Band of the Month Poll – September – A Voting Guide

Are you confused about your choices?  Not sure who you should support?  Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool?  Never fear! Here at E2TG, we don’t pick the Band of the Month and we don’t tell how you should vote – we’re waaaay to codependent for that… no but we will lay it out for you in black and white… and sometimes weird font colors if we are in that kind of a mood…but I digress. Without much further ado… here is the September edition of the Ear to the Ground Band of the Month Voter’s Guide.  Just the facts, a few opinions, a couple of conjectures and at least one out right lie…

Why you should vote for…

…Alex Bennett:  If you like nifty folksy blues and/or trains. Also, if you are trying to get over that bad association you have with the name Alex from that weird kid in sixth grade.

…And the Giraffe: Cause when else are you going to be able to say to vote for a band with Giraffe in it’s name? Also, if you like your indie sounds, smooth and lovely… also Josh works or has worked at Historic Studio B where Elvis Costello recorded Almost Blue. 

…Friday Night Music Club: If you like great songs well played…also if you like Fridays, Nights, Music and/or Clubs… 

…The Great American Novel: If you like your indie pop with intelligence and fun… also if you like to read… and if Vonnegut and Morrissey together makes sense to you.

…The Grimm Generation: If you like fresh and timely music… if you can spell Connecticut… if you do or don’t like the television series Grimm…  If you can spell Generation…

…Grounded: If you’re feeling old and need some loud, snotty, non-pretty music played with energy and not a little bit of attitude… if you’ve ever been grounded… if you can spell Tallahassee.

…Korby Lenker: If you like the name Korby… if you like it even more, when it’s connected to an excellent singer-songwriter… If you know good hook when you hear it, and/or if you have an awful slice that it totally screwing up your golf game.

…Man on Earth: If you like your rock capitalized… if you don’t mind a big sound… if you live on Earth and/or are or know a Man…

…Sad Baby Wolf: If you like excellent modern, indie rock… if the image of a sad baby wolf gets you right here… if you can spell Albuquerque.

… True Mad North:  If you like killer riffs with a spacious sound… if you want to the band to come off of this hiatus if that’s what it is… If you don’t like the False Happy South.

So there you have it… now — go vote!


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Polls are Open – Band of the Month – September 2012

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Featured Artists for September 2012

I am pleased to present Ear to the Ground’s Featured Artists for the month of September 2012 You can visit the page to learn more: HERE
We have also created a Facebook Interest Page so that you can keep up with all of these create artists.  Visit the Facebook Interest Here 
 Finally, we have a Twitter List you can follow – use the widget below.  A feed from the list is up and running below and on the Featured Artist Page.
Without much further ado here are the Featured Artists for September 2012:
Alex Bennett
And the Giraffe
Friday Night Music Club
The Great American Novel
The Grimm Generation
Korby Lenker
Man on Earth
Sad Baby Wolf
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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Honky Tonka Truck Mix

So, I guess this is it… Wednesday is here, and I begin writing without much of an idea about what I am going to say.  Not an unusual occurrence mind you, but unnerving all the same. In case you missed it, Mumford and Sons debuted their latest song last night. Check it out:

Their sophomore effort called, Babel is due out September 24 and will join a number of albums being released next month.  Even some of your favorite Ear to the Ground featured bands have new music coming.  Stay tuned – more information to come.
So… I discovered the Rabbit Hole on ReverbNation which to me is like a microcosm of what the whole internet is all about – except this Rabbit Hole is all about music. I’m sure you’ll hearing the results of some of my Reverb surfing soon… who knows maybe even sooner.
Today’s shuffle goes a little something like this:
I first became aware of Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons two years ago when they opened for Peter Case at 3rd and Lindsley for a Nashville Sunday Night show. The Wisconsin band recorded their latest records called Old Believers here in Nashville with producer Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs).  The song we have today is callled I’ve Been Accused.

Korby Lenker is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter with a colorful past and a bright future.  He’s one of those people I feel like I should have caught up with much sooner, but who I actually came across while browsing through ReverbNation.   Lovers and Fools is the title track off of his 2009 album. Grab the song using the widget below.

Or, head over to Amazon to get a copy of the CD.

Here’s Korby Lenker performing at the CD release show for Lovers and Fools.

When I went down the Rabbit Hole on ReverbNation, I came across Martha Ann Brooks from Walker County, Georgia.  Going to Facebook – I that she is friends with two of my friends, Will Kimbrough and Mary Gauthier.  Good company.  Today we have Could We Go Back  which is off of her 2009 album Lately…  Get the song via this Reverb widget or grab the whole album at Amazon using the picture below.

And finally, we close out what turned out to be a definite, country/folksy music shuffle with a track from the amazing Carolina Chocolate Drops. Country Girl is off of Leaving Eden which came out earlier this year.


Carolina Chocolate Drops & Joe Thompson Carolina Chocolate Drops & Joe Thompson

Product SpecificationsSKU:ABSB000FTK9ACProduct Description    Introduced in 1978. Fragrance notes: leather, wood, tobacco, basil and oakmoss, a masculine scent. Recommended use: casual.SKU: ABSB000FTK9AC

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons: Death Won't Send a Letter Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons: Death Won’t Send a Letter

Cory Chisel hails from the heartland of Appleton, WI. Produced by Grammy-winner Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, The White Stripes), Chisel’s full-length debut is a dark and urgent rock and roll vision that takes a romantic but gutsy stance on the meaning of love and spirituality. Our matching folio features all 11 songs: Angel of Mine * Born Again * Calm Down * Curious Thing * Longer Time at Sea * Love Is Gone * Mockingbird * My Heart Would Be There * So Wrong for Me * Tennessee * What Do You Need.