Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Pop Musik Mix

Back to it…  After a long, restful weekend, I managed to haul myself out of bed and into the week.  Let’s see how far a little momentum and a whole bunch of caffeine can propel me…

Have to keep it short today, we have one our wide-ranging shuffles….

“Star” by David Bowie  (from …Ziggy Stardust…  Always a good way to start a week..)

“Invincible” by The Essentialz feat. Cool from the Ave @ Fell Peepz (from Option of Interpretation. How about we follow up some classic Bowie with some fresh sounds from a Nashville hip-hop duo?)

“Hermanos” by Lauma Kuun (from Lauma Kuun.  It would only make sense to follow the previous two songs with some Latin American Metal.. right?)

“The Silent Summer Sea” by Lys Guillorn (from Winged Victory.  Let’s get this Shuffle under control.  How about some lovely music from Connecticut?)

“In Time” by The Danbury Lie (from ?.  Ah… a theme is developing.  Hey and there is a connection – as The Danbury Lie recently played a show with the Grimm Generation of which Lys Guillorn is a part.)

“Two Tone Monster” by Umbrella Bed (from Refill EP.  And there goes the theme… but at least it’s a lively, danceable misdirection by some modern purveyors of two-toned ska.)

“Popmuzik” by M (from Pop Muzik. New York. London. Paris. Munich. Everybody talk about… Suddenly in some whacked out part of my logical brain, it all makes sense.  And leave it to M’s iconic early 80s hit to bring it all together.)