Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Pocket Change Mix


So… Let’s see… I added 76 more songs to the active playlist last night.  That is over 350 songs added in the last two weeks.  Last nights additions included 1 direct artist contact, 3 from publicists, a couple of albums from Noisetrade, and some randomness from Freegal.  Let’s get to today’s shuffle//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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“Jamie” by Darrin Bradbury (from NEW!!!!The Almost Great Crepe’s (Demos).  Song was originally on a 2005 release called Darrin Bradbury. So digging this music. We have a different song in the video playlist and the original release in the Store. I’ll post the Bandcamp widget to the Demo release below)


“Ring True” by Let’s Active (from Cypress. I added the Cypress/Afoot combined CD into the playlist shortly after learning of the passing of founding member Faye Hunter.  It’s been so good revisiting these amazing songs. This is the last song to the featured here, and it’s a great one.)

“War” by Sam Morrow (from True North EP. A California singer/songwriter.  This ones been in the playlist for a while. I like this.)

“Pocket Change” by St. Paul and the Broken Bones (from Greetings From St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Sweet soulful music from Birmingham, Alabama.  The song seems to be called “Broken Bones and Pocket Change”, but it came across as “Pocket Change” on the version I downloaded from Noisetrade.)


“How to Cook a Wolf” by Lys Guillorn (from Winged Victory. Guillorn is part of the wild and wacky crew known as The Grimm Generation.  She also has a long running solo career. This is her second full length studio album – ten years after her self-titled debut.  This some amazing stuff, which I will be writing about quite a lot in the weeks to come. This is reminiscent of (but not derivative of) some of the great songs by The Velvet Underground.  Further proof, and Connecticut is a hotbed of awesome music.)


“Message in a Bottle” by Bhi Bhiman (from Substitute Preacher.  From an album of original takes on some extremely well known music.  Here Bhi takes on the classic song by The Police. This isn’t my favorite cover on this album, but it is highly original.  The album has some amazing covers including a killer version of the AC/DC song Highway to Hell. For reference, I included a few additional covers of the “Message in a Bottle” in the Video Playlist)



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Onward Mix

Longish shuffle today – time is fleeting… here we go…

“Three Car Jam” by the Minutemen (from Double Nickels. One of three “car jams” on the album. A classic)

“Easy Does” by Let’s Active

“Hey Grace, Hey Tony” by Grace and Tony (from November – it’s almost here)

“The Spins” by Potty Mouth (from Hell Bent/ Massachusetts Rock)

“Midnight You” by The Coal Men (from Escalator.  Such a great song)

“A Morning Song” by Elephant Stone (another from their Seven Seas album – we featured the title track earlier this week)

“Think About It” by Stevie Nicks (from Bella Donna)

“My Heart and the Real World” by the Minutemen (another from Double Nickels)

“Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe” by Swamp Dogg (aka Jerry Williams… yes!)

“Onward” by The Danbury Lie (from ‘?’.  It was good to see Danbury Lie doing a show with our friends the Grimm Generation.)

“Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man)” by Matthew Sweet (from the Repo Man Soundtrack tribute. Sweet cover The Plugz who were covering a song made famous by Johnny Rivers)

“Down by the River” (live) by Indigo Girls (Another cover – this time it’s a Neil Young cover by Amy and Emily. )



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Blue Line Mix

Some how the release of the new Those Mockingbirds single – “How to Rob a Bank” got past me.  The single is out and it rocks every bit as hard as one would expect from Those Mockingbirds. If you don’t know what to expect from Those Mockingbirds, expect THE ROCK.  Seriously. But, now that the song is out there is no need to take my word for it.  Unless you need the validation of a high profile taste-maker – in which case, you have come to the right place. 😉 
Give it a listen:
Here is a live performance captured on video
Now, we have a cool shuffle – so let’s get to it!
After the break

“My Blood Ain’t Runnin’ Right” by Black Joe Lewis  (from NoiseTrade Eastside Manor Sessions. A track from his album Electric Slave. Black Joe Lewis is the real deal.  Austin, Texas)
“Stockholm” by Jason Isbell (from Southeastern. Yes, yes, and yes. Nashville is proud to a share Mr. Isbell with Muscle Shoals, Alabama.)
“Blue Line” by Let’s Active (from Cypress.  A true classic from this underrated and under-appreciated band led by the awesome Mitch Easter. Look for a youthful, Tim Lee of Tim Lee Three in the accompanying video – in the playlist down below – which was taken from an episode of the old MTV show IRS Records Presents The Cutting Edge – a show which was highly influential to the impressionable youth who used to be me.  Winston-Salem, NC)
“Wasted and Rollin'” by Amanda Shires (from Down Fell the Doves. Mrs. Jason Isbell – or is it vice-versa?  Nashville is very proud to claim her.  Talk about a Nashville power couple! Whoseit and Whatsit on ABC’s Nashville have nothing on these two.  Nashville, TN)
“You Will Be Here, Mine” by Will Johnson (from Scorpion. Since finally catching on to the awesome band Centro-Matic which Will Johnson leads, I’ve had to take crash course in his impressive credentials and music. Scorpion was released in 2012.  Coming soon to a Living Room near you – included one in Nashville on November 4. Austin, Texas)
A cool mix of music – coincidentally all from the South – if Texas is considered the South)
Watch the Playlist of the Day


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Waters Part Mix

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picture goes here (not really)

It’s nice outside… I’m gonna make this as quick as I can…


PRE_SHUFFLE (Two Word Review)

“Christian’s Head” by The Blind Owl Band (modern traditions)

“Rock On” by Blondie (Rock On!)

