Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Camp Crystal Lake Mix

 The songs (not the recordings) in today’s shuffle are an average of 44 years old.  Our set includes two classics from my youth and two recent covers of songs from before my youth.

Sex and Dying in High Society by X is from their debut Los Angeles.  “So you marry your daddy
with a different name”

Please Do Not Go by Violent Femmes from their eponymous debut. “Tell ya, man, I’m stuck on this lovely girl Of course to me, she mean all t’ world”

Love in Vain performed here by our good friends You & Me is a cover of a 1937 Robert Johnson song which was also covered by The Stones on Let It Bleed.  “Well I followed her to the station
With a suitcase in my hand” 

The Ocean performed here by Laura Veirs and her husband Tucker Martine (as Mount Analog) is a cover of the Led Zeppelin song from House of the Holy. Trivia: Tucker Martine (like my friend Rex Silo moved from Nashville to Boulder, Colorado). “Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain.
Hitting on the moonshine, rocking in the brain.”

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