Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Your VooDoo Mix

If you haven’t already, please go “Like” the Ear to the Ground: A Music Blog – Facebook Page.  And then like, comment, and share to keep all the fun posts coming to your news feed.  Like last need, we cleared out the 10 oldest songs from our active playlist via a Facebook-only posting frenzy.  It was fun.

Now, it’s Friday and we have a shuffle to end all shuffles (for the week)…

“Canyons” by The Dirty Guv’nahs  from Hearts on Fire

We start things off with another fine song from the fun as heck Knoxville band with the great name…

“Soldier of Misfortune” by David Olney from When the Deal Goes Down

We finish up our survey When the Deal Goes Down with further proof that Mr. Olney is one of best songwriters working today…

“Great Big Life” by Kyle Andrews from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville

We’ve featured the music of Kyle Andrews before, and it is good to have him back in the shuffle with his excellent Electo Pop songs – this time from the Deer Head Music mixtape we have been featuring.

“Down and Out” by Roadkill Ghost Choir from Slow Knife EP

Roadkill Ghost Choir are from Florida, and they have been showing up all over my newsfeed and even as a paid “Ad” at the beginning of some You Tube videos.  Fortunately, there music is quite good.

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Esquivel from Exploring New Sounds in Stereo

Juan Garcia Esquivel who often was billed as Esquivel or Esquivel! was an innovative  Mexican bandleader who was most active in the late 50s and early sixties.  He primarily recorded what is now known as Lounge music, and he is best remembered as an excellent composer and a brilliant experimenter. The music is lively and quirky and fun. 

“It’s Your Voodoo Working” by Charles Sheffield from Charles Sheffield

How about we dig into some Northern Soul music from 1961 via one of Popatunes’ submissions to the Halloween-themed October 2014 edition of the Feel Bad for You monthly mixtape. 

“Faithful” by Moseley from !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville

We close out the set with another song from the Deer Head Music mixtape.  This was my first listen to Moseley, and I am impressed. I just read that they are working on their debut album (I think it’s their debut – I’m too lazy to confirm – so if I’m wrong please let me know) with Jay Joyce.  Joyce is a well-respected producer having worked with among many others, Cage the Elephant.  I remember him as a member of one of the most original Nashville bands of the late 80s – In Pursuit.


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Any Other Day Mix

It’s Monday – everything is going according to some plan – just not mine…

Let’s get to the music….


“This Song is Called Ragged” by Jonathan Boulet

“A Search for a Heart” by Kyle Andrews

“Charades” by The Joy of Painting

“Stick Around” by David Ramirez

“Leave the City” by Magnolia Electric Co.

“On my Mind In my Heart” by Jesse Dee

Shuffle after Jump


  • “Seattle” by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)

Our tribute to the late great Scott Miller is almost a month long at this point, and we have only scratched the service of the depth of his amazing musical legacy. This is the first of two Game Theory songs in the Shuffle today.

  • “Snow Song” by EndAnd from Mechanics and Energetics of Stilt-Running (2013)

The first of two tracks from the Brooklyn punk rockers. We dig deeper into their new album.

  • “Caribbean Sunset” by Luxury Liners from They’re Flowers (2013)

Luxury Liners is the new solo project from Carter Tanton of Lower Dens and Formerly of Tulsa. 

  • “I Love You Soon” by EndAnd from Mechanics and Energetics of Stilt-Running (2013)

Our second look today at this awesome album.

  •  “I Turned Her Away” by Game Theory from Real Nighttime (1985)

Another listen to some classic sounds from this San Francisco band.

  • “Mango Lassi” by Valued Customer from Babylon Hill (2012)

Mango lassi is gaining popularity worldwide. It is made from yogurt, water and mango pulp. It may be made with or without additional sugar. It is widely available in UK, Malaysia and Singapore, and in many other parts of the world. In various parts of Canada, mango lassi is a cold drink consisting of sweetened kesar mango pulp mixed with yogurt, cream, or ice cream. It is served in a tall glass with a straw, often with ground pistachio nuts sprinkled on top.[1]”

(via Wikipedia) – some cool sounds and sweet treats from our good friends Valued Customer.


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Swoony Day Mix

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I’m back after an extended and mostly rainy weekend.  Dreary, drizzly morning drive and walk, made more than tolerable by the superlative collection of fine tunes and tracks. By the way, my Current Month Playlist that I shuffle up for the Morning Shuffle had dropped to about 150 late last week, but over the weekend it has skyrocketed up above 200 again. We’ll begin chipping away, as we present some Pre-Shuffle and Shuffle Shuffle tunes for this, the 6th day of May.


Jeanette Lynne’s 11 second “Intro” to her fabulous album You’ve Got Me serves has the intro into today’s Pre-shuffle.

Kyle Andrews  “Connecting the Dots” 

Set in Stone doing “The Way I Felt” (a Twitter discovery from this weekend)

Game Theory “Toby Ornette”

Those Darlins “Glass to You”  

Holy Grail “Ride the Void” – Why not.. some infectious Metal via Amazon’s Free Music from Rising Artists

Game Theory “Rolling with the Moody Girls”

The next song served as a transition into the Shuffle – and we included it after the JUMP

  •  “Off With My Head (acoustic) by Seth Philpott from Bad Hearts (2013 – Out Tomorrow)

 This Nashville singer-songwriter bills himself as a Country Gentleman.  I just say he’s a killer singer/songwriter worth checking out.  His EP Bad Hearts drops tomorrow (May 7, 2013), but if you can’t wait that long, he has a Noisetrade sampler ready for your perusal right now!

