Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Strange Days Indeed Mix

We got five songs, and  a mea culpa – so let’s get to it.

Rise to the Sun is a track on the Boys & Girls album by one of the most buzz-worthy bands around, The Alabama Shakes.  If you’ve been hearing the buzz (or even if you haven’t) and haven’t gotten around to checking out this band – do so now.

Well, I loved yesterday’s track by Those Darlins so much, I had to grab another. Be Your Bro is also on the Screws Get Loose album. Gender-blurring and fun.
We go deeper into the fantastic Young Man in America  album by Anais Mitchell. Venus is our track today.
Stuck in RED  is by a band we just heard from this week called Larisa & the Raindoggs who hail from Austin, Texas – and play some mean rhythm and soul music.  Self-described as a shot of Tom Waits and a twist of Snoop.  The song is on their album One Armed Bandits which came out in January.

And finally we come to my mea culpa.  This was bound to happen sooner or later, and frankly, I’m surprised it is just now happening.  I add music to my MP3 player from a variety of sources, and although I am very thoughtful and deliberate about what I add, some files do not convert on my MP3 player with the album and/or artist information. Usually, when this happens, I can backtrack and figure out who it is and where I got it.  However, today, I have a track called Happy Song with no album name or artist name listed on my MP3 player.  I spent way too much time trying to track down this song through some of my usual sources, but alas, I have come up empty.  It’s a really cool song – up tempo indie rock. If it’s your song or you know who did the song, please let me know.  Otherwise, I will look at the original file when I get home and post an update. 

UPDATE:  Mystery solved.  Happy Song is by FallsStart at band who are from Honolulu, HI.
They have an album called Our Summer which is due out in August.  Here’s a video for you:

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