Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Cheer Up Sleepy Jean Mix

I wish I had some Monkees’ music in my MP3 player. I may have to remedy that soon.  As we remember Davy Jones, we remember the cultural phenomenon and cool music of this made for TV band of days gone by.  There have been some amazing tributes written by a wide variety of musical artists.  Say hey!

Late – so let’s get onto the list.

I created a spur-of-the-moment randomish playlist from which to shuffle and I’m pleased with the results:

First up, Rocks Off is off the uber-classic Rolling Stones album, Exile on Main Street. It captures the loose, filthy rock and roll music the band was making at that time. 
“I’m zipping through the days at lightning speed.
Plug in, flush out and fire the f**kin’ feed.
Heading for the overload,
Splattered on the dirty road,
Kick me like you’ve kicked before,
I can’t even feel the pain no more.” – Jagger/Richards

<—-Holy crap – you can download the 2010 Remastered version of Exile for just $2.99 at!!!

 Me and a friend once drove 80 or so miles in a convertible with the top down in a drizzle to see the next  band in the daily shuffle.  Will and the Bushmen were from Mobile, Alabama before settling in Nashville. Later Will’s and my life would intersect in a most unexpected way.  Can’t Turn Back the Clock was on the band’s 1991 album Blunderbuss (not to be confused with the new Jack White album of the same name – unless in your confusion you check out Will and the Bushmen, in which case be confused).

 <—–Blunderbuss by Will and the Bushmen – buy the CD at

Off! makes classic West Coast punk rock for the 21st Century.  Not surprising since the lead singer is ex-Black Flag/Circle Jerk Keith Morris.  I

<—download First Four EPs by Off! at

Finally, we bring you some classic Jamaican sounds from 1968. It’s Toots and the Maytals with title track from their album Sweet and Dandy. Go ahead and prepare to feel the movin’ and the groovin’.

  <—-Download Sweet and Dandy by Toots and the Maytals at

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Although Black Flag was unquestionably one of the greatest and most explosive live rock bands of all time, few of the band’s shows were documented on video before its breakup in 1987. Although the band only managed two British tours during its existence,

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Toots & the Maytals’ edition of 20th Century Masters is a very good summation of the group’s greatest songs and therefore, their very importance. This doesn’t have every great song they’ve ever done, and is not as comprehensive as other overviews assemble

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street
18-song matching folio to the classic Stones album features transcriptions of: Rocks Off * Tumbling Dice * Let It Loose * All Down The Line * Stop Breaking Down * Casino Boogie * Torn and Frayed * Black Angel * Loving Cup * Happy * Soul Survivor * Shake Your Hips * Rip This Joint * and more. Also includes photos.