“Cleaning Your Mind” by The End Men (Mind Cleaned)

“April” by The Imperial Rooster (Clucking Great)

“Deadly Surf” by Shake Jack (Killer Waves)

“Waters Part” by Let’s Active (Pure Heaven)

SHUFFLE (Four Word Review)

“Nathan’s Blues” by Natural Child (2013 single) – also on Jeffery Drag Records 2013 Summer Sampler


Nashville – Bluesy, Ballsy, Stonesy

“Piece of the Moon” by Katey Laurel from From Here (2011) – on Noisetrade Sampler

Beautiful Music, Heavenly Voice

“Looking for a Reason” by Brad Jones from Oh Well, My Love, Farewell (2012)


Nashville – Rootsy, Folksy, Authentic

“Hypertension” by Useless Eaters from Hypertension (2013) – also on Jeffery Drag Records 2013 Summer Sampler

Nashville: Punky, Raggedy, Garage

“Wandering” by Susan James from Driving Toward the Sun (2013)


California, Easy, Folksy, Wandering


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Flags for Everything Mix

August 6 – Nashville… overcast skies, rising humidity, but still an ever so slight chill in the air.  Changing lanes, changing gears, but it all still seems the same. Perception in the mind’s eye. Do we have the power to change our destiny or are we merely pawns in a cosmic and eternal game, we don’t even understand?  And what does it matter? Does it matter?

Lost in my thoughts – at times dark, at times trivial. Okay – often trivial. Seeking inspiration. Finding it in the diverse music of people from all over the world. Different voices, different musical choices. For some music is a commodity, for me it is a life blood.

All over the world…. Different voices, different choices….

Music – after the jump…


“Diamond Sigh” by Valued Customer (“22,000 sunsets to go /hold my hand and around the sunset we’ll go /365 days til the calendar explodes / i really wanna rest but we got miles to go” – Sorry but have a I mentioned lately how much I dig this band and this album?  It’s, like, neuron-exploding good. )

“Leader of Men” by Let’s Active (The Let’s Active retrospective continues, and I am reminded of the genius of Mitch Easter and company. Next time, I hear somebody talking about how “bad” music was in the 80s, I plan to put on Cypress and Afoot and put them to shame.)

“On My Way” by The Melodic (The Melodic are a Folk/Roots/Latin band from South London. This song came my way via a ANTI records sampler from Noisetrade).

“Look Around” by Callaghan (Callaghan is from Atlanta, GA.  Such an amazingly beautiful voice and sound. As I was listening to this, I had to detour through downtown Nashville via a different route, and this song provided a great soundtrack. Also via Noisetrade)

“Morning Gown” by T-Model Ford (A REAL DEAL Blues legend, T-Model Ford died last month at the age of… 94? He didn’t remember the exact date of his birth…)


“Stanley Kubrick” by Alvin Band from Rainbow Road (forthcoming 2013)

 Alvin Band hails from Phoenix, Arizona. They have a sampler out now on Noisetrade. Rainbow Road is due out August 20 and a complimentary record, Banshee Boardwalk will be released by the end of the year.  The song name drops the visionary director of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange etc.)

“Thrift Store Jesus” by Heath McNease from Thrift Store Jesus (2012)

Another one via Noisetrade – envision a painting of Jesus that resembles Richard Marx. Envision needing this Jesus to be there for you…. 


“Run Myself Into the Ground” by Jessica Lea Mayfield original version from Tell Me (2011) – this stripped down version from American Songwriter: The Best of American Songwriter Sessions (2013) via Noisetrade


Jessica Lea Mayfield has an affinity for 90s Rock and 70s/80s Bluegrass. Here at E2TG we support this unique juxtaposition of influences. It helps that she is one hell of a good songwriter.

“Flags for Everything” by Let’s Active from Cypress (1984)


Just put this song in your earhole and marvel…. whether you have loved Let’s Active for years or are just catching up, this is near-perfect music for an imperfect world.  RIP Faye Hunter….

