty fine vocal dueling from Matthew and Frittata. 
Finally, just before I listened to the second End Men track of the morning (see the previous post), I came up with a cover song and man what a sweet sound….  Erin Dickins was a founding member of The Manhattan Transfer.  She recently connected with me on Twitter and so today I offer up a song from her new album Nice Girls.  This one is a cover of a song originally performed by Julie London and co-written by Bobby Troup (who was married to Julie London).  From my childhood, I know they will forever be nurse Dixie McCall and
Dr. Joe Early from Emergency!.   Anyway, the song is a smooth jazzy pop song called Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast.

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Julie London : Time For Love: Best Of Julie London Julie London : Time For Love: Best Of Julie London
Julie London : Time For Love: Best Of Julie London

The Manhattan Transfer Songbook The Manhattan Transfer Songbook
Formed in New York in 1969, vocal quartet Manhattan Transfer was the first group to receive Grammy Awards in both the pop and jazz categories in the same year. This special second-edition songbook features their best-known songs performed in concert and on records, from “Birdland” to their show closer “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.” 25 songs in all, including: Body and Soul * The Boy from New York City * Chanson D’Amour * Java Jive * Love for Sale * Operator * Poinciana * Route 66 * Tuxedo Junction * You Can Depend on Me * and more.

Rocky Mountain High: A Tribute to John Denver Rocky Mountain High: A Tribute to John Denver
Rocky Mountain High: A Tribute to John Denver

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Best I Ever Had Mix

No question, the year is winding down. I’ve been spending some download bucks I got for Christmas and I received the annual mix CD from one of the music gurus from my youth.
Reflect on what has come before, but more so on what is yet to come (in the New Year). 2011 has been a challenging year in many ways, but it has been good, and even better things are in store for 2012.  Ear to the Ground strives to be forward thinking while keeping a foot well grounded in musical history.   Today’s mix offers a bit of both…
Songs 1 and 3 this a.m. come from the Classic album Who’s Next – which I recently realized I did not have a digital copy of. I swear I had the CD at some point, but it never made it into my MP3 collection.  I have since rectified that omission. Bargain and Baba O’Riley are two tracks on the album which has been one of my all-time Faves for some time.

(you can click on the album cover to purchase and download from for just $5.00 USD)

Track 2 is a cover song. Youth Lagoon is the stage name of Trevor Powers who debuted in 2011.  Here he offers up a sweet, sweet cover of the John Denver classic Goodbye Again.

 (clicky on the album cover to grab John Denver’s Greatest Hits at Amazon (and/or click on this album cover to purchase and download Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation)

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Urgh! a Music War Urgh! a Music War
It’s live and loud. It’s urgent and proud. It’s more than two-dozen young, energetic bands caught in the act and making the music and moments matter in hot, crowded, amped venues scattered across L.A., London, New York City and elsewhere. It’s big hair, l

Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who [WS] [2 Discs] Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who [WS] [2 Discs]
Oscar-winning filmmaker {$Murray Lerner} and co-director {$Paul Crowder} draw on the essential themes of {#The Who}’s music and lyrics to craft a definitive audio-visual document of the influential band’s timeless legacy. From their origins as a 1960s R&B