Monday Morning Music Shuffle – 99 Mix

Earlier this year, E2TG featured several songs by Christian Robins from his debut mixtape called KidGrownUp.  At the time, he didn’t have any videos for us to feature.  However, he just dropped the Official Video for his song “Suburban Trap Rap”.  So we thought we would post it now.

Now, let’s get into today’s shuffle —- you know the drill – JUMP

We are back with our first Shuffle since last Thursday.  Let’s ease into the week with a nifty little mix of songs…  99…

“CKW” by ItsTeeth (from the album Divided.  This one came to us from our friend Gabriel Lucas Gitin Riccio of the Gabriel Construct.  Its Teeth is an (mostly) instrumental Post-Rock project. Primarily Jacob Belcher. On Divided, Belcher teams with Travis Orbin who was part of The Gabriel Construct album.  And… Gabriel himself contributed vocals to one track on Divided – but not this one.  Anyway, it’s cool stuff – check it out.)

“November” by Grace and Tony (from November.  Tony is the brother of The Civil Wars’ John Paul White.  They call their music Punkgrass. Their debut album is due out next month. Grace and Tony were married in July. So congrats to them.  Check it out!)

“Jesus” by The Velvet Underground (from The Velvet Underground.  “Help me find my proper place”)

“99” by Sonny Boy Williamson (from A Ray of Sonny.  “You asked me for one hundred dollars, and I didn’t have but ninety nine”)

“Easy Easy” by King Krule (from 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. This track is currently free from Amazon.  The description is “Rock and Soul with a Voice like Joe Strummer.”  You be the judge.)

Here is today’s Video Playlist (99)