  • “Catcher and the Rye” by Neighbours from Catcher and the Rye (Single) (2012)

Some more outstanding music available now on Noisetrade. This is the second song we’ve featured from Neighbour which is a project of singer/songwriter Kacie Williams another Nashville (by way of Amarillo, Texas) singer/songwriter.

The Big Shot Chronicles was produced by the great Mitch Easter. If you want to support the family of Scott Miller – here is the link.

  • “Bring Me Down (prod. Bitoy Beatz) by Christian Robins from KidGrownUp (2013)

Get this amazing Mixtape here. And when this kid is famous, tell them you heard about him first at Ear to the Ground who heard about him first through my hometown friend – Jeff.



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Slow Day, Fast Time Mix

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So maybe 20 songs in one post was a little excessive…. so I’ll keep it down to 15 today.


“Shit That Matters” by JENNY (the band has a new album called Love and Politics out now)
“Sleeping Through Heaven” by Game Theory (for those keeping track this make 8 Game Theory songs in two days)
“Rest Your Weary Mind” by Elizabeth Cook with Bobby Bare Jr. (Two of Nashville‘s coolest poeple)
“I Still Want a Little More” by Milk Carton Kids (I’m digging on this band lately) 
“You Always Make Me Smile” Kyle Andrews  (Nashville Singer-songwriter, electronic musician)
“Linus and Lucy” by Game Theory (9 in two days – yes it’s the Vince Guaraldi song)
“No Reason” by Jeanette Lynne  (A CXCW alum – When Popatunes  says “Jump”, I say, ‘yeah, right!’. When Popatunes says “check out this music” – I say – ‘hell, yeah!’) 
“Sad Baby Wolf” by Sad Baby Wolf (I love this band and this song is one of my favorites)
“New Jerusalem” by Neighbour (Neighbour is Kacie Williams – Nashville again!)


  • “Dontcu Wanna” by The Joy of Painting from Tender Age EP (2013)

 The New record from The Joy of Painting is called Tender Age which you can Pre-Order using the widget above.  The first single, Dontcu Wanna is available as a Free Download by navigating the bandcamp page.  It’s a good one!

  •  “Falling Apart” by Billy Pilgrim from Bloom (2008)

  • “Complex” By Kyle Andrews from Best of 2006-2012 (2013 Noisetrade)

Nashville is home to a growing list of singer-songwriters who take the city’s propensity toward great songwriting and applies it a wide variety of musical styles. Kyle Andrews is a great example of this.

  • “Museum of Hopelessness” by Game Theory from Lolita Nation (1987)

Ten seconds of sweet sounds…

  • “Girlfriend” by Slim Dunlap from Times Like This (1996)

Minneapolis legend Slim Dunlap who suffered a devastating stroke last year has an incredible musical legacy.  Be sure to check out and support the Songs for Slim releases.

  • “Switzerland” by Bison (The Last Bison) from Quill (2011)/Inheritance (2013)

Okay I don’t have time to figure out the whole Bison/Last Bison thing.  But, whatever, this is a great song and a great way to close the shuffle.

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Traffic Jammed Mix

Well let’s get to it. Due to an unplanned change in schedule and some wicked traffic patterns, we had an extended set of music for the day…. complaining? who me?

Pre-Shuffle:  “Magic Missiles” by Ghost and Goblin; “Bombs Away”, “Heart U 4 Ever”, and “Lackluster Love” by Kyle Andrews; “For Cowboy” by Hotpipes; “Penny, Things Won’t”, “Turn Me On Dead Man”, “Beach State Rocking”, “Wyoming”, “Kenneth — What’s the Frequency” and “Rayon Drive” by Game Theory; “Merry Go ‘Round” by Kacey Musgraves; “A Story (Written in the Sky)” by The Bongos; “The Rosarito Beach Cafe” by Warren Zevon; and “Summer’s Dead” by Those Darlins. 

Shuffle now… wait for the Jump

  • Something in Common” by Dawes from Stories Don’t End (2013)

California band pickup the California folk rock mantle originated and nurtured by The Eagles and Jackson Browne, and they do it in a thoroughly modern and original way.  No wonder they are one of the hottest band’s around.  Stories Don’t End has been out less than a month.  

  • “Strong” by EndAnd from Mechanic and Energetics of Stilt Running (2013)

The Brooklyn punk band EndAnd who we first caught up with with  their EP The Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space have just dropped (yesterday) the first proper LP. 11 songs clocking in at just about 21 minutes.  Here’s the lowdown, in the words of Vocalist/Guitarist Daniel Fern  “This album is immensely personal and angry. Maybe even schizophrenic, I don’t know. It’s 11 songs and only 21:30 minutes. It’s themes are focused mainly around immigration and being trapped mentally and physically in a situation one does not have control over (I was an illegal immigrant for nearly half my stay in America since I arrived at the age of 12. I’m now 27). Diseases such as chronic muscle tensions, stomach disorders. and cancer. Relationships, loss and mistrust. The loss of my father and grandfather. These are the themes. I’d rather not put one under a microscope.”
  • “God and Me” by Kopecky Family Band from The Disaster (2010)

Like Dawes and EndAnd, Nashville’s own, Kopecky Family Band released a new album in April 2013. Kids Raising Kids is getting some well deserved buzz. Today, though, we look back to the band’s 2010 7 song release called The Disaster (thanks to the poor judgment of some erstwhile Goodwill donator. 

  • “Here It Is Tomorrow” by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)

We promised to keep some Game Theory in the mix as we headed into this new month, and we didn’t disappoint – This final song of the 20 song Morning Playlist is the 7th by Game Theory in the mix.  It’s a nice piece of pure power pop heaven.


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