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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Godard Mix

Why Godard? Why not Godard? !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);Plus today’s mix includes a song which was on the soundtrack of an movie that was a remake of a Godard film…

https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.jsThis year has been incredibly busy and has left little time for reflection. It’s been a great year for music – both in terms of great new music from “old” friends and great music from new friends.  I’ve done a massive overhaul of the Playlist from which the daily mixes are drawn.  As always  I will be adding new music as it comes to me, but I’ve stocked up the playlist with some of our favorites from 2013 so far…

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–> Today’s mix begins after the jump:


* “Play With Your Toys Pt. 1” by The End Men

*”Ornamental” and “Grey Scale” by Let’s Active (for Faye Hunter)

*”Breathless” by X (Jerry Lee Lewis (Otis Blackwell) cover – featured in the 1983 film Breathless which was a remake of a 1960 Jean-Luc Godard film)



“Double Brahma” by Valued Customer from Kalpa (2013)

More sheer brilliance from these Toronto kids. “live for the present like a kid at christmas speaking in tongues my flow french kisses “

“By My Side” by Aaron and the Spell 

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Some kick ass Philly Soul – check out these guys!

“Stained Glass Window” by Courier from Cathedrals of Color (2013)

<iframe e56-3ecf-4313-888e-119456b79ee2="" noisetrade.com="" service="" src="http://noisetrade.com/service/widgetv2/51934e56-3ecf-4313-888e-119456b79ee2” width=”300″ height=”375″ scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″>

A recent discovery.  A “big music” alternative band from Austin. 


 “Play With Your Toys Pt. II” by The End Men from Play With Your Toys (2013)

We close out today’s set of music with Pt. II – we began with Pt. I. How appropriate*

The End Men have both their EP and this album up for Sale on their Bandcamp Page – at Name Your Price.  As always, I encourage you to 1. get this album and 2. as you are able, give generously.  The End Men have pre-announced a big announcement for September 1 and could use your support.   You can go back and read everything I’ve written about this band and this album.  The remain the number one most frequent tag on Ear to the Ground.

They also have a spiffy new website – check it out










Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Lighting Issues Mix

Tons of songs on today’s shuffle so let’s get to it.  Check out the Amazon pages for the albums containing today’s songs above:

United Provinces of India by Cornershop
Screen Door by Uncle Tupelo
A Dirty Song by The End Men
This Town by Don Ryan
Flags for Everything by Let’s Active

Bastards of Young by The Replacements

Superball by Magic Kids

Affiliated Links:

Cornershop and the Double-O Groove Of Cornershop and the Double-O Groove Of
Track Listing: 1. United Provinces of India, 2. Topknot, 3. 911 Curry, The, 4. Natch, 5. Double Decker Eyelashes, 6. Biro Pen, The, 7. Supercomputed, 8. Once There Was a Wintertime, 9. Double Digit, 10. Don’t Shake It

Uncle Tupelo - Uncle Tupelo 89/93: An Anthology - MP3 Download Uncle Tupelo – Uncle Tupelo 89/93: An Anthology – MP3 Download
This Uncle Tupelo download is available in DRM-free, MP3 256kbps format. Uncle Tupelo MP3’s will play on iPod(r) and all MP3 players. Individual tracks and samples of the songs from this album are available by clicking on the product image on the left. Need help? Click here and search for “downloads” to learn more.

The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History
Formed in a Minneapolis basement in 1979, the Replacements were a notorious rock ‘n’ roll circus, renowned for self-sabotage, cartoon shtick, stubborn contrarianism, stage-fright, Dionysian benders, heart-on-sleeve songwriting, and–ultimately–critical and popular acclaim. While rock then and now is lousy with superficial stars and glossy entertainment, the Replacements were as warts-and-all “real” as it got. In the first book to take on the jumble of facts, fictions, and contradictions behind the Replacements, veteran Minneapolis music journalist Jim Walsh distills hundreds of hours of interviews with band members, their friends, families, fellow musicians, and fans into an absorbing oral history worthy of the scruffy quartet that many have branded the most influential band to emerge from the ’80s. Former manager Peter Jesperson, Paul Stark and Dave Ayers of Twin/Tone Records, Bob Mould and Grant Hart of rivals Husker Du, the legendary Curtiss A, Soul Asylum’s Dan Murphy, Lori Barbero of Babes in Toyland, R.E.M.’s Peter Buck, power-pop hero Alex Chilton, Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, and replacement Replacements Slim Dunlap and Steve Foley: all have something to say about the scene that spawned the band. These and dozens of others offer insights into the Replacement’s workings–and the band’s continuing influence more than fifteen years after their breakup. Illustrated with both rarely seen and classic photos, this, finally, is the rollicking story behind the turbulent and celebrated band that came on fast and furious and finally flamed out, chronicled by one eyewitness who was always at the periphery of the storm, and often at its eye. ” T]his consistently engaging and poignant work . . . . is a] loving, appropriately ramshackle tribute to one of the most beloved rock-and-roll bands of the 1980s. . . . The band’s story is an archetype of the joys and pitfalls of underground success.”–“Publishers Weekly” “The Replacements were superheroes: They rescued a whole planet from ’80s music. Jim Walsh’s loving, engrossing oral history is the book they deserve.”–Nick Hornby, author of “High Fidelity”

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